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Camping park accommodates Carpathians form habitats for motorhomes, tents and caravans. After rannej cup of coffee in a cozy cafe to spend the day with full movement in our Adventure Camp, and in the evening sit back with a tasting of domestic products. Or are you just so wander.

Areas for caravans and motorhomes in the camp

For our guests Camping Park offers Carpathians 20 habitats so spevneným surface and electrical connections for motorhomes. For tents, trailers and caravans is available 50 other habitats on site.


The basement of the Karpaty camp


  • Part of Camping Park Carpathians, the reception and a cozy café with a terrace for 20 persons. Basic needs for kempujúcich can be bought in small Krámek.
  • Visitors can also use new and modern sanitary facilities: toilets, showers, chemical toilets and a dishwasher.
  • There is also an additional service: Emptying chemical toaliet, discharges and saturation water reservoirs.
  • In oploceném-site is available to visitors of outbreaks and a number of open grill.
  • Boarding at a nearby restaurant offers novovybudovanom the cultural house and also a pizzeria in the village center Kitchen with classic wood-burning stove.


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High (754 m nm) - the second highest mountain of the Little Carpathians above the village of Kuchyňa, dominating the Záhorská nížina. View of rugged small carpathian relief, Podunajska Hill, Tríbeč, Povazsky Inovec, Borska lowland and in clear weather up to the Alps.
Tourist route: Kitchen - windfall - High
594 m elevation, sinking 90 m, the distance 6.5 km, time 2: 10.

Great Homoľa (709 m nm) - Its location and height is the most distinctive hill on the eastern side of the southern part of the Small Carpathians. There is a tourist lookout tower, which, besides the incredible view, also offers pleasant relaxation and seating under the shelter.
Tourist route: Kitchen - Cermak - Bandit - Lime - Large Homola
559 m elevation, sinking 100 m, the distance 12.1 km, time 3: 12.

Red Stone - preserved castle over the village of Pila, a national cultural monument. The castle museum and the castle are open all year round to the public. During the summer season, there are various cultural and social events.
Tourist route: Kitchen - Cermak - Zochova cottage - Pretty Lucky - Vyvieračka - Horná saw - Red stone
535 m elevation, sinking 435 m, the distance 16.4 km, time 4: 11.

Driny Cave - The only accessible cave in western Slovakia. It is located in the Smolenic Karst in the Small Carpathians southwest of Smolenice. It lies on the territory of the Protected Landscape Area of ​​the Little Carpathians. The entrance to the cave on the western slope of the Hill of Drina, which protrudes from the southwest slope of Cejtach, is at the altitude of 399 m.
Tourist route: Smolenice - Cave Driny
210 m elevation, sinking 35 m, the distance 2.6 km, time 0: 47.

Pajštún (486 m above sea level) - the ruin of a castle built on royal land before 1273. From the ruins a view of the Pezinok and Devin Carpathians, Borská lowland, in clear weather to see the Alps.
Tourist route: Borinka - Pajstun
232 m elevation, sinking 0 m, the distance 1.7 km, time 0: 40.

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