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The apartments are located on the premises kúpaliska and are intended for 4 persons with an extra bed. The price is included except for accomodation behold passes for all residents. Right at the dormitory is also Private parking for accommodated guests monitored by security cameras. Each apartment is set kitchenettes equipped fridge, cooker, microwave, kettle, cutlery, Plates, dishes and cups are also part of the amenities. Each apartment has separate toilet and bathroom facilities. Amenities include further are LCD TV, alarm clock, separate terrace with letným posadením. There is also the possibility to connect to the internet (WiFi).


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City Štúrovo
Welcome to Štúrovo. In a town of about 11.500 population, spreading on the left bank of the Danube on the Slovak-Hungarian border. Štúrovo is the most southernmost city in Slovakia and attracts visitors with its interesting natural environment. Here starts the bend of the Danube with a breathtaking view of the classical basilica in Ostrihom. In the city, Hron runs into the Danube, offering excellent conditions for adventurous adventurers. The city is surrounded by Kováčské hills with a maximum height of 395 above the sea.

Štúrovo is primarily a spa town. The VADAŠ thermal swimming pool is also legally well beyond the borders. With its daily capacity over 12.500 visitors, restored swimming pools of varying sizes, covered swimming pool, new racks of buffets, the possibility of sports offers the perfect conditions for relaxation by lovers of water and the sun.
The city is known for its tolerance. Already for centuries peacefully coexist in its territory with members of different nationalities and religions. This diversity gives the city a special color. We are sure that during your stay, you will feel comfortable with us and the Strovians will convince you of their cordiality and hospitality.
Tourist attractions that our city and its surroundings offer:

Cultural and historical monuments (Romanesque rotunda, Basilica of Strym, etc.) • Museums (city museum, Christian museum, etc.) • Sports and recreation facilities (Vadaš thermal swimming pool, Aquapark, bowling center) • Organized events (summer music festival, Simon and Judas - 400 annual tradition)
What would we still be able to offer you?

Walking • cycling • climbing • Fishery • Hunting • horse riding • paintball • golf • summer bobsled • organized • cruises on the Danube near Budapest (45 km)
History kúpaliska in Štúrovo

Vadaš in the year 1983 Štúrovo is primarily a spa town. VADAŠ THERMAL *** complex *** Štúrovo is legally famous even beyond the borders. With its capacity over 10.000 visitors, restored swimming pools of varying sizes, covered swimming pool, new buffets and sporting possibilities, it offers ideal conditions for relaxation for lovers of water and the sun

At the swimming pool you can find 7 outdoor and 2 indoor swimming pools, including a massage pool, year-round outdoor sitting pool and a unique swimming pool with artificial waves in Slovakia, 3800 Lagoon. Our pools are supplied with thermal water from the 130 depth and its outlet temperature reaches 39 ° C.

With 1973, the first geological boreholes are connected. The construction of the recreation complex began in 1976 and two years later the first swimming pools had already begun. The swimming pool was gradually expanding with buffets, bungalows, 1983 and hotel-type accommodation. There were parking and other reinforced areas, information office with exchange office.

After many years of stagnation, the modern development of the swimming pool occurred in 1999, when a covered swimming pool with a 25 m long swimming pool and a smaller swimming pool for children was handed over. In the year 2001 removed old non-sterile buffets and in the 2002 season welcomed its visitors swimming pool with a new range of buffet with 600 seating. In the same year a new seating pool with pearl massage was built.

The 2003 year brought a significant step. In June, the construction of the three-star Hotel Thermal *** with 47 rooms and restaurant (investment 60 million SKK) was completed. The hotel is open all year round and offers quality accommodation. They laid the foundation for the expansion of the season and the year-round development of tourism. The interest in the swimming pool grew and the hotel was filled with guests for the first time.

Increased interest in the swimming pool required additional water expansions. That's why 2004 built a gigantic swimming pool "Laguna" with artificial waves with 3800 m2 water surface. In addition to the construction of this unique swimming pool, the children's pool was renovated and other buffets and soc. (this year the 70 million SKK was pre-invested). In July, 2004 recorded a record of the previous year when 11.700 tickets were sold on one hot Sunday.

The 2005 year brought another significant step in the development of the swimming pool. The site was attributed to 10 ha from the former barracks, which were located in the vicinity of the swimming pool. There are new three-star family apartments Lux *** built with the total capacity of 120 beds and a new cabin settlement for 300 people. The original parking area in front of the 450 capacity has been extended to 800 cars. A new outdoor seating pool with a year-round indoor swimming pool and a new bowling center with four tracks and a variety of other entertainment options were also added. In the 2006 year, the Finnish and Steam Sauna were provided to the indoor complex.

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