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City Šaštín-Guard is in the Slovak Republic and abroad, known as the place of pilgrimage. There is Sedembolestnej Basilica of the Virgin Mary. Along with the Basilica in Saxon-Strážach located most famous and annually searched resting-place - Resorts Gazárka. The district Senica is one of the most sought-after leisure resorts by the water. Gazárka is located near the train tracks. Recreation center consisting of five lakes created after pulling the sand. The city's proximity Šaštín-Guard is a great advantage. Pine forests are guaranteed zaujímavej hiking and biking. Centre secures long-stay well except weekend recreation. On-site recreation center located cottage area. Accommodation with unforgettable views of the lakes is possible in 5 and 6 - lôžkových cottages, which are situated on a peninsula between two lakes. At the entrance to the complex will attract 200 tent camping site with spaces.
Sports utilization rekreantom ensure the provision of tennis courts and playgrounds for beach volleyball. Pat lakes with clear water and sandy beaches, landscaped around them provide the visitor a pleasant cooling off during the summer heat wave, fishermen relaxation yields. On the shore of the lake is the largest rental boats and water bikes. The beach can be found preliezky and slides for children. In the whole area there is drinking water available are refreshment stands, snack bars and a restaurant. Directly on the premises is the possibility of parking in the car park or directly in a camping site with cabins.
Summer season begins in May and ends in September. In the course of the season, held annually in Gazárke Beh šaštínskými Borm, in the beach volleyball tournament in tennis, fishing tournament, regular discos at weekends. Lakes is surrounded by beautiful and healthy pine and oak vegetation, which are a paradise hubárov zberačov and forest crops. Cykloturistov entice tourists and forest paths and walkways have been using to get acquainted with other specialties vzdialenejšieho near and surrounding areas. Educational newly built walkway allows you to get to know the beauty of this nature. Everyone can find here a real oasis of peace and tranquility, which is not subject to any disturbing influence.



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Maria (unregistered) 13. January 2019 - 13: 44
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I was there at a family meeting in June 2018 and we were very happy with our family. Let's go and let's go again if there is a free space in August 11.8.2019.
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Ernest filipek (unregistered) 14. June 2013 - 23: 07
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I 76 Yearly pensioner lives in Mlada Boleslav pochazam of Buru rad navstivym excavator on the information you have just 4 5 bedded room but I will sam if possible please pre-conditions and price Thank you for your willingness Filipek
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Saxon History - Stráží dating back to 13. century. The oldest preserved written reference dates back 1218, where Šaštín noted in connection with the donation lebényenského Monastery Imrichom II. györovskému family.
      Behind the town, Šaštín - Stráže was declared 1. September 2001.
          The highest altitude is at 256 Strážnice (Vinohrádky, the lowest in Myjava, 165 - 170 m above sea level) In Šaštín towards the south altitude from 183 m nm to 205 m
      More than half of the Šaštín - Stráží area is occupied by the lowland, from which the hill stands in Stráž. Both geomorphological units belong to the Alpine - Himalayan mountain system. The lowland with the Myjavská niva is part of the northernmost, northwestern part of the Záhorská nížina. The area of ​​the Záhorská nížina belongs to the province of the western basin of the West Pomeranian basin. The hillside is a south-western part of the Chvojnická hill, which is a sub-area of ​​the Záhorská nížina.
      The area of ​​Shasin-Guard territory is measured by 4195,05 ha. It has Shaštín 2499,62 ha and 1695,43 ha ha.
Tourism winter, summer
Záhorská nížina has no good conditions for running winter sports, especially downhill skiing. The ski lift is near Skalice in Zlatnická Valley, then you have to go to the surrounding mountains. However, if snow conditions are good, there are also areas that are suitable for cross-country skiing. For these reasons, there are no significant winter sports centers. Winter landscape, however, attracts you for walks around. During the summer season, this area is sought after by both domestic and foreign visitors. The reason is very simple. There are almost ideal conditions for summer recreation aimed at staying near the water. Many natural water areas and swimming pools offer visitors services in well-equipped and furnished holiday resorts, very good conditions for water sports, but also excellent conditions for family recreation and stay with children. Very popular are the natural gravel lakes near Malé Leváre. It offers bathing, the possibility of water sports and accommodation in a caravan. Another popular water area is the Kunov Reservoir or the Šaštín-Stráže Swimming Pool. Swimming, water sports and the possibility of accommodation is in the cottage area of ​​Adamov, a large sports complex offers its services in Zlatnické doliny. In addition to the swimming pool there are various sports grounds, accommodation and meals, all intact. Many water areas in this area are also suitable for fishing.My surprises will certainly be mountaineers, because at the Mala Vápenná settlement and on the castle walls of the swimming pool there are established practice climbing terrains.For cycling enthusiasts is prepared in the area of ​​Záhorská nížina more than 750 km marked cyclotourism tras. Routes lead mostly flat terrains and the longest belongs to the Záhorská cyklomagistrála, Malokarpatská cyklomagistrála and the cycle path around the river Morava.

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