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Penzióny Bonaparte** a Korzika** sú v rekreačnom areáli Patince v tesnej blízkosti vchodu do Letného termálneho kúpaliska, ktorého voda pozitívne pôsobí na pohybové ústrojenstvo a kožné choroby. Penzióny majú kapacitu 68 osôb a poskytujú útulné a pohodlné ubytovanie z rôznych dispozičných druhov izieb pre rodiny s deťmi v letných mesiacoch máj - september. Vedľa našich penziónov je súkromné parkovisko strážené kamerovým systémom. K vybaveniu penziónov patrí reštaurácia - spoločenská miestnosť.

Accommodation options

Room 2 + 2 is intended for 3- to 4-family members, has an area of ​​26 m2. Room equipment: 2 beds, 2 extra beds, LED TV with radio, refrigerator, fan, own sanitary facility (washbasin, shower, toilet). Guest rooms at the Pension Korzika are furnished with balconies.

Room 2 + 1 is intended for 3 family members. It has the size of 14 m2. Room equipment: 2 beds, 1 extra bed, LED TV with radio, refrigerator, fan, own sanitary facility (washbasin, shower, toilet). Guest rooms at the Pension Korzika are furnished with balconies.

Large family cell 2x2 + 1is intended for 4- to 6-family members. There are 2 double rooms, each with the option of 1 extra bed, LED TV s radio, fan. The family room has a refrigerator, own sanitary facilities (washbasin, shower, toilet)

Additional Services

Other services include: bike rental, table tennis, fireplace, flipper

To order any accommodation option, we will add daily free admission to the Summer Thermal Swimming Pool and the Toboggan World in Patince for each person throughout the stay.

SPECIAL BONUS for all our guests: To enter the WELLNESS Patince **** swimming pool (at any time during your stay) is 30% discount! Children do 6 FREE OF CHARGE (Adult).

Free Wifi Internet in the facility and on the summer terrace at the Pension.



Tips for other objects in the Nitra region


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Activities on-site Patince


Kúpalisko Patince

Patinské swimming pool is located near the village of Patince. It is the southernmost situated village in Slovakia and with its thermal swimming pool and recreational opportunities for decades it attracts a wide population of Slovakia and abroad. There are 6 outdoor swimming pools, sports, children, recreational, swimming, sitting and impact with 27-33 ° C outdoor water pools. Thermal water with its chemical composition has a beneficial effect on the locomotive system and skin diseases. Find out more on the site of the swimming pool.

Wellness Patince

It is newly built wellness center with a large for swimming pool and sauna world. This complex year round spa offers traditional techniques such as water therapy, a spa pool, sitting pool, Finnish saunas, massages and different kinds zoznámi you also with non-traditional and a little while for Advanced wellness services, which includes a herbal sauna, steam room, Kneipp bath, ice room , mud wraps and many other ... To learn more please visit our wellness center.

Marina Wellness

Wellness marina is a harbor for ships with the possibility to rent boats, fishing, catering and boat cruises Wellness Line 1 the Danube from Štúrova after Komarno. In the same way the entrepreneurs as well as optional trips associated with sailing ships such as the open-air museum in the Hungarian Neszmély, tasting regional wines from Hilltop, visit the ranch with possibility of horseback riding and coachmen.

Country Terrace

It is regarded as the center of life in the nightly on-site thermal kúpaliska. Guests have a choice of different types of shops and goods. There is an ice cream parlor, ice cream, cocktail terrace, a large games room with billiards and amusement vending machine for kids. The biggest attraction is the possibility Country terraces zapožičania autíčok a pedal that serve as the perfect relaxation after a day out in the water and are likewise suitable for exploring the complex thermal kúpaliska.

Sports complex options

The area provides its visitors kúpaliska very many sporting activities, whether for children or adults. The menu volleyball, tennis and golf courses and a water soccer. The possibility of boating and horseback aquatic bike. For children are available swings, sandbox, inflatable castles.

Celebrating connections Slovak-Hungarian municipalities

This tradition has come down from the year 1996. This is a celebration of the villages alongside the Danube connections beginning in Patinciach and Neszmély (Hungarian party) continued further downstream the Danube River through the village of Radvaň Dunajom, Moča and Kravany over Dunajom. This celebration was in honor of interpersonal relationships that people búrali boundaries between themselves and vytvárali "bridges" between the peoples across the Danube. Celebrations are the founders of this community and Patince Neszmély. The celebration is held every first week júlový on when the Danube in every village cooks stew, take place, the different social events. During these shares is in every village a cruise ship ports in on where the theater as the merged villages. Beautiful night is finished off with thousands Candles cruise on the Danube. Attend this you will also be less famous but pretty stock. Danube literally shines!

Surroundings Patiniec

Komárno (15km)

Komarňanské dniKomarňanské dniKomarňanské dniKomarňanské dni

Square of Europe

He is considered architecturally unique, which symbolizes the process of European integration and acts dojmom European freemasonry. The idea behind this jewel is the process of demolition substantiate the borders between nations. Each building in the square is built in a different spirit of architecture as: Finnish, Ukrainian or Polish, and each of these buildings form a perfect interplay totally different architectural character. This special atmosphere pleasantly dotvárajú kaviarničky and small souvenir shop. Court is a popular stop for tourists, which attracts its unique welcoming character.

Komárňanský strength system

It is a unique and rich cultural heritage Slovaks Hungarians. Represents a system of bastions, fortifications and forts in the central city of Komarno and said opposed banks of the river Danube and Vah that holds prívlastok pevnostného largest system in the Slovak Republic, and also the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its construction began in 16. century and 19. century has been reached peak constructing this fort.

Museums, Komárno

Danube Museum in Komarno

Zichy Palace

Štúrovo (40km)


Kúpalisko in Štúrovo 8500 has a capacity audience. Pools: sporty, sitting, kids, massage, swimming

Scenic cruises on the Danube

In addition to the Danube Sturova find very many companies these cruise operators operating in different locations and at different prices.

Baroque Château Béla Kastiel

Baroque Château Béla Kastiel

10 Štúrova Km from the village of Bela is situated fantastic 5-star Baroque Kastiel sporadically. A visit is recommended.

Gabčíkovo (80km)

Aqueous work

Aqueous work Gabčíkovo

A few kilometers from Šamorín is the largest waterworks in Slovakia. In the summer season, sightseeing boat trips are organized here. The hydroelectric power plant consists of four double units, in which 8 hydro units are installed. The navigation chambers make it possible to overcome the height difference between the inlet and outlet channels in the range of 16 - 23,3 meters. Each of them is 34,0 m wide and 275,0 m long.


Basilica of Hungarian Ostrihome

On the Hungarian side, a basilica which dominates the town of Esztergom. This basilica was built on the initiative of Archbishop Alexander Slovak Rudnaya its construction was started in 1822. It was built according to the model's Basilica St. Peter's in Rome on the site of a former katedrálneho church, which has been devastated by 1543.

Kolárovo (37km)

The water mill facility offers its visitors a daily cultural program throughout the summer

The only water mill in the Slovak Republic

Museum aqueous mill attraction is the pan-European character. One of the most visited attractions of the machine to drive transmisie that serve to drive pletiacich machinery for production networks. In 19. century was this machine production networks among the first in the world. Networks are exported to more than 30 reachs countries of the world including Japan and Canada.

Györ (Hu, 45km)

There is a zoo and a large shopping center arcade.



Visegrad is a small tourist town on the hill which extends the majestic castle, called Visegrad. This castle was started in the year 1249. Less than 100 years were moved to the castle of Hungary Crown Jewels. He resided in him Gábor Báthory. It was a cousin of the legendary Čachtickej kňažnej Bátoričky.

Budapest (Hu, 85km)



Located in the commercial center Campona, where there are many shops vychytených. In this Tropicarium largest aquarium is located in Central Europe, with a capacity 1,4 million liters of water. Here, you can glimpse 8 pieces dvojmetrových Shark (tigrované, leopard and reef). Every Thursday by about 15 Tej-hour feeding sharks underway.

Palace of wonders

It has been over 10 an annual tradition. It is designed especially for children to be a fun way to teach them that you understand certain "mysteries" such as the scamper after month after biking lane, shooting from an air cannon and laserovej pistol. Have the ability to lie on the bed with pull-out Fakir carnations and they will see the functionality of the hot-air balloon. All of these attractions are led by bilingual Hungarian-English.


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