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Cottage area under Gýmešom renting cottages, accommodation

Through its capacity 50 cities, private dining room with a kitchen is suitable for school trips, trainings, seminars, sporting events, family holidays. Suitable conditions for organizing children's camps, educational tours, company shares relaxing.
fishpond at the cottage

Accommodation in cottages

cottage green, Sup. number 1603: 16 of bed after 4 bed in the room, 2x toilet, 2x shower room, lounge, kitchen with dvojplatničkou and electric kettle, microwave, fridge, sitting in front of the cottage with a circular focal point, central heating, drinking water, hot water

cottage "yellow", súpisné number 1600: 15 of bed, 3 rooms + large common room with a large kitchen / bar /-counter with ceramic cloth, el. oven, microwave, kettle, fridge, pantry, TV with basic channels, 2x-suite with sink, shower and toilet in front of the hut sheltered seating areas, the possibility of grilling drinking water, hot water

cottage with pond: 8 beds + extra bed in 3. rooms, lounge, kitchen with cooker and oven, electric kettle, refrigerator, TV with basic words. programs, WC with washbasin and shower, drinking water, hot water, preheated fireplace in front of the cottage, circular fireplace in front of the cottage, heating with solid fuel - wood, wood included in the price during the heating season

cottage blue listing number 1601 : 20 bed, four bedrooms, 5 beds in the room - in each room a bunk bed, dayroom with kitchenette with stove, electric kettle, microwave, refrigerator, TV with bassoon. words. programs, 3 x WC, 2 x bathroom with shower, in front of the cottage sitting with circular focus, heating central
drinking water, hot water

No. 5 tourist hostel and 6: 5x Triple-bed room, 2x quadruple rooms, room 1x šesťpostelová
common-suite / washstand, WC, shower - for about 8 bed /,
kitchenette with fridge, kettle, dvojplatnička
available a common room with a capacity 30-50 people with TVs

  • Tourism, hubárčenie, castle ruins Gýmeš, biking, relax in the gorgeous countryside.

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Price list

Price list

accommodation, car
Background information:
The chalet is necessary to reserve in advance, a deposit of € 1 / 2 the estimated amount. The customer agrees to pay your deposit with Shack Regulations.
Nieje refundable deposit, the ability to send a replacement.
For chat is payable on the day of onset, when you download the keys from the cottage.
Furthermore, it was composed of the potential damage deposit of € 50, - Euro to chat.
Deposit will be prebratí houses in the state nepoškodenom refunded on departure.
Bližší see chat Regulations
In staying true to each person chalet - / admission /, not asleep in bed

hut Yellow soup. 1600:
10, - Euro / person / night, night minimum 100, - Euro / cottage / night


hut Green súpisné No. 1603:
only one night 10, -Eur / person / night, minimum 10 persons
for two nights or more 8, - Eur / person / night, minimum 10 persons


hut Blue súpisné No. 1601:
only one night 10, - Euro / person / night, minimum 10 persons
for two nights or more 10, - Euro / person / night, minimum 10 persons


cottage in the pond:
only one night 100, - EUR / cottage / night
for more days 8, - Euro / person / night, minimum 60, - EUR / night / per chat


No. 5 tourist hostel and 6: lease the entire building at a minimum price for 25 persons
one night 10, - EUR / person / night


Preparing meals at least for 12 people, price agreement

Wood outbreak 3,5 Euro / barrow
Dog 2,50 Euro / night


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Gýmeš Castle

Brief description: The ruins of a castle on a hill strmom kremencovom Dun 514 m on the southern slope of the mountains of Tribeca, about 5 km north of the village Jelenec, a prominent feature of a wide surrounding area., Jelenec History: The castle was built probably in the year-1253 1270 the site of the old fort Ivankov son Ondrej, a participant in fights salty. The oldest part of the castle vymedzoval hradobný ranogotického wall fortifications, which uzatváralo triangular courtyard. On the south side, on a hill was a prismatic tower with residential and defensive feature. At the end 13. stor. Another landing tower. Between the towers of the palace built by then, in the common fortifications. In this known form of castle Matus Cak and thus cost to 15. stor. Then, for Forgáchovcov dominions shall begin extensive construction, build the new palaces and massive fortifications. Work on defense establishments continued even 16. century, when at the entrance to the castle built by a large trapezoidal tower footprints and a cylindrical tower. Increased bots, fees and taxes resulted in r.1610 to roľníckej insurgency subjects, brutally suppressed by the gentry. When restoring the castle, destroyed by the Turks after the fall of New Interlocking in the fall 1663, built on the south, the most ohrozenej hand, new fortifications with cannon towers. Gýmeš was one of the few castles, were proceeding with construction work still in 18. century. By this period, the conversion dates Gothic palace on Gender crypt Forgáchovcov with chapel. Until the mid-19. century gentry finally left the castle and started to slake.

Arboretum Carpentry Mlynany

History and Arboretum: Dr. Štefan Ambróz-Migazzi - founder of Arboréta Mlyňany was born in 1869 in Nizze. After graduating from the Terezian School in Vienna, he graduated from the University of Vienna and Budapest. Algae greens liked it since childhood. His hobby also supported frequent tours of southern Europe. These were his inspiration for the construction of the Arboretum. In the 1892 wedding with Antonia Migazzi he acquired the Mlynian estate, to which he bought the oak-hornbeam in Vieska nad Žitavou. It was not a place and a poor place, but with the help of a great expert-gardener Jozef Mišák, he founded natural landscapes as if transferred from the Caucasus, Greece or Apennines.

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