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Welcome Podhájskej č.601

To dwell near the swimming-pool?

• Accommodation near the thermal swimming pool Podhájska (100m 2-minute walk) and close to the train station (300 m - 6 minutes walk)

• We provide year-round accommodation in a family house and pension

• Pension - 3 Room - 2 bed, 2izb - 3 bed

• Rooms are equipped with color TV, kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave and bathroom

• House - on the floor: 3 Room - 1 room - 2 bed, 1 room - 3 bed, 1 room - 4 bedroom and two bathrooms with shower and WC

- On the ground floor there is one double bedroom with bathroom and one room with extra bed 3posteľová with bathroom

- All rooms are equipped with a color TV with DVD player and refrigerator

- There is a communal kitchen with modern equipment

. Free wifi internet access

• Free parking in an enclosed building

Podhájska - entertainment and restaurants

After a beautiful sunny day in the thermal water is also good to think about tonight.
Very pleasant with good service and excellent food is ENERGY restaurant. In the aforementioned restaurants, you can practically spend all evening if you want to eat well and have fun.

Restaurant invites you to enjoy:

  • Monday - traditional cuisine
  • Tuesday - wine tasting with music
  • Wednesday - dance
  • Thursday - dancing
  • Friday - BBQ on the patio with music
  • Saturday - dancing

If you want to relax without music, visit restaurants and Jazmine FOUNTAIN.
Now you zachutila pizza - pizza CASTEL visit.
COUNTRY entertainment is always on Tuesdays in the summer cinema and live music in the evening you enjoy the parks cherries.
For young is a disco on Saturday at the park on the football pitch.

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Price list

Price list

11,50 euros per person per night

+ Spa fee - Eur 0,50
From payment of tax on housing are exempt persons under 15 years and holders of licenses to disabled

Accommodation realize at weekly or two-weekly intervals with arrival on Saturday after 14: 00 pm. (Or by appointment) and going to 10: 00 pm. It is possible to agree on a shorter or weekend stays.


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The swimming pool

Thermal bath Podhájska provides 2 pools with hot water directly from the source, which, however, must be diluted.

The water temperature in the spring reaches 78,3 ˚ C, the temperature of the water in the pools 30-36 ˚ C, a temperature that ensures optimum impact minerals on your skin, musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory and cardio-vascular system. The beneficial effects of the thermal water and for gynecological and urological diseases.

Water in Podhajska is in its effects and composition very similar to water from the Dead Sea, which is also used for the production of medicinal cosmetics.

The actual thermal pool Podhájska is open year round with a break in April, when does general cleaning of swimming pools. Compliance with hygiene standards, as evidenced by the fact that no regular health controls for 20 years of swimming was no infection by bacteria or fungi. It also ensured a high concentration of salt, which directly destroys any bacteria.
Podhájska village is situated on the southern foothills of Pohronská hills at an altitude 170 meters above sea level. It belongs to the district and Novozámecký in Nitra Region. It lies on the railway line between left and Surany. Neighbouring municipalities Trávnica, Radava, Pozba, Veľké Chaser.
In 1973 was drilled geothermal spring heavily mineralized water at a depth 1900m. The water has a temperature in the mouth 80 ° C and yield 50 liters per second. In the same year he began the construction of swimming pools. Thermal water that is strong healing effect on people who suffer from bronchial diseases and respiratory diseases. Occurs in the water element lithium, which helps treat gout, followed by the iodides, which stimulates the thyroid gland. In water are represented calcium compounds acting on the fracture-treatment, followed by the bromides relieving pain. Thermal water world uniques good effect on people suffering from rheumatism, vascular and articular diseases, persistent pain in the spine.

Wellbeing and relaxation thermal spa complex Podhájska, in which in addition to changing rooms are located saunas, baths, whirlpool, fitness center and visitor services such as hairdressing, pastry shop, restaurant. Water massage in the shower box and bubble bath in the bath provide relaxation to the most discerning. Baths with geothermal water used primarily by visitors postihmnutí eczema and various skin diseases.

Village Podhájska Situated on the southern výbežkoch Pohronskej hills at an altitude of 170 meters above sea level. The highest altitude is 288 m above sea level and is the lowest 161 m belongs to the district and Novozámockého in Nitra Region. It lies on the railway line between left and Suran. Adjoins the villages Trávnica, Radava, Pozba, Veľké Chaser.

Thermal swimming Podhájska

Thermal swimming PodhájskaThermal swimming Podhájska gives visitors the possibility of relaxation and recreation in the summer as well as winter.

Visitors to the swimming pool are not only Slovaks, but also tourists from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and other countries. During the summer season, nine swimming pools and a water slide are available to the visitor. The newly opened Wellness Center Aquamarin is part of the thermal swimming pool.

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