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Cottages Family Resort ** are separate fenced complex 12-chat for those with families who want to live comfortably and independently. The resort offers a large playground, a sandpit and a thermal spring, parking in front of building your own cottage. Near the complex there is a wellness center, summer thermal swimming pool and restaurant center, tennis courts and a mini golf course. Each cottage has its own terrace area 9 m2 where you can find garden furniture and hallway. Cottage has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom (with toilet, shower), two rooms. The maximum capacity of the cottage is 4-6 people. In a cottage-colony Family Resort stay dates are always Sundays!

cottages in the camp

To order one of these chat rooms we will add daily free admission to the Summer Thermal Swimming Pool and the Toboggan World in Patince for every person throughout the stay.

SPECIAL BONUS for all our honored guests: At all entrances to the pool world Patince WELLNESS Centre **** (at any time during the stay) is 30% discount! Children under 12r. FREE (accompanied dosp.os.).

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Swimming Patince

Patinské swimming pool is located near the village Patince. It is the southernmost village in the Slovak Republic and its thermal swimming pool and recreational opportunities for decades attracted a broad layer of people from Slovakia and abroad. There are 5 outdoor pools, sports, kids, recreation, swimming and sitting with thermal-27 33 ° C water. Thermal water with its chemical composition has a beneficial effect on the locomotor system and skin diseases. Learn more at bathing sites.

Wellness Patince

It is newly built wellness center with a large for swimming pool and sauna world. This complex offers year-round traditional spa techniques such as hydrotherapy, whirlpool, sitting pool, Finnish sauna, massage and various types also acquaint you with innovative and yet little enhanced wellness services that include herbal sauna, steam bath, Kneipp bath, ice room , mud wraps and many other ... For more, please visit our wellness center.

Marina Wellness

Wellness marina is a port for ships with boat rental, fishing, catering and cruise ships Wellness Line 1 the Danube from Štúrova after Komarno. The same business also optional trips and sailing such as museum ship in Hungarian Neszmély, tasting regional wines from Hilltop, visit the ranch with horse riding and carriage.

Country Terrace

It is considered the center of night life in the area of ​​thermal swimming pool. Guests have a choice of different types of shops and goods. There is a patisserie, ice cream, cocktail terrace, a large games room with pool table and entertainment machines for children. The biggest attraction Country terraces is possible to rent a pedal toy cars, which serves as an excellent relax after a day on the water and are suitable for exploring the complex thermal spa.

Sports complex options

Swimming pool area provides its visitors with a great many sporting activities, whether for children or adults. On the volleyball, tennis and golf course and water football. Possibility člunkování and rides on a water bike. For children are available swings, sandpit, inflatable castles.

Celebrating connections Slovak-Hungarian municipalities

This tradition dates back to the year 1996. It is a celebration of the union of villages beside the Danube starting in Patince and Neszmély (Hungarian side) continuing further downstream the Danube River through villages Radvaň above the Danube, and Moča Kravany above the Danube. This celebration was in honor of interpersonal relationships that people demolished the boundaries between themselves and create "bridges" between people across the Danube. The founders of this celebration are municipalities and Patince Neszmély. The celebration is held on the first week of July, when the Danube in every village cook goulash, are held various social events. During these events, in every village furnishes a cruise ship on which the theater as a place established connection villages. Beautiful night ends with thousands of candles cruise on the Danube. Take this with you and less known but nice event. Danube literally shines!

Cycle route: Komárno - Patince - Kravany nad Dunajom

The cycling trail runs along the Danube along the Komárno-Iža-Patince-Radvaň-Dunaj-Moča-Kravany nad Dunaj route along which relaxation points are built. A cycle trail is part of it

Danube Cycle Route, which is one of the most famous and most visited cycling trails in Europe. It is part of the EUROVELO 6 route, which runs from the Atlantic in France to the Black Sea in Romania. The cycling route from Komárno to Kravian above the Danube leads along the dyke. In Dunajská Radvani there is a road road, there is no dyke. It measures 30,34 kilometers. Of that, 18 kilometers are built-up cycling and 12,34 kilometers are marked.

Cycling route: Komárno - Kolárovo

Interesting experiences also provide a cycling route (in the length of 17,3 km) leading the grave the dam from Komárno to Kolarov. The route leading to the right bank of the Váh passes around National Nature Reserve Vrbina with protected fauna and flora of floodplain forests. Northwest passes around the Lohots marsh Nature Reserve. The route ends with a unique water mill in Kolárov, which is an interesting technical monument with an exposure to the water mills and a nice natural area. The route leading to the left bank of the Váh is passing by the road Komárno - Kava, where it is deserted and continues through the massive dyke in a mild environment up to Kolarov.
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