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Accommodation Roman pod Belianskymi Tatrami

Ždiar the community thanks to its location near 50 discusses tourism-years. In summer it is possible to use beautifully surroundings of the village on hikes in the High, Belianske Tatras and the Polish Tatras and on gentle hikes hřebenem Spišská Magura. Hiking can be combined with tours to the surroundings of the High Tatras, Pieniny, historic cities - and Levoča Kežmarok and visiting the thermal baths in Vrbove and in Vyšné Ružbachoch.

In the winter there are ideal conditions for skiing in two winter sports resorts at the center - 7 ski lifts, which are from 2 km distances and 6 km in Bachledova dolina, where there is a chairlift and 4 lifts.

Description of the object

(14 beds):
Ground floor: 2 single rooms with TV-SAT, bathroom and WC (2 / 4), equipped kitchen with gas stove and electric oven, dining table and fridge.

1 floor: 1 / 3, 1 / 2, 1 / 1 room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, lounge with satellite TV.

In front of the building there is a terrace with seating for 14 persons, a swing and a car park.

Stay is good for families and groups and close to the 3 restaurant and grocery store. Free car parking at the object, bicycle and ski storage room, year-round operation and a pleasant sunbathing overlooking the Belianske Tatras.

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Price list


  • during the winter season 8,50 Eur / 1 person / night 1
  • in the summer season 7,50 Eur / 1 person / night 1
  • New Year's Eve stay 14, - Eur / 1 person / night 1


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Monkova Valley - Kopské saddle

Monkovej valley leading to green branding walkway and located under a wide sedlom (1 826 m), between Hlúpym (2 061 m) and Ždiarska forks (2 142 m) and its length is 3 km

The valley is beautiful Monkovej output to wide-saddle (3: 30) with the ability to continue to the valley of the White Water through Kopské seat (1 750 m), moderately difficult trail with an elevation 900 m, the White around the Great lakes (1 615 m) to chat with a green ball (1 551 m) with the White zostupom or water to the valley of seven wells of the massif Bujačieho Hill (1 947 m) on chat Plesnivec (1290 m), which is the only alpine chalet in Tatras Belianske, so zostupom to Tatranska basin.
Maple Valley and Zadné Meďodoly

Maple Valley

From a wide saddle is able to proceed to behold Javorovej Valley, which is bounded hřebenem Belianske Tatras and hřebenem from lamb shield (2 230 m) along the broad tower (2 462 m) and broad massif. Maple Valley concludes massif shield (2 418 m) and its length is 10 km. As part of the valley are Zadné Meďodoly that create interfaces Belianske and the High Tatras.

Tourist march can be taken also from Tatranska Javorina and admiring the greatest Tatranský Valley - Maple Valley by going through Sedielko (2 376 m) on the Tery chat (2 015 m) to Little Cold Valley (5: 00), or opt for the tourist route below Muráňom through Zadné Meďodoly to Kopského saddle (2: 30) and admiring the beautiful mountain meadows, laying pavement leading popod slopes Raven (2 152 m) and Ždiarskej fork (2 142 m). Raven and Ždiarska forks are among the most beautiful and highest peaks Belianske Tatras.

Most interesting part of this shield is Belianske Tatras Muran (1 890 m), of which each party has a different look and switches ba huge white walls of the Polana Muráňom. Muran has entered into history Tatras rearing kozorožcov that there once grew a prince of Hohenlohe. In the southern wall Murano amounting 1 559 m Muránska cave is situated about 100 m long, which is in the winter utočišťom kamzíkov.

Belianska Cave

Image The Belianska Cave is located in the eastern part of Belianske Tatry nad Tatranskou Kotlinou, in the National Nature Reserve Belianske Tatry in the Tatra National Park.

Created in strednotriasových calcites Corrosion and erosion topiaceho water from the snow and ice or heavy rainfall.
The intense length of the cave is 3641 m. They attract the sinter waterfalls, pagodic stalagmites and several lakes. There are also other forms of sinter filling. The entrance parts of the cave have been recognized by the goldsmiths in the first half of 18. century. She stayed secret for many years. Inside her premises, 1881 was again infiltrated. Part of the cave has been made available since 1882. It has been electrically illuminated since 1896. At present, more than one 1000 m is available.

National nature reserve for 5408 ha, issued in 1991. The Belianske Tatras begin at the top of Mount Rodno (1 760 m) above Javorina and end with Kobylí Hill (1 108 m) in the east above Tatran Kotlin. The ridge measures the 14 km. The protection of an extensive area that is unparalleled in terms of nature conservation, floral diversity, unusually impressive and attractive relief and suitable animal conditions.

The Belianske Tatras have discovered first trappers. Then the poachers went to the chamois and shouted. Happiness was also attempted by Gold Miners and gold miners. The most prominent were treasure hunters, especially caves. The first victim known from the history of Tatier died in Belianske Tatras.
Since 1978, a significant change has been made in the Belianske Tatry region in the network of marked trails where, in order to protect the nature and the natural environment, the red marked Magistral, which led the Belianske Tatry ridge below Hlupe Hill from the marked footpath via Zadné Jatky, Kamzíčiu Cave, , Košiare, Bujacky vrch, Rock gates, Kozí vrch, Faixův polán, Kobylí vrch to Šumivý pramen. The whole section of the main ridge for tourism is closed. The Belianske Tatry Ridge was one of the most beautiful and most sought-after trails on the territory of TANAP. Hiking is only allowed after marked trails through the Monkov Valley - Kopské sadlo.

Belianske Tatras mountain range and its surrounding area offers to tourists the possibility of marked trails, which can be seen in the unique natural wealth of fauna and flora. Composite are of dolomitic limestone, and during the biggest zaľadnenia there was 9 glaciers with the greatest length 2,5 km. Ku karst departments which are characteristic for Tatry, include the highest peak Tatras Raven (2 152 m) and the largest Valley - Monkova Valley, which is made available to the tourist.

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