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The device is away from the city Žilina and 11 km from Terchova 15 km. The caravan is situated in a lovely nature Malá Fatra Mountains, on the outskirts of the village Varin. The area with the area 5,2 ha separates the river Varínka with natural shore from the border of the National Park Mala Fatra. Pleasant surroundings beautiful countryside certainly will please not only the visitors who will come here for unwinding, but also enthusiastic TOURIST. It offers bungalows and Zruby for 4 os., Sites for tents and caravans.


Pre 4 os. + Extra bed - two bedrooms for 2 people, a lounge with sofa bed, a kitchen area with basic amenities dishwasher, a refrigerator, an electric dvojplatničkou, hot and cold water, shower, toilet. Before bungalovom outdoor seating. Part bungalow with a TV prijímačom. There is a need to bring my own bath towels.


  • central reception - sale of tourist maps, souvenirs)
  • restaurant - food option purchase order
  • parking
  • outdoor fireplaces with shelter
  • Pool 10 5 x m
  • sauna
  • tennis courts
  • table tennis
  • sports equipment rental
  • children's area
  • gridiron
  • beach volleyball
  • fishing opportunities, paragliding
  • Guided hikes
  • Optional excursions
  • WIFI connection within about 100 m from the reception

The advent of the bungalow from 14: 00 pm, the day of departure, it is necessary to leave the bungalow 10: 00 pm


Other campsites in the Žilinský region can be found here

Price list

Prices for accommodation in VARÍN autocamping

 1.5. - 20.6.2015
6.9. - 11.10.2015
20.6. - 6.9.2015
per person per night3,20 €3,40 €
baby to 15 r.2,20 €2,70 €
stan2,50 €3,00 €
caravan3,00 €3,00 €
passenger car2,50 €3,00 €
motor home4,50 €5,00 €
bus, truck6,00 €6,00 €
expensive trailer to the car2,00 €2,00 €
motorcycle2,20 €2,50 €
pes1,50 €2,00 €
economically tent9,00 €10,00 €
electrical substation3,30 €3,30 €
water connection2,00 €2,00 €
Wi-Fi (24 hour)1,00 €1,00 €

Prices for accommodation in cabins

 1.5. - 20.6.2015
6.9. - 11.10.2015
20.6. - 6.9.2015
bungalow for 4 person41 €45 €
extra bed for 1 os.7 €7 €
rumble for 4 person30 €32 €
NEW - rumble for 3 person25 €27 €

One-day access to ATC Varín

adult person 2,00 € / day

child to 15 r 1,70 € / day

parking 1,50 € / day

el. connection 3,30 € / day

Rental of gazebo with sitting and fireplace

5,00 € / day (arbor capacity for 15 persons)

10,00 € / day (arbor capacity for 25 persons)

20,00 € / day (arbor capacity for 50 persons)

Prices for accommodation are quoted per night in €.

For collectives over 40 persons the possibility of individual prices. In autocamping, there is a possibility of ordering a meal in the restaurant.

local tax: € 0,40 / day

Accommodation in the off-season is possible on request.

When booking only 1 nights, an extra charge of € 3,00 / log cabin / bungalow is charged.


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Kamil Dolinek (unregistered) 26. June 2013 - 13: 44
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Hello, I would like to rent 17.8 in the end. - 24.8.2013 four-bed cottage. Can you please send me the accommodation prices? Thank you and have a nice day. Kamil Dolinek
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Přidat recenzi


Mala Fatra National Park

Mala Fatra National Park is located in najzápadnejšom Slovak vysokom range. Among his biggest sights include Tiesnava, gorges, rocky peaks, as well as an attractive tourist ridge. For its outstanding natural beauty and wealth of plant and animal species was Krivánské part in the Little Fatra 1967 declared a protected area by the year in 1988 declared a national park Malá Fatra. It stretches on an area 226 km2. The buffer zone has an area 233 km2. A common view visits tend to be Sutovsky waterfall, Upper and Lower Diery Diery and peaks Rozsutec Small, Large and Big Rozsutec Fatranský Krivan. Ideal starting Bodmi for hiking are Terchová, reversible and Stefanova.

Castle Strečno

On the left bank of the river Vah near Žilina is the vápencovom BRALO stands the castle Strečno, in the past, most secure fortress Považia.Hrad is a first time promised in the 1384 in connection Comitatus Castri Strechyn, thus lords of the castle Strečno. On the basis of indirect written reports, we may infer that he was standing in the first half 14. century. Served to protect the toll at the ford across the river Vah. The oldest castle area had only 18x22 m was formed by a small residential building, tank and dominant tower with a guard and defensive feature - called bergfrit. The castle was during the Old Czech expanding and several times rebuilt into their area's largest in 17. century, when reaching a level of the best fortified castle of the Middle nature.

Skansen Vychylovka

The ethnographic exposition in nature presents a method kopaničiarsky settlements, which was characteristic for Kysucký region. The main reason for building the Museum kysuckej villages was saving precious objects of folk architecture of municipalities and Riečnica Harvelka, which should have been the construction of water works Nová Bystrica flooded. Gradually, in MKD premiestňovali residential and farm buildings, technical and sacred buildings of multiple Kysucké communities. So began the trial of the year 1981. The open-air museums are well-preserved buildings in situ - seasonal dwelling for shepherds, the cholvárky. The village center forms the Chapel of Our Lady of Ružencovej Zborov over Bystrica, from the village tavern Korn oldest dwelling-house of 1806 of Osčadnica. The exhibition is for visitors Interesting thy quiet area with rozľahlým areálem and beautiful natural surroundings. The distance Varin - Vychylovka is about 25 km.

City Žilina

Žilina is the capital of North-West Slovakia, mestom at the confluence of three rivers - the scale, Kysuca and Rajčianky fourth biggest city and the Slovak Republic. It is established Žilina Region and the gateway to the Upper Povazie.

Spa Aphrodite - Rajecke Teplice

Spa is in today uponáhľanej now become the place where you can find peace and relaxation in a pleasant environment. Today more and more people eager least for a moment slip away from the busy world, forget about all the worries and let yourself be pampered. Therefore, do not hesitate and find a bit of time, which devotes himself flax and flax.

Spa & Aquapark Turčianske Teplice

The Spa & Aquapark complex is located on the edge of a beautiful spa park in the center of Turčianske Teplice. It consists of two parts: SPA area (healing thermal mineral water 38 ° C) and AQUAPARK area (thermal water up to 33 ° C). Both are in year-round operation. Distance Varín - Turčianske Teplice approx. 40 km (via the computer in Nezbudská Lúčka).

Veronika Rajec Thermal swimming-pool

The area features 8 pools for all types of visitors. The largest is a swimming pool with an area 50x21 m deep 1,8 M. There is a car park, a wide menu of snacks, sports (beach volleyball, mini golf, table tennis, basketball) and attractions for children (slide, water slide, preliezky, sandpit). Vzdálenost Varin - Rajec is about 33 km.

Thermal swimming pool Laura Rajecké Teplice

Swimming in termálnom'll buy Laura is possible in two thermal pools (swimming and children), with a temperature 26 oC. The area features miniature golf, playground for beach volleyball and nohejbal.Vzdialenosť Varin - Rajecké Teplice is about 26 km.

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