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Cottage Medica is located in the village of Liptovské Revúce near the National Park Veľká Fatra and Low Tatras. Their advantage is the proximity to the famous tourist center Donovaly. We are more affordable. This does not apply only to accommodation prices. Cheaper restaurants are also available, much more cheap in Liptovské Revúcach and skiing. Another advantage over Donovaly is the small number of visitors. The village lives on its own, quiet and life-giving traditions. I do not find crowds of tourists here. Only the unspoiled culture of the Slovak village.

Chata Medica has a capacity 15 beds and 4 rooms (1x3, 3x4).


  • underfloor heating and hot water daily 24hodín
  • fireplace in the lounge
  • 2x bathroom: with corner bath and shower, separate toilet 2x
  • a lounge with cable TV and radio
  • kitchenette with microwave, hob, fridge and kettle
  • Free Wi-Fi internet in the cenote campuses
  • sauna in the yard
  • large private car park

We look forward to your visit and we guarantee your satisfaction. Family Kutajová

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Where are Liptovské Revúce
Revúckej lying at the top of the valley, which flows eponymous Riečka Revúca prameniaca the cruisers and ústiaca past thirty kilometers to the scale of Ružomberok under SCP (at the bus station). Revúcka Valley is oriented north-south, creates a boundary between the Low Tatras (from left) and large Fatra (right). From Liptovska Settlements (20 km from Ruzomberok) shall be distributed - juhozápadným direction through Liptovské Revúce Šturec into the saddle, right on the south continues to Spa Valley Korytnická Korytnica, belonging to village (8 km), significant by its earthy gypsum-ferrous mineral water. Spa Korytnica were to 60-ies final "dummy" stop the Lower Liptov. Next to Donovaly yielded only wooded path.

Another starting point and tourist resorts in the United Fatry:
Turčianske Teplice, Mošovce, Blatnica, Jasenská Valley, Martin, Sučany, Turany, Ľubochňa, Ružomberok, Málinné, Smrekovica, Liptovská Osada, Liptovské Revúce, Donovaly, Banská Bystrica, Stare Hory-Turkish, Harmanec, Kráľova wells, Chata pod Borišovom
Remote processes:

Journey Heroes SNP (red):
Malá Šturec (Harmanecké sedlo) - mountain hotel under Kralova studna - Krížna - Veľký Šturec (saddle) - Zvolen - Donovaly (27 km, 12 hour)
A very demanding ridge leading to the woods with many losses of height. An important link between Kremnicke vrchy and Low Tatras. From Krížna, on the left side of Revúcka, is a valley.
Come down to Lipt. Revuca: from Krížnej (Dry Valley), the Grand Sturc (Vyšná) or selected (via Little Elected, ending - Nižná).

Mainland Highway (red):
Ľubochňa - Kopa - Ľubochnianske sedlo (Vrchfatra) - Príslop - Kľak - Jarabiná - chata pod Borišovom - Ploská - Ostredok - Krížna (49 km, 20 hod.)
After the cottage under Boris's demanding ridge, predominantly forest, a lot of game. A necessary night in the field. The last stretch leads through a prickly main ridge with continuous views. For mists especially in the area of ​​Fall difficult orientation.
Come down to Lipt. Revúce (Vyšnej) of the saddle through Magura Ploskej of Kýšok through terraced (in Green Valley) from Krížnej (in the dry valley).

Liptovská magistrála (green):
Ružomberok - Smrekovica - Rakytov - Chata pod Borišovom - Belianska dolina - Belá (52 km, 13 hod.)
After the cottage under Boris, a comfortable, ever-ascending ridge with many views (some trails from the route turn - Šiprúň, Skalná Alpa). from the cottage to Beli first a forest walk, then a mostly hard road.
Come down to Lipt. Revuca: Skalná Alpa, Rakytov - saddle north through temp Valley (Nižná), the source of the black-stone (center), of Seat Ploskej through Magura (Vyšná).

Other tagged sidewalks in areas of loved ones to Lipt. Revúcam
Elected region:
(red) Donovaly 960 m - Zvolen 1402 m - saddle 1010 m (3 hour)
In the opposite direction, an introductory route to the Great Tatra Ridge. Crosses the Elevation of the Great Wall assigned to the Great Fattor. Exit to Zvolen and the ridge in 3 / 4 non-fenced terrain with rich views. Convenient walks, the exit to Zvolen can be facilitated by the funicular. Frowning on the ridge behind the ridge.
Come down to Lipt. Revúca: Zvolen, Zvolen Small, ending (Nižná) Šturec (Vyšná)

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