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- Administrative and marketing positions in holiday resorts

- work in boarding houses (receptionist, cleaner, cashier and others)

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I'm looking for any manual work with accommodation

Campsite, cottage, farmstead and other.WORKING MANUAL WORK with accommodation and the possibility of weekly payouts or advances.Zednické work, work with a brushcutter and engine.pila, maintenance - garden - cleaning work, etc. I can handle any manual work. by email, thank you.

The Summer Brigade is the best Pilsen Region

I am a college student and I am looking for a bribe in the kitchen, help at the reception, maid etc. on June / August best in the Pilsen region. The possibility of commuting is about 40 km from Pilsen, longer distances or work in another region would require accommodation. From previous years, I have experience with kitchen help, picking up goods, cleaning and helping with children's events.

Two men are looking for a brigade in Brno and nearby

Two men looking for a brigade in Brno - We are two, one bricklayer the second chef. We are looking for a weekly paid brigade in Brno and nearby surroundings. We have experience: manager and maintainer of the object, kitchen, gardening, construction, cleaning and clearing, flooring, and repair work, (various repairs) - helping work as needed.


Summer Brigade - I'm looking

I'm looking for a brigade for the summer (about 19.7), preferably in the Pilsen region. I am 19-year-old student from Pilsen and from previous brigades I have experience with helping out in the kitchen, beach kiosk and as a waitress.
I will be happy for every offer

Summer 2014 - looking for a job, camp brigade

My name is Markéta Mikulíková, I'm 21 years and I'm looking for a brigade in the camp. I know it's too early, but it's up to me to spend 2014 summer. I do not need work abroad when Czech nature is also wonderful. Please, if you are looking for help in the kitchen, waitress, animator or other help at the campsite or at the cottage, I will be happy for every offer.
Thank you
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