Camping in the camp and outside the camp, campgrounds and areas for tents


Where is the tent in the Czech and Slovak

Choose from a number of campsites and campgrounds designed for families and parties of people who want to enjoy a relaxing summer and winter vacation. After registering on you will be able to write comments, reviews and recommendations for all campsites and campgrounds, which you will find in our database. Information on where to go on holiday with your tent or where to rent a tent can be found in the list of campsites and campsites below + tips for trips with your own tent for camping in the wild, ie camping outside the camp.


Places to go

In the vicinity of campgrounds and campsites are many tourist attractions, cross-country tracks, biking trails and cultural sights that tourists usually seek. With us you will have an overview, you will get lots of information and news from the world of tourism. Just as you yourself write about the places you visit and you want to share with other visitors of this portal.


Events in camps

Most diverse camps and camping sites offer plenty of entertainment in the form of water games, roasted piglet, discos, concerts, fishing and more. You to your fans and competitions that are designed for families with children, young people and seniors. Apart from quality accommodation here you find a location for your active rest. You can camp right by the water (the lake), or a forest far from the busy civilization ...


Tips for camping in the Czech Republic


Camping - South BohemiaShe- South Moravia
Camping - Giant MountainsTips & Warnings Camping in the wild
Camping at the damCamping by the water
Camping - Orlík DamCamping - Macha Lake
Camping by the water - SlovakiaCamping - Jeseníky
Camping - Ore MountainsCamping - Lipno
Camping - Central BohemiaCamping by the Vltava
Recommended campsCamping reviews - reviews
Camping - Brno ReservoirCamping - Czech Canada
Camping - ŠumavaCamping - Western Bohemia


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