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Camp Elite - Máchovo Lake

Czech Republic



The recreation center - camp ELITE can offer you a beautiful holiday in Máchovo Lake - Staré Splavy. Our cottage settlement Elite is located in a pine forest environment close to Mácha Lake and the villages of Staré Splavy (2 km) or Doksy (5 km). This tranquil area and nature around Mácha's Lake is the best choice for spending your family holiday. If you are planning a holiday or just a long weekend, then choose the Macha area and accommodation in the cottages near Mácha Lake, near Stará Slava. The holidays and trips in our country are suitable for families with children as well as for group events, camps, school trips, dating stays and schools in nature and training.

Máchovo jezero accommodation, cottages

One of the most important questions that every holidaymaker has to ask is how they live in a given location as they live in. How can you also enjoy a stay where you find it inappropriate? See what the Old Splavy and the Elite cottage settlement near Mácha Lake can do for you, how wonderful accommodation you can arrange with us.

In order to get the best out of your stay, you need a backdrop to which you will be back, where you can find shelter after a long day of hiking, sports or laziness. In short and well, whatever you do, whether you spend the day in the water or go exploring the natural beauty of Mácha Lake, you will always be sure that our cabins will accept you with open arms! And what can you look forward to?

  • 4 bed cottages with a refrigerator
  • Dining room with bar
  • Common sanitary facilities in the area
  • Fireplace 2x (possibility to rent a grill)
  • Swings, climbing frames, sandboxes

Nearby sports and recreational activities (minigolf, trampoline, merry-go-round, pedal boats, boats, steamboat). What about eating? In our complex you will find a dining room with a bar where we offer full board and half board. We will be glad to taste our wonderful cuisine that will make you and your whole family happy.

So what can you look forward to? In the tidy area, 48 cottages with their own refrigerator, secure meals (according to the order) and common sanitary facilities in the Elite area, with lots of playgrounds such as volleyball or minigolf and other sports facilities. Count on the beautiful countryside, relax with peace, and enjoy a rich cultural program that is pulsating around Mácha Lake all year round.

As you can see, ensuring your stay in Old Splavy is a guarantee of a perfect vacation. And is that what you want, or are we fighting? You want to enjoy every moment, and you will enjoy it! Come to our Elite cottage settlement! Máchovo Lake accommodation and cottages are a guarantee of a pleasant relaxation and relaxation with family or friends.

School trips - camp Elita (Macháč)

The environment is also suitable for schools in nature, group stays or sports activities. Like every year, this year's school council addresses where to take students to a field trip, a trip, just an event where they have a chance to cluster their team, and where teachers also have a chance to get to know their pupils in a different light, which throws artificial lighting behind the school bench. And it works, of course, the opposite. Students will see that the teacher is just a person that has hobbies, worries and joy similar to the ones they themselves have. Such actions, if well organized, can bring a lot of good. But. There is always some. It works unfortunately if the wrong place is chosen if the organization is bad, rather it hurts before doing anything good. So where to go this year is the first and the most basic question. We will give you one tip, so read carefully.

Well-organized school trips, this is something every teacher has to learn within his professional career. As we said, this is primarily about choosing a place, and Máchovo Lake, or Star Splavy, which we now present, is an ideal choice not only for Czech language teachers. What can you do with the pupils? And what can all your chalet community Elite offer?

  • Comfortable accommodation for a large number of students
  • Clean sanitary facilities
  • Dining room with bar and full board
  • Numerous sports, cultural and other activities

There is really a lot to see in the neighborhood, so it does not matter if your trip or excursion will be focused on Czech language, geography, history or physics. We will offer you the best base for all kinds of activities, we will offer you the full comfort to make the whole event excellent. So what do you say about our offer? What do you say that you will offer your students just the Old Splavy in close proximity to Mácha's lake to build interpersonal relationships in the collective and to know a piece of their beautiful country?

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