What to pack for your vacation

Surely it has happened to everyone that he has forgotten to pack something on his vacation. From the brush, via the charger to the phone, to the pet (rabbit, hamster). Here you write what you think it is important to pack before you go on holiday. :-). Eventually, share the tramps when you forget something important and how it all came about. :-)


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Lenka1986 13. August 2019 - 23: 49
We always follow our list and never forget anything :)
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alex22ston (unregistered) 31. July 2018 - 20: 26
Hello, maybe it would sound odd, I only ride on a holiday where there is a shower or a bath and there is a wash, never a cottage without a background ..
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augusta3 1. February 2015 - 11: 06
We go to Czech camps and trips regularly every year. I recommend taking your boots and raincoats. For walking on the mountains, when you get the bad weather you can throw it
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Papas11 10. January 2015 - 14: 17
I'm pulling on holiday for long. Well-known I lend tents and I carry my special chairs and sleeping bags and everything. I got the full truck for the car. We do not drive computers even this year, and when it's raining and we'll be mobile in mobilehaim, they'll find it useful.
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Panther 10. January 2015 - 18: 32
So do you mostly go camping? Last year as we were in the camp in August, they were sometimes cloudy and some guests had tents on such a mild hill, and the water flowed directly to the entrance to the tents. So I wonder if the tents really let go of the water. We do not have the tent yet, so I do not know much about it, but I know there's some water impregnation on it. Is not that the tent should not let water out without impregnation? I ask because we want to buy a tent and those impregnations offer everything to know if we need it or not :-)
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Papas11 12. January 2015 - 15: 40
On the floor of the bedroom tent or simply tent, if it's a small tent, you will not need impregnation. I bought a tent in XTEXT and 1.600, - in action it is a huge two-tent tent with a large hall and it rained for us all night one night and a tent in the tent. Seams must be taped and is preferably a diaphragm. Otherwise it does not harm the impregnation spray to be sure. And It's probably worth buying a tent from Husky, but in another price range. But again good quality.
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Panther 12. January 2015 - 19: 20
Oh, that's it ... thanks for the information ... Somehow I did not trust the tents they sell in Tescu. I thought a few times over, but then I always thought it over :-). I'm probably going to buy a mood. I mean, I do not even know whether I can copy it in Husky or in Tescu ... But in Tesco there is a disadvantage that when I ask about a diaphragm cloth, I'm sure no vendor will know what I'm talking about ...: - /
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Jirka 8. January 2015 - 10: 05
Generally, I would recommend taking a good mood with us in order not to spoil it with others. Then good book, drugs, matches, flashlight, good boots, raincoat. Do not take any other technical extras besides the mobile phone that would rob us of the time spent in nature / outside the camera /. We can advise with others. :)
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Panther 8. January 2015 - 10: 31
Good boots, I confirm. We were in the camp last year and we went to the mushrooms. Just that it rained in the meantime and I did not have any shirts. But the mushrooms we dried and used for Christmas in the cabbage (Slovak Christmas "soup"). I can not agree with the Notebook team :-), but everything with peace. I also find it strange to see kids and people playing video games somewhere in the camp, or they still have a phone ...
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Violet 7. January 2015 - 21: 15
Forget it, let's go, it's so :-D ... For the last holiday we forgot to take the boots. Unfortunately, it rained for a few days and it is not possible to go to the forest for shoes or sandals :-)
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misulinka89 7. January 2015 - 16: 49
Once we went to a camp that was somewhere in the woods. Halfway down the road, we realized we did not know where to go. Navigation was unfortunately lost at home :( .. Finally, we solved it by asking for a pump, and the vendor knew exactly what camp is, so she was navigating us, so when you travel to the unknown, surely do not forget to take the navigation with you. )
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Panther 7. January 2015 - 21: 12
Hello, we did it too. We forgot the navigation. And you know how I solved it? By phone :-D. Today everyone in the phone has a navigation and works just as well as a car navigation.
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Aquarius 7. January 2015 - 15: 36
I do not know if it belongs to me, but I did not forget to take anything on vacation. And that's because I forgot to go on holiday as such :)). Somehow I was wrong with the term. I thought the arrival was two weeks apart. I was happy with the owner and gave me a replacement term. But for the first time they thought I was making fun of them :-). In the end everything was solved. So never forget the holiday term, that's my advice :)
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Superhonzo 7. January 2015 - 15: 27
I once forgot a rabbit at home .. :-)). Luckily, I remembered and sniffed my grandmother and she took care of him. She gave it to the poor man and a little water. I did not remember after two days, but fortunately it was not too late. Remember home pets. For a long time without water, dryers :-)