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Camping On Old Paper Mill

Looking for a place to relax and enjoy? Then the camp Na Staré Papírně is the right place for you The camping area of ​​almost 3 ha lies between the forest and the river Lužnice, in addition its part is located directly on the island in the middle of the river. The camp can be found in the district of the town of Tábor - Southern Bohemia.

Types of accommodation in the campsite

  • 4 bungalows / apartments for 1-5 persons
  • 1 Bungalow for 1-6 People
  • 3 equipped tents tents for 1-6 people
  • 12 Cabs (Type "1") for 1-4 People
  • 3 Cabs (Type "Cells") for 1-2 People

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Price list

Price list

Open 27.4 - 15.9

And in the fall, you can visit one of our apartments.

*** Ask for our group discounts ***

*** Special prices for paddlers ***

*** In May, June and September 10% discount on campsite ***

Camping site

(Prices are per night)

Big tent, caravan, or trailer140 CZK
Motorhome165 CZK
van / minibus150 CZK
Small tent75 CZK
Very small tent50 CZK
passenger car / motorcycle30 CZK
Trailer / Boat30 CZK
Adult95 CZK
Child between 4 and 12 flights65 CZK
Child to 4 yearsfree
Cottage per person
No bedding (use of your own sleeping bag)175 CZK
Bedding per person one time fee125 CZK
May, June, September6.500 CZK
July and August10.750 CZK
The price is: - per week stay, from Saturday to Saturday - for 4 people
Hot waterFree
Shower20 CZK
Breakfast125 CZK
Electrical connection100 CZK
Tourist fee with person and night camping10 CZK
Tourist fee with person and night apartment12 CZK

Prices are per person and night (excluding apartment), including VAT…


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Andrea Pokorná's picture
Andrea Pokorná (unregistered) 28. June 2020 - 11: 33
Number of votes: 23
I can highly recommend Camp Na Staré papírně. Beautiful surroundings near the river Lužnice. Pleasant and very helpful staff. Excellent catering - (breakfast, lunch, dinner), at reasonable prices. Hot water in the showers, clean everywhere. But what I have to emphasize the most is the owner. *****;) Friendly and kind. In addition, when she found out that I had all my things and the sleeping bag soaked, she brought herself to borrow a blanket to keep me from freezing at night. I was completely shocked and thanked her. She hugged me and welcomed me to the camp. For us for all the BEST campsite.
Average: 3 (1 Vote)
Hetty Leijstra's picture
Hetty Leijstra (unregistered) 23. July 2013 - 21: 11
Number of votes: 820
Hello, cottage for two people for one night costs 350 CZK without bedding (for bedding is paid 125 CZK per bed). Yes, of course we can sleep in our own tent. We charge 75 CZK for the tent and 95 CZK for the adult person sleeping in it. If you are interested in more prizes, you can find them all at our website ( or contact us by phone. Thanks for your interest, Hetty
No votes yet
Marcela Minaříková's picture
Marcela Minaříková (unregistered) 23. July 2013 - 13: 50
Number of votes: 753
Hello, I would like to ask how much is a cottage for 2 person on 1 night? And is it possible to come and sleep at your campsite in your own tent? Thank you for your information ... Minaříková
No votes yet

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Surroundings camp

South Bohemia is a beautiful area between Prague and Austria. Not only for this reason, it is in the first place in popularity for both Czechs and foreign visitors. With its rich cultural and natural potential, South Bohemia is an ideal holiday destination for everyone.

Attractions near the camp.

In the camp you will find many maps and guides around.

  1. The town of Bechyně, 10 km from the campsite offers you a supermarket, post office, restaurants and other interesting shops (
  2. An equestrian school and a golf course can be found around 15 km from the campsite.
  3. 30km from the camp in Písek you will find an excellent Burgundy restaurant (
  4. To the west of Soběslav, 25 km from the camp is an interesting nature trail through the Borkovice mud (
  5. In July and August, Křižík's electric railway from Tábor to Bechyně is in operation (
  6. Within walking distance of the river is the historic Stádlecký Bridge, interesting is the whole village Stádlec (, as well as Dobronice with its castle ruins, which lie on the other side of Lužnice
  7. A little further, 120 km, is Kutna Hora with its silver mines and bobsled (
  8. Chýnov Cave is just 37 km from the camp (
  9. The river Lužnice, where the camp is located, and which you can ride in boats and boats.

Picturesque towns and villages

In the area of ​​culture, you can see and discover many things in South Bohemia, as history has left a lot of wealth in the form of city monuments. The entire region is dotted with ancient towns and picturesque villages. You can visit historical buildings in Tábor and Český Krumlov.


The town of Tábor is situated on the northern outskirts of South Bohemia. It is the second largest city of the area with roughly 37 000 residents. In place of the former fortified fortified settlement from the Premyslid period, the Hussites built a fortified town with the biblical name Tábor in 1420.

Czech Krumlov

Český Krumlov is the most famous town in the area. No other city can find so many medieval architecture monuments.
There is also the largest shopping center in South Bohemia.
One of the biggest attractions of Český Krumlov is the theater with a revolving auditorium.
You can ride a cab in a beautiful old town or take a boat trip on the river. Great St. Vitus Church of 15. Also worth a visit. The monumental castle and chateau have been mentioned in history since 1235, and its vastness is evidenced by the fact that it has chambers and a courtyard on 300.

Castles, chateaux and ruins

The region of South Bohemia is known for its castles, palaces and ruins. As an example, we can mention the three most famous ones, Hluboká nad Vltavou (, Cervena Lhota ( and Zvikov (

Among the tourists are also some ruins. The most famous is Dívčí Kámen, 10 km north of Český Krumlov, Dobronice, 6 km north of Bechyně, Kozí Hrádek 5,5 km from Tábor and Šelmberk lying in the romantic countryside 17 km northeast of Tábor.

Do you have problems with your joints or other health problems? Then South Bohemia offers you therapy and rehabilitation in Třeboň, Bechyně and Vráž.

South Bohemia is an ideal place for cycling. Terrain topography provides a rich range of bike tours. The flat areas around the ponds near Třeboň and České Budějovice offer good opportunities for recreational cycling, along forest and field roads, marked for both pedestrians and cyclists. Over the past five years, a number of cycle paths have been set in the South Bohemia region for detailed maps. The paths run along the banks of many ponds. There is also a long-distance cycle route Prague - Vienna across the eastern half of South Bohemia. It crosses the towns of Slavonice, Nová Bystřice, Jindřichův Hradec and Tábor.

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