Camping Karolina - TOP 3 - interview with the operator

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Another of the interviews we bring you will be from camp Karolina (Český les, district Tachov), which has been staying in TOP 3 for the best rated camps and camps from Czech Republic and Slovakia for several years. Today, Mr. Novotný - the campsite operator answers a few questions that are of interest to you all.

Hello Mr Novotný, we wish to congratulate you in advance because your campsite is holding in our TOP 3 campsite reviews for nearly 3 years, which testify to the qualities of your accommodation. What do you attribute to this success?

Hello Mr Mišutko, thank you for your congratulations. But I would very much like to thank our visitors, thanks to which we are evaluating ourselves in this position. Our position in TOP 3 is, in my opinion, related to the fact that running a camp for me is not just a way of livelihood, but rather a hobby and "lifestyle". We really care about the satisfaction of our visitors, which we strive to achieve by creating a friendly, friendly environment and personal approach to each guest. No less important factor of customer satisfaction is, of course, the level of the camp as such, the cleanliness of the entire area and social facilities, the observance of nightlife, etc. The undeniable "GENIUS LOCI" of the whole valley with the historical name KAROLINA DOLINA

Our readers will surely be interested in how you started ...

The camping site has existed long before it has a very long and interesting history, but it has never worked like Camping. History dates back to about half of 19. century, first as a factory complex and coaching inn, later from 60. flight 20. century as a pioneer camp. From this time all the cottages come. I have been in the camp since 2002, when I started "VIZI KAROLINA" - creating a modern camping according to European standards in the Bohemian Forest. Everything needed to be gradually built: sanitary facilities, division of the land into camp sites and the establishment of electical connections, swimming pool, landscaping. All chairs with kitchen utensils, including all accessories and the like ..

Camping Karolina, TachovCamping reviews - Camp KarolinaCamping Karolina, Tachov

I understand you think that you will keep this trend in the years to come ?

I hope so, we do not want to fall asleep on laurels. For example, last year we began to reconstruct an unused historic building in which two cozy apartments will be built. We are able to offer our guests an even wider range of accommodation categories - ranging from campgrounds to camper vans and caravans, simple rooms in hostels, large bunk beds, luxury mobile homes to apartments ...

After visiting your campsite, we can say that we enjoyed the most chalets, mobile homes and the overall environment. We are looking forward to your new apartments. Are you going to make some changes this year, or will all be old?

In the old course, everything will remain good for what our customers are used to. As far as news is concerned, I hope to finish the aforementioned apartments before the main season.

We have visited your camp repeatedly. For the first time, we thought there were more seniors in camps. After the second visit, we decided that the camp was aimed at families with children. Do you have a target group of guests who prefer your camp?

In fact, we have no target group, we like to see the whole range of traditional campers from families with children, tourists, cyclists, decent bikers, seniors .... The only exception is the "little girls" who have a camping with a place where they can do what they want without respect for the night's rest and other guests. Spectrum of visitors is changing during the season. In the high season (July, August), it is mainly families with children. Out of season, we are most accountable for attending bikers and corporate events. Separate categories are seniors from Western Europe. Almost always, this is a married couple in their own caravan or caravan, enjoying full sips before / after the seasonal serenity and well-being that we are celebrating. Looking forward to better use of bed capacity in the next season. Thanks to my position, we are determined to spend beautiful moments in the countryside throughout the season. We are not primarily suitable for swimming, but for a much wider range of activities.

Yes, that's why we played ping-pong, we often used your grill and also used your bike rental cool. This way, I want to thank you for checking the mushrooms that we have collected in your neighborhood wink. Thank you for the interview and we wish you a good season this year too, in 2017

If you have any further questions to Mr. Novotny, do not hesitate to ask. Posts you can post directly under the post ..


Author: Admin


JendA888's picture
JendA888 (unregistered) 5. July 2020 - 0: 02

I searched for a camp in the Czech Republic for a long time and in the end I found a Karolina camp ... There is nothing to complain about. The woman and the children were satisfied and we will definitely return here. :)

Michal Fiala's picture
Michal Fiala (unregistered) 1. April 2019 - 17: 06

Hello, I do not see any mention of bicycle rental on the camp site but this is mentioned in the article. So what is the reality and usability within a family with children in summer? We are coming to you for the first time based on amazing friends reviews. Thank you.

V.Novotný's picture
V.Novotný 1. April 2019 - 17: 51


we have recently redesigned the webpages and we will add the information about the bike rental. However, bikes are available both for adults, women and juniors;)

Michal Fiala's picture
Michal Fiala (unregistered) 19. April 2019 - 12: 20


thank you for your feedback and positive information. It pleases us and makes planning your stay very easy :-)

Marketka55's picture
marketka55 21. March 2017 - 16: 27

Hello Mr. Novotny, you mention the apartments in the article. Will they be available this season? Do you have any photos ?. thank you for answer

V.Novotný's picture
V.Novotný 21. March 2017 - 18: 13

Unfortunately, I can not quite answer but we will try.
I attach at least photo buildings.

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