Tip for a ride for girls or couples - Pilsen and surroundings

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The weekend has begun and we are looking forward to a bike ride organized by our instructor Žanda from the bicycle group. On Saturday there are women's rides, which in free translation means that there can be guys, but accompanied by a girl, or with my wife, girlfriend, or like me and my daughter. cheeky However, there are certain limitations for children: the minimum age of 12 years and 26 or 27,5 bikes. To be speed compatible ... wink On Saturday we have a nice drink and go to the meeting place ...

Around the Bolevak and go into the forest

My daughter was looking forward to the trip because she had not yet rode a bicycle accompanied by women. She was also a little worried about how she could do it, but instructor Žanda assured her that we were going at a cruise pace where we could try some skills and the last one was always waiting. Fly around Bolevak and hop into the forest, where we stopped and ... cheeky

And then a photo together with laughing husband Zanda .. cheeky

Kája v jeskyně ..surprise

Yes ... As a dad, I have to take care of the safety of my daughter, so I gave her an extra helmet for sure. coolsmileycheeky

The drive continued on. Kája managed it perfectly. She even dared to pass through the terrain. Vlasta (Žanda's husband) cool

The path led through the forest cycle paths directly to Třemošná, where we gave pauses for food and kofola. Communication with Zanda and Co. never gets stuck and it's still fun. I was a little worried about what my Kája did, but it was clear that she was satisfied, so there is nothing to solve ...wink

To remember !!! Žanda liked it so much as my Kája managed to reward her with chocolate .. Nice surprise. Thank you .. heartwink

Relaxing & Skill Training

After refreshment in Třemošná we return back around Senecký pond. Here the girls tried to go down the stairs, after all the places to train different skills were a lot on the way, but not everything I managed to take a picture .. :-)

Žanda showed how to do it :)

Verča followed. wink

The girls then enjoyed the sun. The weather was nice, so no wonder ...heartsmiley

Summary and impressions of the ride for girls

Some technical information about the difficulty of the trip you can see here ..

Length of the route: 21,9 km

Saddle Time: 1 hours 57 minutes

Average speed: 11,2 Km / h

Rising meters: 755 m

Difficulty: low

The trip was mainly about comfort and skill training, so it was not about speed, though Zanda tried to take into account that she is a child with us. Nevertheless, my Kája would be able to manage even higher speed with an overview. These Saturday rides are regularly visited by couples (younger, older), the important thing is that every cyclist will bring peace and smile on his face.

If you want to pull your boyfriend or husband out, call Zanda or just sign up for a Bikeheart ride

Suitable combination for women's ride with a guard

Girl + boyfriend
Wife + husband
Mom + daughter or son (12 +, or 26 + wheels)
Dad + daughter (12 +, or 26 + wheels)

Hopefully we will meet on Saturday and it will be fun ..

yes All cycling-Pilsen well yes



Lina's picture
Lina (unregistered) 13. September 2020 - 18: 12

If these "girls on a bike" rides are still being held, I will definitely join. It looks interesting; -O

Petra.Lovel's picture
Petra.Lovel 22. June 2020 - 11: 40

Hello! I also have a tip :)
My girls and I have been going to the area above Rybník (Klatovy district) for 3 years and of course one of our main activities is cycling :) I can only recommend :)

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