By bike to the camp Keramika - Hracholusky

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The daughter went to camp and my wife and I are wondering what we will do on the weekend. As a good biker, I suggest a bike ride. In the meantime, I find out that in the Keramika camp in Hracholusky, one cottage was accidentally vacated, so we don't hesitate for a long time ... Scheduled departure on Friday ... cool We left Pilsen. The length of the route is just that. Map to download here ..


Travel to the camp & accommodation

I drove my half over all the hills I found on the map .. If it's only 20 kilograms, then it's worth it, I think .. cheeky Upon arrival at the camp, we were greeted directly by the manager. We immediately headed to the restaurant for coffee and something refreshing ..

As always, I tasted my wife's lunch ... :) Of course she didn't like it again. cheeky I'm waiting for him to get used to it and still nothing ... cool

We heard from guests that a very popular drink is often drunk here in the camp ... angel.. It didn't take long and the bartender brought it to us ... It's called "cockatoo". So we taste nothing, unaware that on that day we will drink another 20 of them ... cheeky. Here in the photo is the young bartender who brought us Kakadu. The same bartender will later wash her swan, which is what I have photos for ... And no guys, it's not a metaphor, so let's calm down again

Then we gave another shot, because I haven't drunk anything so good yet. The gift was interesting, namely brushes and condoms ... cheeky.. So I tried their magic for a while ... I tell my wife: "I'm going to the toilet" .. She said: "me too". So I grab a squirt and ask, "Is that an offer?" She said she didn't ...blush. So I approached it mathematically and after the calculation it turned out that the use of a "cockatoo" squirt is directly proportional to the number of drunken "cockatoo" shots Which was confirmed to me later in the evening ... devil

After a hearty lunch I go to play in the children's corner .. smiley

A ku * va wire !! They caught me driving ...laugh. Well, once a biker, still a biker ... cool

After the rest, it was time to put things together and bikes. With my wife's words: "Don't make a mental of yourself and come stay" we go to the cottage ... cheeky

We could also store the bikes in the locked garage, but there was enough space in the cottage, so why not ... :)

Nice terrace with a view directly on the Hracholusky dam was priceless ...;)


Afternoon activities in the camp in Hracholusky

After lunch we say that today we locked our bike, so now is the time to combine pleasant with useful ... Let's go on a pedal boat. We chose a swan, which unfortunately was not free, because the "Charlie's angels" of the Keramika camp just cleaned it. cheeky. Here I also attach proof and the promised photo ... angel

And a photo of the swan from the other side .... cool

So we decide on a boat ... Let me train my whole body ... cheeky. Right at the start a romantic photo, "Spider -biker" and a woman in pink ... yes

In the middle of the "cruise" I remembered the cycling gloves, which I left in the cabin, which I began to regret. Blisters and calluses began to report, so there was a change of helmsman That it suits her with those oars ....cheeky

As a reward, I offered my Míša chips with the words: "Ná či nebo či", which did not meet with success ...blushangel

It is true that we sailed a little further than planned. Specifically to another campsite almost 3 km away. After a short break, we agreed that everyone would take one oar, so we somehow went back to our camp Keramika. In addition to rowing, we spent this romantic moment buzzing each other that we are not rowing at the same speed ...cheeky.. After a long argument, we reached a compromise and we both decided that I was doing it on pi * u ... cool However, for a weak throw and a half we arrive at the camp. The concert was already in full swing, so hurry to the event ....yes


Concert of the group Podvraťáci

What to say. They played great. It was all Covery, rock stones for young and old, which was also visible on the dance floor. Everything that could walk ...devil

Here is a video of my TOP 3 ... cool I got the most from my favorite group ACDC in the performance of "Podvraťáků" in the Czech version. The main text was: "I like eggs" on Highway to Hell, which everyone sang. The fuck came at the end of the song, when the singer hummed ... "I like my eggs" ... cheeky I fell to my knees ... I hope to find the whole text somewhere ..wink Well a pity bullshit, listen to it yourself ....;)


Reviews of the campsite Keramika

This camp has a clear destination and people who want to have fun. And it's not just about age. In my compilation of photos and videos, it is clear that all age groups go to the Keramika camp .... Here is a brief list of negatives and positives of this camp .. smiley


Positives of the Ceramics campsite

  • Good facilities for families with children, couples or teenagers
  • Restaurant with an endless selection of medium and higher quality dishes
  • Facilities for children (playground, children's playroom, children's corner)
  • Waterfront location with rental boats, boats and pedal boats
  • What I appreciated is something like a campus on campus for school trips. Ie large groups of children have their own limited space, which will surely be appreciated by their supervision .. :)
  • Program in the form of concerts, we enjoyed it ...;)


The negative of the Ceramics campsite

  • The toilet of the cottage (at least ours) is located as if on the terrace of the cottage. So if you want to do anything in the cottage, you need to pee first, right :))
  • Maybe it would require more storage space, but only if you have a demanding woman with you .. :)


Biker names: My wife Míša & me Panther :-D

Where we were: Camp Ceramics - Hracholuská dam (


I just ran out of coffee, so we're done ...cheeky  We will definitely return to the Keramika camp this year, and maybe even with the children, let them steam with us. cool.. It is probably clear to everyone that I can recommend this campsite. But I warn you, if you are the type of person who is looking for absolute peace, then you better go to a cottage in solitude and not to the Keramika camp, it lives here ... yes






Anabel's picture
Anabel (unregistered) 21. July 2020 - 8: 58

The Keramika campsite is nice, we go there regularly. Good article, great written :). I hope there will be more such reviews. :-D

Panther's picture
Panther 18. October 2020 - 22: 25

There will definitely be more, but I will drink less so that I can remember everything and be able to write about it .. :)))

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