Voucher competition with Top-armyshop

We have an autumn here and we are starting with the competition and it is competing in cooperation with the popular Outdoor store This company has been operating on the market for 10 years. In 2016, they also launched the Eshop, which is popular with both outdoor fans and fishermen, lovers of tourism and, last but not least, campers. Top-Armyshop slapped his pocket and immediately donated gift vouchers to the competition in the total value of CZK 2.000 ...wink

What can you win?

  • 3 vouchers for any goods from the Eshop
  • 1x Voucher worth CZK 1000 and 2x Voucher worth CZK 500

Voucher preview


How to participate in the competition?

It's easy. Enough Write a comment to the funny picture below and automatically join the competition. The competition runs on 30.10.2020. After completing the competition, we inform you three randomly selected winners by e-mail, which will then send the Voucher itself ..

ATTENTION !!! Only a registered user can participate in the competition. We have nowhere to send a Voucher to an unregistered user;). You can register here: Registration



Competition photo here




Admin's picture
admin 3. November 2020 - 11: 34

The competition is over and the winners are:

1st place >> "kenas"
2nd place >> "Veronika Honcová"
3rd place >> "aduja"

for Team congratulations;)

Kamil_k's picture
Kamil_k 30. October 2020 - 17: 42

Prohibitions are from being violated, someone could take off the sign ... no sign is not a problem

Katarína Juroszkova's picture
Katarína Juroszkova 29. October 2020 - 22: 23

We don't have ...! However, we can read in American style: Noouu shampoo - Not champagne! Not in any way. Really!

MorticiaMM's picture
MorticiaMM 29. October 2020 - 9: 18

Statement of the Government of the Czech Republic: If you see tents set up in the area of ​​the meadow where there is a ban on camping, know that this is a mirage caused by a coronavirus pandemic and immediately register for testing at the nearest collection point.

Irena Jabůrková's picture
Irena Jabůrková (unregistered) 28. October 2020 - 11: 02

Is this a new housing estate for the homeless?

Lilianna's picture
Lilianna (unregistered) 23. October 2020 - 18: 10

nobody has a spicy tent, so everything is fine :)

Vasil's picture
Vasil 22. October 2020 - 10: 34

There is a ban on camping! You can only put the tents here in very good condition, as the owner of the land, I will take good care of them, I will sell them. Haha.

VeronikaGU's picture
VeronikaGU 21. October 2020 - 11: 15

We are not afraid of bans, we will set up a tent anyway! ⛺

Fantoci's picture
Fantoci 20. October 2020 - 15: 34

The sign is not a wall: o)

Cef.'s picture
Cef 19. October 2020 - 9: 56

What is it?
Well camping after all!

12345Honza's picture
12345Honza (unregistered) 18. October 2020 - 18: 38

He is a rebel

Frantisek Grmela's picture
Frantisek Grmela (unregistered) 18. October 2020 - 10: 52

And where will I sleep?

Zurekpetr's picture
zurekpetr 17. October 2020 - 12: 45

However, there are no camps, only tents.

Zuzana's picture
Susan (unregistered) 16. October 2020 - 11: 41

No entry with a pointed tent

LOKETINOV's picture
LOKETINOV 16. October 2020 - 11: 00

Jára Cimrman and Czech patriots leaning to the left, violating the ban on camping in the territory of Austria-Hungary.

Kenas's picture
kenas 15. October 2020 - 15: 20

Camping is great especially when fishing "

Luckah81's picture
luckah81 15. October 2020 - 9: 56

I told you, Maruš, that we should take another tent. We can't camp here with our pointed one.

Martinanus's picture
Martinanus 14. October 2020 - 23: 26

You see, Carlos, I told you to put the ban there in Czech. That I wish they were teepees in the picture and what we want from them ..

Akna's picture
akna 14. October 2020 - 19: 30

They are pushed out of the barracks, they are rolling on the ground like a wanderer, and finally they put a prohibition sign here.

Heslarka1's picture
heslarka1 14. October 2020 - 13: 31

Well, if the others are here, so can we, unpack the tent!

Hhranolka's picture
prismatic 14. October 2020 - 11: 05

When we set up the tent, there was definitely no sign

Farmer's picture
farmhouse 13. October 2020 - 23: 16

When everyone is camping here, the signs probably don't apply.

Jiří Zeman's picture
Jiří Zeman (unregistered) 13. October 2020 - 15: 35

We will set up a tent here next to the brand so that we can easily find it.

Admin's picture
admin 13. October 2020 - 11: 08


We approve comments from unregistered users, but let's think together for a while, okay? We do not have your email, because you are NOT REGISTERED with us, so how would we send you a Voucher in case of a win if we have no contact with you ?? :)

Once again ... WITHOUT REGISTRATION, you only contribute, but do not compete ....;)

Kamil Klabačka's picture
Kamil Klabačka (unregistered) 13. October 2020 - 10: 43

Well, we will move behind the sign with those shops, and the ban no longer applies there .....

Pavel Šajtar's picture
Pavel Šajtar (unregistered) 12. October 2020 - 15: 21

This is what the 2020 holiday looks like

Marcela U.'s picture
Marcela U. 12. October 2020 - 13: 33

This is not camping, this is how we live here now. Vision of 2021.

Boumitsh's picture
Boumitsh (unregistered) 12. October 2020 - 11: 34

We have a tent in the back to the left, so remember that.

Marina Vlasatá's picture
Marina Vlasatá 11. October 2020 - 21: 00

If it is not in Czech, then it does not apply to the Czechs :))

Kutr27's picture
kutr27 11. October 2020 - 20: 39

Tribute was nowhere else elsewhere

Hedvikova's picture
Hedvikova 11. October 2020 - 14: 24

They ignore the signs and their like fleas.

Vendilka3's picture
vendilka3 11. October 2020 - 14: 08

After all, the sign on the pole is thrown in the trash, so it doesn't apply.

Greaser Man's picture
Greaser Man 11. October 2020 - 19: 30

:)))). yeah joo..It will probably be a ridiculous waste :))

Very.N's picture
Very.N 11. October 2020 - 12: 25

No camp Ing. - This, look, they're not supposed to be Kemovapt engineers here. It's not us, so we can ...

Aduja's picture
adduja 11. October 2020 - 6: 08

This is not camping, this is a new housing estate

Bekycek's picture
bekycek 11. October 2020 - 3: 10

If it is not written in Czech here, it does not apply to us, Kájo unpacked the tent.

Lenourecek's picture
Lenourecek 10. October 2020 - 21: 15

And this is exactly where the quietest holiday was supposed to be ... :)

Jan Salák's picture
Jan Salák (unregistered) 10. October 2020 - 5: 51

As we all know very well that forbidden fruit tastes best. In this photo I would say that where it is forbidden to camp it is actually the best camping for everyone, what can be simply where there is something at least a little forbidden, it is not so Cool

Sobmar's picture
sobmar 9. October 2020 - 11: 05

So fanoluši can't speak English, but they write here: well, camp here.

Dalis's picture
Dalis 9. October 2020 - 11: 02

I love camping. And if you love it, there's nothing to deal with.

Jijina's picture
jijina 8. October 2020 - 20: 21

"Violation of the tent ban will be punished accordingly!"
Signature: Hurricane Kyrill

Andrea Šmídová's picture
Andrea Smidova (unregistered) 8. October 2020 - 7: 54

The rules must be broken

Pavel Maleček's picture
Pavel Maleček 7. October 2020 - 21: 00

Escape from the cities in front of the coronavirus and instead of drapes tents ...........

Chlup's picture
Hair 7. October 2020 - 10: 29

International meeting of illiterates.

Vikve's picture
vikve 7. October 2020 - 10: 03

It's probably a descent of dwarves who can't see the sign :)

Josef matějus's picture
josef matějus (unregistered) 7. October 2020 - 9: 52

sun, hay, erotica

Bohumil Lichna's picture
Bohumil Lichna (unregistered) 7. October 2020 - 9: 44

haven't you seen my wife?

Sefik's picture
safe 7. October 2020 - 8: 21

No tepee and Native American tents :-D

Tina3020's picture
tina3020 7. October 2020 - 7: 26

ban on tents with sharp corners


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