Christmas competition with the Vranovská pláž campsite

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And we have a long-promised Christmas competition here, where you can win Vouchers for camping places to the Vranovská pláž campsite (Vranovská přehrada). This camp is one of the most visited and at the same time the best rated campsites not only in South Moravia, but also in the Czech Republic in general, so we do not have to introduce it in any particular way. Who was not in this camp, be the first to throw a stone ... cheeky


What can you win?


What the Voucher contains and how to use it:

  • camping place for 4 days and 3 nights (tent, or caravan, or motorhome)
  • The voucher can be used at any time outside the main season (ie outside 1.7 to 30.8.2021)
  • You must call and check availability before booking

How to participate in the competition?

It's easy. Enough Write a comment about what you like about the Vranovská pláž campsite, or why you would like to visit it and automatically join the competition. The competition runs on 18.12.2020. After completing the competition, we inform you three randomly selected winners by e-mail, which will then send the Voucher itself ..

ATTENTION !!! Only a registered user can participate in the competition. We have nowhere to send a Voucher to an unregistered user;). You can register here: Registration



Admin's picture
admin 21. December 2020 - 15: 22

The competition is over. There were many interesting answers, but in the end we chose these three winners:

- "mifko"
- "Pavlusa"
- "Katerina Sramkova"

Congratulations and we wish the team a happy holiday;)

Picture of lockupik
lockupik 18. December 2020 - 16: 02

I was with my parents at the Vranov beach in my youth and I have beautiful memories of it, I would like to return to my childhood with a visit

Pavel Hlaváč's picture
Pavel Hlaváč 17. December 2020 - 15: 28

I would like to look at the camp in Vranov again, because it has a lot to offer. On the one hand, the equipment of the camp is really up to standard and especially the surrounding nature is really nice. If it works out, we will definitely plan a bike trip to Vranov Castle, Bítov Castle and Cornštejn, where I have never been before.

Richard Štěpán's picture
Richard Štěpán 17. December 2020 - 1: 25

I like a beautiful and pleasant environment, nice staff and accommodation at reasonable prices. We really enjoyed our holiday here and again we would be very happy if we won and the whole family enjoyed a nice holiday.

Inna's picture
Inna 17. December 2020 - 0: 20

So we have not been to your place yet, but we will be happy to come, because we love nature, the beach and barbecue

Kahomar's picture
Kahomar 16. December 2020 - 18: 09

We visited the Vranov dam about 15 years ago as part of a one-day trip. At that time, my whole family and I were accommodated in a picturesque house in Bezkov, and from there we took trips. That day I remember that we were on a tour of Bítov and Vranov Castle. It's been so long, then our children were still quite small, today we already have two granddaughters, with whom we would like to go to the Vranov camp.

Dagmar Navrátilová's picture
Dagmar Navratilova 16. December 2020 - 15: 13

We were on Vranovská beach for 2 days just after the revolution. The year before, after so many years, "solemnly" for 3 days. It would just take longer, and it's very nice there, also from the boat.

Emanuel Vrožina's picture
Emanuel Vrožina 16. December 2020 - 9: 53

I would give the voucher to my grandchildren, they would love camping and there is a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Michal Havlásek's picture
Michal Havlásek 16. December 2020 - 9: 51

I have not been to the Vranovská dam yet, but I would like to stay there with my family and go cycling around.

Michaela Havlásková's picture
Michaela Havlásková 16. December 2020 - 9: 49

We haven't been to the Vranov dam yet, but we were already thinking about going there with the children. There is a lot of fun for children. And the kids would definitely love it there. Plus, camping would definitely be fun.

Hlaváčová Marie's picture
Hlaváčová Marie 15. December 2020 - 21: 52

Hi people, my husband and I were on Vranovská beach under a tent together as single before the revolution. We enjoyed a beautiful holiday there, although the time was still different. In the evening, border guards and dogs passed through the camp, but fortunately they were fine. At that time, drinking water was only in the tank. So when she came and went to fill her, people were unlucky. At the moment, it certainly has to look much better there, and since we bought a caravan, we would like to return there.

Marcela Marciánová's picture
Marcela Marciánová 15. December 2020 - 12: 58

I went to the Vranov dam as free, there are beautiful places and many interesting places in the area, such as Bítov Castle, Vranov Castle and others. I would like to look there again with my two sons and husband. The camp looks decent, I think it would be suitable accommodation for us.

Misha007's picture
misha007 13. December 2020 - 17: 48

I've never been to the Vranov dam before, but I hear five other ode to it, so I plan to go there with friends next year. :)

Zdenikovič's picture
zdenikovič 13. December 2020 - 16: 05

We will be happy to try a campsite with excellent reviews and great activities for young and old. Many years ago we spent our holidays with children under a tent, now, at an advanced age, as newcomers we already like to get to know and take advantage of traveling with a motorhome. A voucher would be a pleasant surprise and a gift at the same time.

Weselka's picture
weselka 13. December 2020 - 15: 01

My family and I were in Vranov 12 years ago, but we were on the other side of the dam. If we win the voucher, we would be very happy to visit Vranov again, the camp is renowned for its services, we will be happy to try it. We like water, bicycles and monuments, everything is around Vrano's satiety.
Thank you and have a great Christmas
Petr, Alena, Peta, Ondra

Turbicko's picture
turbicko 13. December 2020 - 13: 32

I was at the Vranov dam 40 years ago, so I don't really remember it. Last year we bought a motorhome and since we are retired we can drive all year round. I hope we will get to Vranov as well.

Cerpes's picture
Cerpes 13. December 2020 - 13: 09

I was there 30 years ago with my then-husband, it would be nice to look there again.

Turbicko's picture
turbicko 13. December 2020 - 11: 47

We haven't been to the Vranov dam or the camp yet. Last year we bought a motorhome, and since we are retired, we drive out of season and I hope that we will get to Vranov as well.

Assaly's picture
assaly 13. December 2020 - 11: 31

I would like to visit the camp on Vranovská beach in order to "correct his reputation". That is, only with you. I used to be there with my daughter. Unfortunately, we had Frankfurt soup on the first day - we spent the rest of our stay in a tent or toilet. horror .... So maybe it would work now and I would finally enjoy it there.

Martinanus's picture
Martinanus 12. December 2020 - 9: 04

We would like to visit the camp mainly because we have read excellent reviews of it and as beginners' camps, the experience of others is crucial for us. :) We were at the Vranovská dam years ago in a pension, so we know that there is nowhere to go in the area :)

Alka1979's picture
Alka1979 11. December 2020 - 9: 06

I would like to visit Vranov beach because many acquaintances talk about it, how beautiful it is there, a lot of experiences to enjoy, great nature ... And I also want to experience it ☺️

Akrev's picture
akrev 10. December 2020 - 23: 34

I was at the Vranovská dam when I was 16. I got my first kiss at the disco. I would like to go there to see, remember the beautiful, young years and perhaps repeat the unforgettable moment. :-)

Kampet's picture
campet 10. December 2020 - 10: 26

My wife and I were there a few years ago.
I remember clean water, nice beach, always clean showers and toilets.
A sea of ​​good beer and food, summer cinema right by the water.
We would like to return there with the children.

Amilo's picture
amilo 9. December 2020 - 19: 39

I would like to look at the camp on Vranov Beach, because I heard good feedback on it, so somehow my wife and I missed it in recent years, and it would also be for sentimental reasons, because my wife and I were there on our first vacation together.

Startuj's picture
start 9. December 2020 - 19: 05

I haven't been to this camp yet. So I have to throw a stone and fix it. :-D It looks great in the pictures.

Fanypol's picture
fanypol 9. December 2020 - 9: 37

It is certainly beautiful at the Vranovská dam, I would like to look there for a few days

Mucaco's picture
Mucaco 3. December 2020 - 22: 23

It's just a magical place where everyone can find their own ;-). For a lot of people, as well as for me, these are wonderful days of vacation and memories.
Full of fun, good refreshments and lots of accommodation options for everyone. A magical place I like to return to every year.

DoraRK's picture
DoraRK 3. December 2020 - 13: 51

Vranov was my first camp. When I went to another one, I had to compare the meeting with Vranov and it just wasn't so good anywhere. So always only Vranov :)

Pejrak's picture
Pejrak 2. December 2020 - 11: 16

Vranovská beach = Czech sea of ​​well-being, experiences and good beer :)

Vlkodlak's picture
Werewolf 1. December 2020 - 17: 01

Vranov beach is a great location for swimming, but also for trips.

Pettta's picture
pettta 1. December 2020 - 14: 55

We like to go to the Vranov dam, because I have beautiful childhood memories. And it's always beautiful to remember the good old days. This place has a special place in my heart.

LTZ's picture
LTZ 1. December 2020 - 14: 46

I was there many years ago, for exchange business recreation. The children were small and beautiful weather. We did not climb out of the water during the whole stay. I would love to be there again
she looked while I could and looked at something.

Lucie Konopacova's picture
Lucie Konopacova 1. December 2020 - 14: 14

Vranov dam offers a lot of activities and activities for the whole family, the castle and chateau are nearby, walks on the bridge, boat trips and perfect swimming, it would be a great vacation.

Jaja25's picture
jaja25 1. December 2020 - 12: 46

The Vranov dam is very beautiful and I would like to look at a holiday there.

VeronikaK's picture
VeronikaK 1. December 2020 - 8: 23

We were on a trip to the Vranovská dam a few years ago and we really liked it there, we don't know the camp. We have loved camping since we were little and we have such a "heart camp" in Eastern Bohemia. We would also like to get to know such a "heart camp" in South Moravia.

Ivana Engelmannová's picture
Ivana Engelmannová 30. November 2020 - 15: 59

We love nature, by the water in particular, especially in Moravia! :-D

Pája's picture
Pája 30. November 2020 - 8: 26

Vranov = summer. Every year regularly in the week of August. We are already looking forward to swimming, walking and beautiful experiences. Vranov will never bore us !!!

Kristulka's picture
Kristulka 29. November 2020 - 20: 17

Vranov beach is completely divine and therefore worth a visit.

Lacko's picture
lacko 29. November 2020 - 15: 54

On Vranovská beach there is great enjoyment, fun, it is clean, tidy, good swimming. Great camp.

Veriliska's picture
veriliska 29. November 2020 - 15: 49

I have never been to the Vranov dam before and I would really like to. The last time we set up in Bítov was because Vranov reported busy. The surroundings are wonderful.

Nagoska's picture
nagoska 29. November 2020 - 11: 12

We were in Bítov about 5 years ago and it was very nice there. So I would like to repeat the holiday right on the Vranov dam and I think that our granddaughters would be very happy.

Vendy12's picture
Vendy12 29. November 2020 - 8: 19

I would like to see what has changed in Vranov after twenty years ... According to the photos ... great

Miroslav Háněl's picture
Miroslav Háněl 29. November 2020 - 7: 33

I have an excellent experience at the Vranov dam. Thirty years ago, I spent a beautiful holiday there with friends. Now I would like to look there again.

Remake's image
Remek 28. November 2020 - 23: 58

It's beautiful in Vranov. We used to be there, but we slept in a company cottage. Not yet at the camp in Vranov. I'm very interested in what it's like there.

Parabolka's picture
parabolka 28. November 2020 - 20: 04

I would love to see the computer on Vranovská beaches, I have beautiful memories, it was our first beautiful holiday together with my husband, who has been my partner for many years, in addition, this camp has great reviews. My husband and I would go with the children and the granddaughter.

Kateřina Šrámková's picture
Kateřina Šrámková 28. November 2020 - 18: 53

I have memories of Vranovská beach from my youth, when we went to Kopaninky every year and then by boat to Vr, the beach and the surrounding area. I would recommend it to everyone for beautiful years, but I haven't been there for several years now and I would love to be there. and then she looked. And then Bítov Vranovská castle beautiful

Mikes's picture
mikes 28. November 2020 - 18: 40

So far, I just swam in the Vranov dam, we didn't live in the camp, because it's still busy. But it looks clean, there are a lot of attractions for children, camping here must be nice.

Kocik's picture
kocik 28. November 2020 - 18: 31

I was in the Vranov camp only once, but unfortunately I did not stay in it. It was last year or the year before and just in full season. We made a weekend autotrip with an overnight stay under a tent, with the proviso that wherever we go, we will be there. Well, we arrived in Vranov and since the local kenp is famous, we headed here in the evening. The lady at the reception winked at us in disbelief and said that if we could find a place, when we returned, she would enroll us. We didn't quite understand the laxity until we went inside. Head to head, tent on tent and not a single place for our little tent we did not find. So we just drove through the camp and drove on. damage. It looked very nice there and I would really like to stay here, although probably better out of season. :-)


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