Competition for vouchers for caravans and tents in the Bítov camp


We have another Christmas competition here. In cooperation with the representatives of the Bítov camp, we have created a competition for camping places (for tents or caravans) for the camp, which you can find in the district of Znojmo, in the recreational area of ​​South Moravia. Vouchers are valid for the entire 2022 season. wink


A little about the camp Bítov - Vranovská dam

Families with children, caravans and guests with their own tent like to visit this camp. This is mainly due to its location directly at the Vranov dam, because this camp is an interesting base for hiking, biking associated with trips to nearby monuments and nature reserves.



What can you win?


What the Voucher contains and how to use it:

  • camping place for tent, or caravan, or motorhome for 3 nights
  • for 2 people over 15 years
  • The voucher can be used at any time during the high season 2022
  • Reservations are not made in the tent area and in the caravan boxes. Just come with the Voucher


How to participate in the competition?

It's easy. Enough write a comment on the photo from the camp Bítov published here and you automatically enter the competition. Alternatively, if you have already been to the campsite, enter your top photo from this campsite and the surrounding area. The competition runs on 20.12.2021. After completing the competition, we inform you three randomly selected winners by e-mail, which will then send the Voucher itself ..


ATTENTION !!! Only a registered user can participate in the competition. We have nowhere to send a Voucher to an unregistered user;). You can register here: Registration





Admin's picture
admin 22. December 2021 - 16: 04

Hi, thank you all for participating, but we could only choose three :(. Here are: Božek, Ivana Herčíková, Kacuuulka. Congratulations and have a nice stay in the camp Bitov ..;)

Ivana Herčíková's picture
Ivana Hercikova 23. December 2021 - 10: 48


Thank you very much for winning the voucher to the Bítov camp.
You have made the whole family happy and we will definitely use it in the summer, we have never been to Vranov, so I am glad to see what it looks like there. I promise that I will then write our impressions of the camp and publish it on your website.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas, good luck in the new year for the whole team.

Sincerely, Herčíková Ivana

Blackm's picture
blackm 21. December 2021 - 0: 19

I've never been to this camp, but I've looked at it before :-) The surroundings seem to be beautiful, I think I'll show up here one day.

Dagmar Navrátilová's picture
Dagmar Navratilova 20. December 2021 - 14: 42

Nice to meet you. Emerald Lagoon, bonus pools.

Eva Santariusova's picture
Eva Santariusova (unregistered) 20. December 2021 - 5: 15

We drive around, but we were not on the spot yet, it would be a great trip

Picture of lockupik
lockupik 20. December 2021 - 0: 20

looks fantastic!

MorticiaMM's picture
MorticiaMM 19. December 2021 - 16: 59

It looks beautiful, I would go there with the kids right away.

Josef Brychcín's picture
Josef Brychcín 17. December 2021 - 20: 23

My wife and I were there about 30 years ago, we would like to repeat it.

Linner's picture
Linner 14. December 2021 - 12: 34

We go to an unnamed camp every big holiday for the whole 2 months, but we don't like it there anymore, so I made a reservation for this in the 2022 season and I believe that even in a beautiful place.,tak maybe it will work and such a voucher would be just a nice extra bonus.

Sylva's picture
Sylva (unregistered) 11. December 2021 - 8: 58

I live in Bítov quite often, it's beautiful there, but perhaps the photo goes beyond reality.

Michal Havlásek's picture
Michal Havlásek 10. December 2021 - 12: 52

Made for bike trips. We would really like it there.

Emanuel Vrožina's picture
Emanuel Vrožina 10. December 2021 - 12: 51

It looks beautiful. We would definitely relax and enjoy the trips in the area.

Michaela Havlásková's picture
Michaela Havlásková 10. December 2021 - 12: 48

We would definitely enjoy the children there. We haven't been there yet. And we would definitely spend a lot of time by the water or on trips.

Lenka's picture
Lenka (unregistered) 9. December 2021 - 2: 16

I look forward to it here every year, it was the first camp where I took my son when he was one year old. She's such a sweetheart

Ts's picture
ts 8. December 2021 - 22: 19

this doesn't look bad!

Jindrich Z's picture
Jindrich Z (unregistered) 8. December 2021 - 15: 31

We would definitely like to meet in 2022 on our caravan trips. The environment is whether it is nice, the ratings are excellent.

Dalis's picture
Dalis 8. December 2021 - 14: 00

Beautiful camp. My family and I have been here several times and it is our heart's desire. The surroundings wonderful possibilities for trips countless. I quite liked the covid ... I probably wouldn't have discovered this wonderful place.

Ján Ducko's picture
Ján Ducko 8. December 2021 - 12: 19

Beautifully incorporated camp in the middle of nature, directly calls for a visit.

Marie Vencelová's picture
Marie Vencelová 8. December 2021 - 12: 11

One of the best holidays this year, we will definitely go again next year.

Favorit10's picture
favorit10 8. December 2021 - 10: 21

I like Camp Bítov both in terms of equipment and location by the water. I can already see how we will spend three days by the water with the sole purpose of free beach recreation.

Zdeněk Šulc's picture
Zdeněk Šulc (unregistered) 8. December 2021 - 10: 15

I like the camp, not only the equipment, but also the location by the water. I'm already looking forward to three days of free beach recreation.

Pavlína Kopecká's picture
Pavlína Kopecká 8. December 2021 - 10: 04

We know this place and we love it. The voucher would make us happy.

Vendy12's picture
Vendy12 8. December 2021 - 8: 56

My granddaughter's favorite place. I would pleasantly surprise her family with a win.

Hana Zaorálková's picture
Hana Zaorálková 8. December 2021 - 8: 51

It's been a few years since we've been to camp and we've been excited. We would definitely like to come again, so maybe we'll be lucky.

Karel Haladyna's picture
Karel Haladyna 8. December 2021 - 7: 20

To look at such a beautiful place ☺️, if I won I would also think about the variant of dedicating this voucher to a socially weaker family ..

Zuzana Stratilova's picture
Zuzana Stratilova (unregistered) 8. December 2021 - 4: 59

This year we were only there for 1 night on motorcycles. But next week I go for a week and with my family so we can really enjoy it

Romanka40's picture
Romanka40 7. December 2021 - 21: 49

It's beautiful in Bítov :)

Jan Kravka's picture
Jan Kravka 7. December 2021 - 18: 03

We went to Bítov 20 years ago with children. I would definitely look there with my wife and remember.

Olgaja's picture
olgaja 7. December 2021 - 14: 18

I was here 50 years ago and I would like to go there someday. According to the photo, it looks great there. So maybe it will work out someday.

Segy71's picture
segy71 7. December 2021 - 13: 44

I would like to try on Vranov is nice

Etomi's picture
Etomi 7. December 2021 - 13: 25

My husband and I were at a caravan fair a week ago. We then talked about renting a caravan in the summer and going with it to some beautiful, interesting place. Camp Bítov would definitely meet the requirements :-)

Anonym's picture
Anonym (unregistered) 7. December 2021 - 9: 02

I'm looking forward to it, I'm happy to try

Zdeněk Jindřich's picture
Zdeněk Jindřich (unregistered) 7. December 2021 - 7: 36

Camp Bítov has been in our "viewfinder" for a long time. this year he moved on one of the first caravan trips. Retirees have little time :-)

Kacakz's picture
Kacakz 6. December 2021 - 18: 13

I was in Bítov as a child about 20 years ago, I would like to look here next year with my family, the voucher would make you very happy.

Jaysavy's picture
jaysavy (unregistered) 7. December 2021 - 5: 11

Bítov is wonderful for a holiday with children. I was here as a little boy.

Fanypol's picture
fanypol 6. December 2021 - 16: 15

We would like to see the camp in the season 2022 .. according to the photo it's a nice place ..

Kacuuulka's picture
Kacuuulka 6. December 2021 - 16: 01

Great camp for families with children, we were extremely satisfied. In the summer we will probably catch there again, so a possible win would be a stone :-)

Blade023's picture
Blade023 6. December 2021 - 15: 47

Camp Bítov = activities for children and adults. Beautiful surroundings super camp with swimming pools and a lot of restaurants. I'm happy to come back here

Milka98's picture
Milka98 6. December 2021 - 14: 41

I visited this camp years ago with a group of scouts. It was great. Next year I would like to come with my husband and children

Moni's picture
Moni 6. December 2021 - 14: 32

Camp Bítov looks very tempting. The heart of the Vranov dam.

Lippy74's picture
Lippy74 6. December 2021 - 12: 11

Camp Bítov, not just a summer heart affair ;-)

Pavel Maleček's picture
Pavel Maleček 6. December 2021 - 9: 55

So I was here more than 45 years ago, it was very nice there .. I would like to see there again with my great wife Bohunka.

Masindova.j's picture
masindova.j 6. December 2021 - 8: 48

I've never been here before, so I'd love to try :-)

Romana Svatoňová's picture
Romana Svatoňová 6. December 2021 - 7: 54

It is beautiful in Bítov, I was there for work, but I would like to see more about the surroundings and the dam

Bohuslav Paseka's picture
Bohuslav Pasek 6. December 2021 - 7: 47

The camp looks good, it would be a shame not to visit it again, but with a caravan. We were there about 55 years ago as tramps with a tent and restoring memories would be nice.

Braveman's picture
Braveman 6. December 2021 - 2: 43

I'm adding a comment :)

X_Ezechiel_X's picture
X_Ezechiel_X 5. December 2021 - 21: 04

I greet all travelers and as I look at this campsite, it would be a great pity not to visit it. It looks extensive and perfectly equipped. It also has plenty of places for caravans or dwellings. So even if we don't win the leaf, we would love to come see it. So just happy travel friends :-)

Jiřina Vráblíková's picture
Jiřina Vráblíková 5. December 2021 - 20: 14

we used to go to the camp when the boys were little, and I would like to look there again

Jane6888's picture
jane6888 5. December 2021 - 18: 54

we have never been to this campsite before, but we have heard good reviews, so we would love to visit

Parabolka's picture
parabolka 5. December 2021 - 18: 40

We used to be on the honeymoon in the Bítov camp, at that time we really liked it here, it would be great to see the children again.