List of campsites - more expensive accommodation in 2022


Surely you all noticed last year that electricity, gas and other services will become more expensive, which will probably have a direct impact on the prices of Czech campsites. Despite the sharp rise in prices, especially for electricity, the camps do not increase in any dizzying way. Sporadically, this is an increase in prices between 5% and 10%. Some campsites don't even increase at all. That is why we bring you an overview of campsites, caravan parks and recreational areas, which became more expensive or not in the 2022 season.


10% price increase


Among the Czech camps that are 10% more expensive this year are year-round Autocamping Pleasure, which you can find in district Náchod - Krkonoše region. This is an increase in prices in the tens of crowns / day, so nothing dizzying.

You can stay here:


Another camp that is very popular is Camp Frenštát pod Radhoštěm from the district Nový Jičín - Beskydy. Here, too, the representatives of the camp advised us to raise prices for accommodation by only 10%. Approximately, you will pay extra for accommodation (4-bed) cottages per week by CZK 1000. Calculated among the people, it follows that one guest will have their vacation more expensive by only about 250 CZK. It will pass .. wink With your own caravan or tent, just over CZK 100.

Accommodation in camp Frenštát:



Accommodation price increase by 5% to 6%


Another camp that has announced an increase in prices for services and accommodation is camp Michal, which you can find in the district of Sokolov, in western Bohemia. The representative of the camp, Mr. Kotouš, said:

"On behalf of Kemp Michal, I would like to say that we (like most campsites) are forced to respond to rising prices, especially energy, waste collection and, last but not least, expected wage growth (partly also forced by rising minimum wages). in the form of an increase in the price for adult and child accommodation, in both cases by CZK 10 / person / night, so the adult pays CZK 140 / night, child CZK 100 / night (it must be emphasized We leave the other fees (tent, electricity connection, parking fees) unchanged, so for a family of 4 this is a year-on-year price increase of 6%. "

How to stay at campsite Michal


We will stay in Western Bohemia for a while and move to family camp Carolina from the village Planá - Bohemian Forest. Here, too, there was a slight increase in prices by 5%. Accommodation for 5 and 6-bed fully equipped cottages or mobile homes for 5 people became more expensive. The prices of last year's and this year's new apartments will not increase. You will pay an extra CZK 700 for the cottage in the summer season, which costs CZK 140 / week per person.

Accommodation in camp

  • equipped 5 and 6-bed cottages
  • 4 to 6 bed apartments with private toilet and shower
  • equipped mobile homes with private toilet and shower
  • camping places for own tents and caravans
  • ceník campsite Karolina


Another well-visited area is Camping Skalice - Slapywhich you can find in Central Bohemia. Again, here it is only rising by 5%. The camp operates all year round and bursts at the seams every year. The increase in prices for accommodation was also logical here. However, it is nice that the operator Mr. Strnad increased by only 5%

Accommodation in camp


Now we move to the notorious recreational area, Lipno. The local camps did not lose the price either. It also increased by 5% Campsite Olšina - Lipno. For example, for a mobile home per week for 4 people this year you will pay about CZK 1000 more, which represents an increase of CZK 250 per person / week.

How to stay in a camp


Another preferred holiday destination is Camping Jenisov - Lipno, where it is rising by several percent (up to 5%) this year. This camp is frequently visited especially by travelers with their own tents and caravans. Prices have increased for: adults and children, electricity, local taxes, cottages, mobile homes, caravans, motor homes. Due to its location, a sharper increase in prices could be expected. Fortunately, this did not happen, so let's be happy about it ..wink

Accommodation in a camp Jenišov


They report to us from South Moravia camp and boarding house Havraníky - district Znojmo, where the operator Mr. Hlavatý mentioned that this year they will increase prices only symbolically. Currently the prices have not been increased yet, so you can book at the old prices. so šup-šup .. cool

How to stay



Camps that are not more expensive this year?


Yes, you read that correctly. Despite the increase in electricity and gas prices, there will be camps that will not become more expensive this year. These include Autocamp Pohoda - Únanov from South Moravia. This camp is visited mainly by caravans and guests with their own tents. wink

Accommodation options


Another campsite from the tourist area is Camping Relax u Zajonca - Beskydy. The camp operates all year round and provides accommodation both in fixed accommodation units (rooms and cottages) and for holiday lovers with their own tent .. yes

Accommodation options


Year-round camp Dolce - district Trutnov, Giant Mountains it also holds prices and will not change them this year either. Families with children are mainly looking for a holiday here, mainly due to the many events organized for children. It won't be any different this year either, so if you want a proven family campsite where the prices are right, then the Dolce campsite must be one of your TOP ... cheeky

Possibility of camping accommodation


And the last post about campsites that are not more expensive this year will be Camping Mšeno - Central Bohemia. Here, Mr. Nechyba, operating the camp, told us this: "Camp SK Mšeno in the Kokořín region due to the fixation of electricity in 2022 does not plan to increase the price of the stay and thus remains the cheapest camp in the Kokořín region. From May, the prices of meals will only be adjusted in the restaurant, due to the entry prices of food and beverages. caravans and tents, including electrical connections. "

Accommodation in camp



This was our overview of the increase in prices in Czech camps for the year 2022. We prepared the list in cooperation with camp operators and the prices are valid as of the date of publication of the article. The article includes proven campsites that have been in operation for some time and have a strong place in the field of tourism. That is also why it is positive that prices have risen minimally, or even not at all ... cool






Terka's picture with family
Terka with her family (unregistered) 24. May 2022 - 11: 32

we regularly go to Camp Freštát and Dolce and even the price increase will not discourage us :). Honestly, when I saw the article, I was struck by the stress how much more expensive it will be this year. But 5-10% is for grandma, so no stress :)

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