TOP 20: Best campsites - user reviews


Despite the adversity of Covid and other circumstances, people were looking forward to the holidays, both in 2021 and in 2022, and another wave of evaluation of camps and recreation centers across the Czech Republic and Slovakia occurred. Nevertheless, we must mention that many campsites had a wild season, some were crowded and others recorded the least crowded camp in recent years. Nevertheless, the operators evaluate the current season very positively.


Who rates campsites - how reviews work


As already mentioned, only guests, tourists and visitors to the accommodation evaluate. Each review is approved. We constantly check that all review articles meet the rules and good manners. The ranking is continuously updated. The list of the best rated campsites is valid as of the date of publication of this article. The system calculates the ranking every hour and therefore the ranking may change. More than 10 users took part in the voting. Only verified campsites and resorts were evaluated. Campsites that did not update their accommodation on our portal were logically excluded from the evaluation, because we want to bring the most relevant reviews and only verified accommodation for you - guests .. wink


Current ranking - ranking of campsites for this season



1) Camping Zvíkov Village - South Bohemia


2) Camp Olšina - Sticky


3) Cottages Zrůbek - Middle Bohemia


4) Camp Keramika - Hracholusky Dam


5) Kemp Karolina - Pilsen region


6) Camping Restaurant Bezdrev - South Bohemia


7) Vranov beach - Holidy Park - South Moravia


8) Autokemp Podroužek - Shumava


9) Recreation center Radava - Eagle


10) Recreation center Motýlek - Bohemian-Moravian Highlands


11) Autocamp Zvůle - Czech Canada


12) Ontario Recreation Area - Ore Mountains


13) Merlin's camp - South Moravia


14) Kemp Evnice - Middle Bohemia


15) Cottage settlement Plesar - Macha Lake


16) Camping Sluníčko - Macha Lake


17) Camp Děčín - Czech Switzerland


18) Swimming pool and camp Michal - West Bohemia


19) Recreation area Příhrazy - Bohemian Paradise


20) Camping Chatrek - Czech Canada





This is the TOP 20 best rated campsites to date from your guests. If you did not find your favorite campsite in the ranking, do not hesitate and add a comment under the article with the link or name of the campsite or recreation area.








Peta's picture with family
Peta with family (unregistered) 15. June 2022 - 21: 34

We regularly go to the Skalice na Slapech camp and it is a pity that he did not get into the top XNUMX. Maybe next year. ;)

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