Competition for vouchers for tents and caravans in a camp with a swimming pool


After a long time, we are again applying for a competition for camping places. I don't think it is necessary to mention that it is almost impossible to get to any campsite in the Czech Republic or Slovakia with a free Voucher. Nevertheless, we managed to conclude cooperation with the Karolina campsite, which provided three vouchers for camping places for tents or caravans for the competition for three nights. You can use the Vouchers at any time during the 2022 season, ie until 30.09.


A little about the Karolína campsite


Camp Karolina - district Tachov, Western Bohemia attracts a lot of caravans and guests with their own tents every year, because it is located in the middle of the forest, contains a swimming pool and there are always plenty of camping places. Guests also appreciate the fact that water (even hot) flows here indefinitely, so without chips. In addition, the camp offers children's and sports attractions and there is also a restaurant. wink


What can you win?

  • 3x voucher for camping places in the Karolina camp
  • Total value of Vouchers: CZK 2.970
  • Voucher valid until 30.09.2022


What the Voucher contains and how to use it:

  • camping place for a tent or caravan or motorhome for 3 nights (see price list)
  • The voucher can be used at any time during the high season 2022 (until 30.09)
  • It is not necessary to reserve camping places. Just come with the Voucher


How to participate in the competition?

It's easy. Enough upload a funny or entertaining or happy snapshot / photo from your holiday and you automatically participate in the competition, or a funny holiday story. The photo may be on the theme: vacation, hiking, ie it does not have to be directly from the camp, but it can also be from your trips .. The competition runs on 20.07.2022. After completing the competition, we inform you three randomly selected winners by e-mail, which will then send the Voucher itself ..


Here is a photo for illustration and inspiration .. cheeky


ATTENTION !!! Only a registered user can participate in the competition. We have nowhere to send a Voucher to an unregistered user wink. You can register here: Registration

 >> In case you have problems uploading photos, send them to email: and write where the photo was taken (or description) + your name on our website. <


Conditions for adding photos

Photos are of course subject to copyright. Therefore, by uploading a photo to our server, you automatically confirm that you are the owner of the photo. By uploading a photo, you consent to the free use of your photo on our portal, especially for use in other articles that will be published exclusively on the portal





Romankov's picture
Romankova 20. July 2022 - 14: 41

It is said that we are the last ones who can go to Lužnica now....we soon understood why :)), stone, oil and carrying 8 weirs by ourselves...we gave up after a day... :O)

Amilo's picture
amilo 17. July 2022 - 20: 30

if there are no curtains or shutters in the cottage, one must always be ready :)

Parabolka's picture
parabolka 17. July 2022 - 20: 21

Everyone can camp, even a donkey. You have also met him at the camp as we have.

Jane6888's picture
jane6888 17. July 2022 - 20: 15

we saw a supr stroller for children on vacation, it was unique for us so far :)

Marie Vencelová's picture
Marie Vencelová 16. July 2022 - 20: 29

Skály Příhrazy I really can't climb those stairs.....

Picture of user jarka24
jarka24 11. July 2022 - 20: 32

It's a cat to keep it normal and the steamer is terrible

It's a cat to keep it normal and the steamer is terrible
Musicman's picture
musicmen 11. July 2022 - 7: 16

Relaxing by the water :-)

Relaxing by the water :-)
Jiřina Vráblíková's picture
Jiřina Vráblíková 10. July 2022 - 21: 34

we are already training, and if we are good, will you give us paddles?

Image by Vercula82
Vercula82 10. July 2022 - 17: 48

Even men have their days :-) mom tried the mask on vacation at a cottage near Most.

Image by Vercula82
Vercula82 10. July 2022 - 10: 04

Even men have their days :-) mom tried the mask on vacation at a cottage near Most.

Eva Rá's picture
Eva Ra 10. July 2022 - 9: 49

Hello everyone, I'm sending a photo of the entire area in Vyškov, at that moment it was almost just for us. :D

Image by xxxpavlikxxx
xxxpavlikxxx 10. July 2022 - 9: 44

Good morning, the photo was taken at a cottage in Ostravica :)

Pavel Maleček's picture
Pavel Malecek 8. July 2022 - 17: 45

Photo from vacation in Český Krumlov - rafting

Jajda69's picture
jajda69 8. July 2022 - 9: 50

we spent the summer with a cowboy :-)

Jirinaaa's picture
Jirinaaaa 7. July 2022 - 17: 36

South Moravia - Janohrad, on bikes

Picture of cabin
cabin 5. July 2022 - 17: 54

Tramping, the journey was very demanding.

Richard Štěpán's picture
Richard Štěpán 30. June 2022 - 23: 17

Holidays in Tunisia 2022. Great experience, we really enjoyed it!

Violet's picture
Violet 29. June 2022 - 9: 59

By bike - range thatBike - range Železná Ruda / Šumava when we drove in the direction of Falkenstein:) climbing Ruda / Šumava when we drove in the direction of Falkenstein :)

MoncaMonca's picture
MoncaMonca 28. June 2022 - 13: 30

Easter ,, rest ,, at Pullman Piešťany SR

Admin's picture
admin 28. June 2022 - 13: 43

hafan with its own camping place at the camping place ... hm in the campsite :)

Stifler's picture
Stiflers 28. June 2022 - 13: 23

Our family in Český Krumlov .. The children somehow got out ...

Panther's picture
Panther 28. June 2022 - 13: 37

It reminded me, as if my wife was yawning with her mouth open and I immediately told her: so it's not my darlings, you won't open your mouth to me :)))

Panther's picture
Panther 28. June 2022 - 13: 06

This photo was taken directly in the Karolina campsite :) You just can't add it here :)