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Zuzka KK (unregistered) 13. August 2020 - 11: 21
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I booked 2 double rooms, which was to have its own bathroom. Upon arrival we were accommodated in a "studio", where there were 2 cots with shared bathroom. Lying receptionist and the owner in the eyes that everything is stated on the voucher (was not!) And on the website. Absolute reluctance of the owner to find any viable solution, very unpleasant and arrogant behavior. The reception did not communicate at all, did not pick up the phones, did not answer the text message. A vegetarian dinner was arranged (two days before arrival) - not ready - forgotten. Absolutely no cleanliness in the rooms - dirty, stained carpet, dirty sheets, non-functional bedding-could not be turned on, dust on the cabinet, giant mold in the shower and sink, broken tiles in the bathroom on the floor, broken - moving toilet, TV equipped, only 3 programs functional, in one room the main light does not work and the lamp on the bedside table is broken. "Great" was the light in the hallway, which automatically triggered when moving, and which woke the staff of both rooms because the door was glazed. The stench of outdoor waste. There should have been a barbecue outside - disgust. Torn rag covers, grills full of garbage. Accommodation on the football field, probably originally changing rooms, converted into rooms with paper walls. Parking for 70 CZK / day on the field, where if you arrived during the training, which were every day, you did not have a parking space. The only positive memory is the wine tasting in the cellar, led by Mr. Pazderka Sr., who at least knew how to make people laugh and take care of them. I DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND!
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