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Vojtěch Pojsl (unregistered) 13. December 2018 - 12: 34
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A beautiful place to spend your holiday. There is everyday kitchen, heat, and cold. Possibility to sleep in a tent, caravan, cottages. I was sleeping in cabins where the maximum capacity of 6 people was. The lodges are equipped with a small kitchen, there is also a shower, a toilet. There are also luxurious cottages on offer, but at an additional cost. There are also many water attractions such as water scooter, wake board, paddle board, flyboard, sports boat, paddle boats, kayaks, trawls, etc. The water is clean, the beach is unfortunately stony. After a week of holiday, I would definitely like to come back here again. Slovak "brothers and sisters" are amazing. They were very friendly to us, very friendly. + beautiful panoramas of LOW AND HIGH TATER. for me super! ;-) ahoooi
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