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Stellplatz Company - caravan parking

Stellplatz company

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Stellplatz - caravan area

Take a ride on your car or caravan to our Stellplatz and let them relax for a while. (Water supply, sink for chemical toilet, toilet, electricity, free Wi-Fi). Stellplatz - caravan stand is located in the fenced area of ​​Šamorín village Čilistov located 20 km from the capital city of Prague by the river Danube. The capacity of the standing places is in 25 caravans.

Stellplatz Rozkoš - Reservoir Rozkoš

Stellplatz Rozkoš is a brand new parking space (operation started in 2013) for dwellings and caravans in the immediate vicinity of the dam reservoir Rozkoš. The stellplatz to the dam is just 30! The grassy beach is adjacent to the carriage area.