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Log cabin in Central Bohemia

We would like to offer you accommodation that will be of utmost satisfaction and you will be happy to come back. Position in the heart Brdy Forest it offers sports not only for sport-lovers, but also when Rožmitál goes through a cycle-bus connecting attractive places and allowing trips with a variant for those who do not want to pedal whole circuits. Also, the proximity to attractive historical monuments such as Orlík Castle, Březnice, Blatná and Lnářů castle certainly attracts families with children or dam Orlik with boat trips. Another interesting trip can certainly be a visit to the newly opened Rozmital Museum, Mining Museum Pribram (a special experience for the little ones) or the pilgrimage of Holy Mountain in Příbram (a unique Baroque building of the pilgrimage church). In the good year there is a true mushroom paradise!

Almost around the corner 'in the mound Voltuši Jakub Jan Ryba, the famous author Christmas Mass "Hey, Master'.

We believe that the surrounding region has a lot to offer and we are happy to care for your comfort that you deserve after a hard day.

Cabin is equipped with four double bedrooms, living room with fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, toilet 2x, baby bath available. Maximum capacity is eight.

Heating is possible by fireplaces, underfloor heating and heaters. Firewood is included in the price.

Bed linen and towels can be rented on site.

Upon departure, it is necessary to perform successive guests final cleaning.

Log Cabin rent only from spring to autumn, on arrival refundable deposit is collected 5.000 CZK, for any damage.

Special offer for our guests

Offer for fishermen

In our pond are very interesting pieces. This relatively large pond is well-stocked and because of its catch, you can catch even the fish (carp, tolstolobik, amur) weighing up to 10kg.

We recommend that you carefully read the Fishing Rules.

Offer for Your Children

At our little farm we have grown two mini-donkeys Janička and Kubíka and beautiful horses, haflingers Atos and Sendy and black krasavce, horse horses Vítka and Vanessa. Your kids are surely happy to hang on to Tond's pony. We keep a large herd of Cameroon sheep, they are tame and kind to the children and they are also terribly beautiful :-)

Possibility of renting new pedal boats and boats.

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Fishing Regulations - A fishing authorization

Sport fishing is allowed only with permits issued by the owner of the pond. Fishing can be carried out only in a manner consistent with the principles of performance of fishing law, the protection of fish and aquatic organisms, as well as the protection of nature. Permit was purchased prior to the hunting cabin for accommodation.

The owner of the pond are reserved the right not to issue a permit without giving any reasons. Fisher undertakes to fulfill the following rules by purchasing allowances. Permit to hunt is not transferable to another person.

Fishing Regulations:

  • Sport fishing catch and release fee 300, -Kč/osoba/den is in.
  • The fisherman is allowed to catch max.na 2 rods, each with a leader.
  • Is obliged not to leave the fishing rod, leaving from post ingots must be taken out of the water.
  • Fisherman rod must not lend to another person.
  • Caught fish can be a fisherman immediately considered and taken at, but must be immediately unleashed.
  • Any retention of fish is strictly prohibited.
  • Strict prohibition also applies to hunting predators, and this is also not allowed to hunt spin.
  • It is not allowed to fish from the boat.
  • Fishing is allowed only between 5 hours to 22hodin.
  • Night fishing is prohibited.

Way of fishing and hunting behavior:

Each angler is obliged to carry possession, landing net, landing net with circles, if he wants to buy fish, rubber mat, hooks or vyprošťovák pean. Obligations fishermen treat fish returned back disinfectant, which is mandatory equipment fishermen. Hunting is obliged to catching place to maintain order and cleanliness. Garbage must be brought to take away and properly disposed of. Redemption, killing and gutting fish is allowed only on request of the owner or the authorized persons and, if you want any angler will fish to keep, so you can arrange an individual sale after catching the fish. Fisherman may not fish kill before the advent of the owner and its measurement.

Minimum fish for sale:

  • Carp 42cm
  • Amur 55cm
  • Tolstolobik 60cm


Note fishermen and other residents that the pond and its surrounding area is monitored by cameras, even at night, because of dishonest people.

The cameras are placed in outdoor areas only, not in the cabin.

For fishermen staying in the cabin increases the deposit 2.000,-CZK with the fact that if the owner of the pond finds gross violation of the Fisheries Regulations, the deposit shall be forfeited in favor of the owner of the building up to the total deposit.

The fisherman agrees to the terms of the fishing regulations and is aware of the consequences of its violation.

Price list

  • Accommodation per week for the entire log cabin (from Saturday to Saturday) - 17.250, -Kč
  • Price for two nights - 5.750, -Kč
  • The price for electricity is 6.- CZK / Kilowatt / applies for stays shorter than a week
  • free electricity for stays over a week (consumed by 200 Kilowatt)
  • linen and towels can be borrowed on site

Prices include VAT 15%


Mobile: +420 602 603 802

Address: Agnew 72, 262 42

www: www.bezdekov-ubytovani.webnode.cz

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Chateau Březnice

Renaissance chateau, which does not deny its disposition that it was the reconstruction of a medieval fortress. Inside, besides family galleries, there is also an armory with a rich collection of cool weapons and hunting rifles, Hanuš from Kolovrat. The exhibition also includes the so-called Loknish Library from 1558 - the oldest preserved Renaissance chateau library in Bohemia. There is also a herb garden and an English park, after which you can take a carriage ride in the summer. The annual tradition has been the evening concert halls, animated tours in the middle of the summer and Christmas at Březnice Castle.
State Chateau Březnice

Podbrdská Museum

was opened in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem to the public from 1.7.2010 in the building of the former Agrostroj, Palacký 10.
The museum offers unique expositions and has been bringing history visitors since the time of the Lions of Rožmitál until the recent past.
It will take you through the history of the city, the beautiful Brdy countryside, unspoiled nature, and get acquainted with the traditional crafts of Podbrad. It offers you unique exhibits to tour.
Personality Gallery is another attraction. You can meet famous natives and those who have lived here.
One floor is devoted to the life and work of James Jan Fish of the Enlightened Cantor, Buddhist, Regenschori, Music Composer and author of the famous Czech Christmas Mass, which was the first time in 1796 in the Church of the Ascension of Sts. Cross said.
The museum also boasts a collection of historic cars, mostly Aero and galleries. Part of the museum is a playground and an interactive outdoor classroom is being prepared.
The modern, barrier-free, museum complex offers a pleasant, air-conditioned environment.

building photo

a temple of straw

Mushrooms Brdy forests

In Brdy, which are the highest hills in central Bohemia, the most in the mushrooming growth Boletaceae hub. It is from June to October, with the exception of breaks when these fungi grow.

Brdy forests are predominantly monocultural economically grown spruce forests with little islands cultural beech (Konicek, cap), and oak. According watercourses are richly represented various broadleaf-dominated birch, alder and aspen. The impact areas are uncultured unmanaged birch. With this wealth of species composition is not Boletaceae hub colorful. In spruce forests, in the fall, most grow mushrooms brown (Xerocomus badius) Ceps (Boletus edulis) mushroom žlutomasé (Xerocomus chrysenteron), bile inedible mushrooms (Boletus felleus) of talc is the most abundant talc pulcherrima (suillus Grevillea) under larch boletus grows slimy (suillus viscidus). Under the birches can find the most Cossack Birch (Leccinum scabrum) and křemenáč Birch (Leccinum rufescens) under aspen křemenáč Downy (Leccinum rufu). These are the most collected and most widely growing mushrooms mushroom Brd. In the many years of my private research of fungal growth were also found other species. Below you can find hornbeam hornbeam Cossacks (Leccinum carpini), under birches Cossack Capuchin (Leccinum melaneum) křemenáč Birch var. brown, smith mushroom (Boletus erythropus), which in recent years has become more abundant, mushroom Strakoš (suillus variegatus), which collect under the pines, non-edible bitter Kristi mushroom (Boletus calopus), we can also find a velvety mushroom (Xerocomus fragilipes). Most appreciate the findings of the yellow mushroom (Boletus junquilleus) and panic mushroom (Boletus subappendiculatus).

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