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Holiday in Slape in Skalice

We invite you to visit Slapy Skalice Autocamp, located 35 km south of Prague, on the left bank of the Slap dam. The advantageous location of Slapy allows for excursions around historical monuments in the vicinity - Karlštejn Castle, Orlík, Zvíkov, Koněpruské Caves, Konopiště Chateau, Dobříš, Holy Mountain (monastery) or visit to the capital city of Prague. Also interesting are excursions on board cruise ships across the Slap Dam, which is 45 km long.

Accommodation in cottages

  • accommodation in four wooden cabins
  • 20 m from Slapy
  • Price: 460, - CZK / Night

Holiday garsoniérách

  • The studios are triple and quadruple
  • Toilets and shower
  • They are located on the ground floor of the main building.
  • Disabled access, parking
  • Price: 570, - CZK / Night
  • Can also be used long term from April to October.
  • Rent for the period including taxes shall 33.000, - CZK

Accommodation in apartments

  • Apartments are triple
  • Equipped kitchen, bathroom, shower and balcony.
  • Disabled access, parking right in front.
  • Price: 830, - CZK / night
  • Can also be used long term from April to October.
  • Rent for the period including taxes shall 37000, - CZK

Other services campsite and resort Tides vitriol

  • area for tents, caravans and motor homes with a connection to the mains
  • motorboat rental
  • sitting around the campfire (borrowing a grill)
  • sale of food and basic hygiene needs
  • smooth entry into Slapské dam - swimming pool
  • common kitchen with electric cooker and cooler boxes
  • garden restaurant with panoramic views of the Tides (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Swimming-pool campsite Tides

Tides vitriol caravan park has a giant floating pontoon. Ponton is adapted to enter the Slapské dam - swimming. Also offers a swimming pool to rent motor boats and bar where you can enjoy a chilled Plzničku.

Even this year is a lot of water fun for you. Here you can spend wonderful days of vacation right on the water, your program will be greatly looked after.

Open from 1. 4. to 31. 10. We look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant stay in our facility.

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Address: Tide nad Vltavou, 252 08 Tides

Contact: 420 606 487 465


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Slapy Swimming Pool

Autocamp Slapy Skalice has a giant floating pontoon. The pontoon is adapted to enter the Slap dam - swimming pool. The swimming pool also offers motor boats and a bar where you can have a chilled Pilsen. Even this year, 2011 is ready for you with plenty of water entertainment. Here you can spend wonderful days of vacation right on the water, your program will be greatly looked after.

Fishing on the Slape

Slapy Reservoir is an extraterrestrial area
It is one of the most important fisheries in the Czech Republic in terms of success in achieving catches of noble species of fish. In addition to captive catches of catfish, there are also many fish caught here, including catfish, catfish and pike. The user and farmer in this area is the Czech Fishing Union, the Union of the City of Prague.

Documents for fishing
Among the documents you need to keep and have in fishing include:
1. fishing permit - you can buy here
2. fishing card - you can buy at a municipal office with extended competence

Allowance prices for non-members - Allowance prices for CRS, MRS members
CRS, MRS and foreigners
7 days / 700, - CZK 7 days / 500, - CZK

Description of the fishing area
The Vltava Fisheries District 10-14 - the Slapy Valley Reservoir starts at the dam body in Ústí nad Labem in Třebenice and ends the dam dam dam Kamýk nad Vltavou. The former Mastnik river from the estuary into the valley to the border boards in the middle of the Mastnik bend between the former Mill and Hrádek, and the section of Brzina from the mouth to the reservoir to the border boards under the mill in Hrachov. Before you start fishing, you have to enter the date and number of the 401 022 field into the hunting permit.

The hunting of fish is allowed at year-end
Predatory species (catfish, pike, pike, bolen) are grown from 1. 1. to 15.6.
Hunting, snowshoeing, and hunting are allowed from 16. 6. to 31.12.
In time from 16. 6. to 31.8. the hunting of the so-called 24 hourly fish hunt is permitted throughout the area.
Hunting from boats, loading baits and catching predatory fish on a buoy is permitted on this tank.

more information ……
You can only keep 2 pieces of carp, pike, pike, hump, catfish, or combination in one day of hunting. Other caught fish of these species must immediately and gently return to the water. You can keep a maximum of 7 kg of all fish in one day. You must enter the fish that you have left in the catch permit according to the species. You can reach 2 at maximum or at the top of 2 with a single hook or 1 with a double or triple hook. When fishing on an animal trap, it is also possible to use whipping systems with maximum 3 hooks (single, double or triple). You can only use a 1 rod with a 1 artificial or natural trap when hitting a trap or deep trap.

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