Autokemp Karlštejn


Czech Republic



Accommodation in camp Karlstejn

Accommodations 10 in double and quadruple cabins (duvets, bed linen, electricity, veranda) - capacity 34 9 beds + extra beds

Accommodation in tents - capacity 120 sites

Accommodation with a caravan - 48 electrical connections

  • Showers, hot and cold water
  • Food - breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Pleasant and quiet surroundings on the banks Berounka

A general view of the campgolf castle


Of sports and cultural activities in and around Karlstejn

table tennis, tennis, golf, soccer, volleyball, horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, hiking, biking, swimming, shooting shotguns on asphalt targets.

Entertainment, Culture:
On Friday and Saturday discos or live music, carriage tours or riding, scenic flights by helicopter or balónem.Návštěva Hours Museum, the Museum of Bethlehem or Wax Museum.


ReceptionView across the river


Other camps in Central Bohemia




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Excursions in the vicinity 

America is called the group of limestone quarries near the village of Morina. But if you've been waiting for trip to the US, you do not have to be disappointed yet. The quarry of Great America is due to its resemblance to the American canyons is called the Czech Grand Canyon and you probably know it from the movie Lemonade Joe, for example. Great America is the largest of all quarries, is about 750 m long, 150 m wide and 67 m deep. Mining was stopped here in 1963 to at the bottom of refraction is about 10 meters deep lake with crystal clear with water. From Great America towards limestone see refraction Mexico. You can look even to Little America and a lot other smaller quarries. Are notorious in America and the galleries, which are huge amount.
It is also confusing that almost all, but especially those less familiar with a lot of different names. Intricate corridors, caves and nature have always attracted not only speleologists, but also hikers, adventurers and treasure hunters. Probably because quarries are many legends woven around America. The most famous are the rumors about Hagen. According to some he was a member of the SS, who hid in the galleries after the war, others argue that the rumors originated only Therefore, to deter the curious tourists from entering into dangerous corridors.
In America We can even find Hagen the gallery, the pond and the traverse on which he allegedly hung their victims. It is said that he who knocks on it three times and says Hagen, take me to the year will die. View from above Whether due to terrible Hagen, dangerous

pathways or rare nature is the quarry forbidden. Yet it can view from the observation deck or after bypass paths leading around. If that's not enough, you get to nearby airport in Bubovice and pay enjoy a sightseeing flight over America. From the bird perspective looks even better. Not far you will also find the open-air museum of limestone mining „Solvayovy folds ".


Bubovické Falls

We invite you for a short walk or a big trip to Bubovice waterfalls. Don't imagine any Niagara. Bubovický stream is only a small ditch, often completely without water. Nevertheless, on it, about 2,5 km above the village of Serbia, you will find nice small waterfalls. In winter they are frozen and at that time they are the most massive. Thanks to the freezing valley, the ice lasts quite a long time here. And if you came after the ice and the ice was gone, you would at least be lucky that there is enough water in the waterfalls.
frozen waterfalls
You cannot reach the waterfalls by car. From the village of Serbia you have to walk. First on the yellow sign and from Kubrycht's hut then on the red one. If it is really frost, we recommend going back. And either to Serbia or to the crossroads with the yellow one and then further along the red one (Vojta Náprstek's path - the oldest marked tourist path in the Czech Republic) around the King's Well and the Oak of the Seven Brothers to Mořina or Karlštejn.
When there is no snow or ice, you can continue on the red road to Svatý Jan pod Skalou. The path leads up and down the rocks, so it is not the safest in real winter weather. The journey through the waterfalls is not suitable for cyclists, parents with prams or cross-country skiers. But everyone can playfully manage those few kilometers to the waterfalls on their own.



Lookout towers and viewpoints

Top views of the countryside, villages and other attractions have their own unique features magic. Karlštejn is a hilly area, so there are plenty of places where you can look around the region. You can see Cernosice from Staňkovky. It's a place accessible from the road to Kosoř. Rock above Cernosice is no railing, So you must be careful. Upstream Berounka you get to Řevnice. If you climb over square around the forest to the theater Hill bucks, Uvidíte valley of this part of Berounka on the other side. She used to be small in a place with a view the lookout tower and the town of Řevnice want to build here new.Good the view is provided by the castle itself Karlštejn i Serbian rock. A separate chapter is prospects community Tetín. Location of the village on the river Berounka offers several prospects.lookout hill coldThe castle tetínského the direction of the water to Serbia, or from the church towards Beroun. A beautiful view of Tetín itself from the other side of cycling Beroun - Serbia or directly from the road from Beroun to Serbia. View ve Holy John under the rock directly near Křížek above the village. You can reach it by a narrow path left around the monastery. Range of small but and so beautiful are the prospects for quarry Great America, which are interconnected trail. And of course we must not forget the highest point of the whole Karlštejn region - the lookout tower Cold Hill, which you will learn more about in a separate chapter below. A brand new lookout tower stands next to the settlement Lhota u Vráže. If you leave Prague and its immediate surroundings, it will surprise you the first unexpected outlook - v Rope center in Walnut. And you don't have to worry. You climb up up the wooden stairs and the view is interesting.



Nativity Museum

The Museum of Nativity Scenes was established in 1995 on the basis of a private collection of nativity scenes
and folk art. There is exposed to high-quality collection of old Czech nativity scenes
carved from wood, but it is also possible to see nativity scenes made of rare materials such as
sugar or bread. Three storey baroque building are equipped with antique furniture,
paintings, paintings on glass and wood carvings.

Attraction for children is a few mechanical nativity scenes, most of which can
themselves run.

In the lowest part of the house there are two floors of baroque cellars, where a permanent one is installed
exhibition on the history of viticulture in Karlstejn.

From mid-November, the museum will line the smell of gingerbread, as the traditional exhibition of gingerbread cribs begins. Gingerbread cookies from the nearby area take part in it,
but often also from more distant places.


WAX Museum

First WAX MUSEUM IN PRAGUE, was inaugurated with the participation of political and cultural figures in March 1997. The idea for its creation dealt with his owner, Mr. Zdeněk Kočík, for many years. After deciding that the museum creates a purely Czech team of top sculptors, architects and makeup artists, after years of hard work managed to create this museum. After the enormous interest of both domestic and foreign visitors, the group decided to implement the project.


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