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Czech Republic



Campsite near the weir above the Berounka

Račický area is due to its natural charms potentiated Berounkou flowing abundantly popular place for recreation and relaxation. Their surroundings are suitable for hiking, mushroom picking or fishing.

Camping place with a rack with mixed goods Račická minismižšenka (operated by the municipality of Račice, operator of Tábořiště U Jezu), a sales stand with ice cream and ice chips, also with refreshments and a place for 60 tents has a newly built sanitary facility with hot water. Thanks to the railway station on the line Townsville Beroun village is an ideal habitat for the near and vzdálenějkší trips with numerous cultural and natural heritage Křivoklátsko.

Outside the camp you can eat in a municipal, ole rented self The restaurant Palouku 60 with seats and a hall for guests 80.

Campgrounds "U Jezu" in Račice over Berounkou located at the very end of the village. By car there go a long winding road through a tiny square to the river Berounka. If you go by train, you will find Račice almost half-way between Rakovník and Beroun. Ships sail around zbečenského refraction and a bit downstream on the right bank can anchor. Accommodation is possible

  • in a tent
  • in caravan
  • we offer to rent our caravans - we have a total of 6 and are fully equipped - bed linen, stove, dishes, sitting in front of the caravan and also rent tents including sleeping bags - necessary reservation in advance

Camping Račice Camping Račice


The most used accommodation options in our campsite are our own tents. In case of interest we rent tents including sleeping bags (sleeping bags) and also fully equipped caravans. We currently offer 5 for rent. It is necessary to book them in advance. Caravan equipment includes dishes, bed linen and stove. Parking is possible right next to tents and caravans. Caravan hire is provided with power connections and gas bombs. The capacity of Račice camp is 60 tents + 5 caravans.

Outside the camp, we recommend using the Na Palouk Restaurant with enough capacity for 60 seating and a hall for 80 guests. The restaurant boasts mostly traditional Czech cuisine. We will be happy to arrange the food from the restaurant.

Camp Equipment

The camp is well equipped. The newly built sanitary facilities (WCs and showers) are clean and well-adapted. Of course there is drinking and warm water. For mothers with small children, changing tables are available.

For campers, we offer the possibility to rent balls for volleyball and football. These sports can be played on the nearby playground. We also lent Petanque equipment, which is one of our favorite games.

For children

Even children enjoy a lot of fun here. We have recently purchased sandboxes, swings, a carousel, a children's house, a trampoline, a slide and a variety of surprises. There is also a table tennis and a jungle gym.

Swimming, hiking, cycling and canoeing

If you love natural swimming and water sports, access to the Berounka River is right from the camp. For hikers of hiking and cycling there are forest paths and cycle paths in the vicinity of the camp.

Camping Račice Camping Račice

Price list

Pricelist of Camp Račice

411 CZK season 441 CZK

Caravan No. 1253 CZK season 283 CZK
Caravan No. 2380 CZK season 410 CZK
Caravan No. 3 and Caravan No. 6437 CZK season 467 CZK
Caravan No. 4480 CZK season 510 CZK
Caravan No. 5480 CZK season 510 CZK
Caravan No. 1230 CZK season 260 CZK
Caravan No. 2245 CZK season 375 CZK
Caravan No. 3 and Caravan No. 6391 CZK season 421 CZK
Caravan No. 4434 CZK season 464 CZK
Caravan No. 5434 CZK season 464 CZK
Caravan No. 1207 CZK season 237 CZK
Caravan No. 2322 CZK season 352 CZK
Caravan No. 3 and Caravan No. 6368 CZK season 398 CZK
Caravan No. 4411 CZK season 441 CZK
Caravan No. 5
Adult40 CZK + 10 CZK
Child to 14 years20 CZK
Car40 CZK
Trailer18 CZK
Caravan - stand-alone vehicle66 CZK
Caravan - car trailer54 CZK
Bus121 CZK
A big tent above 5 m250 CZK
Tent small into 5 m240 CZK
Not placed over 5 m260 CZK
Unused tent in 5 m236 CZK
Ship12 CZK
Dog25 CZK
Motorcycle24 CZK
Round12 CZK
Shower (not supported)24 CZK


Mobile: + 420 313 554 857, + 420 602 224 245

Address: Račice 65, 270 24, Račice


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And now a little to tourist attractions, you also know where to go and something to learn. There's a lot, but we will mention only the larger and very interesting. Of course there are beautiful forestsWhich results in a lot of ways, which are wonderful for walks, but it is certainly Křivoklát, Which dominates the local forests. The Křivoklát are also newly built Museum of motorcycles and believe me, that is something to look at. Here we find something for children. Above the castle is built in a forest giant playgroundWhere you can sit and toast and sausages. The Křivoklátu then you can go back through the village Zbečno, where you will find beautiful Hamouzův timbered farmhouse.

Another place worth mentioning is Lany ChateauWhere to go and our President Vaclav Klaus. In Lany can also find museum of old sports cars.

Nižbor Chateau and its Celtic museum will not forget. The museum provides information about the everyday life of the Celts. You will learn the details of their craft skill, and how mined and processed raw materials, how they lived and what they ate. Interesting is also information about the archaeological research, the components are also projects in which reconstructs the life of our ancestors, living and craft practices. A few kilometers further along the right bank of the river will take you to Stradonice where "Stradonické oppidum"Which is the site of the old days.

If you want to go on a trip by train to be stage, drive to Beroun and go look for the Urban Mountain lookout. And remember to have these three endearingly clumsy, frisky cubs from bedtime stories? To Cuba, and Matthias Vojta? Do not forget to visit them in a bear Beroun below the tower. Next door is a huge playground with many climbing frame. Of note then worth Koněpruské cave, which lies just a few kilometers from Beroun. For visitors it is almost ready hour walk through two floors of caves, which penetrated by water activity in old limestone approximately 400 million years. Train then the other drive to Rakovník tent, where you get to the ruins Krakovec.

Another of the many, many places are "Skryjská lake"And the site of trilobites. It's a beautiful place to visit. If we were to mention all the beauty of our region, so it will be a very long and extensive chat, but let's get back to our campsite.

When they return from a trip, you can fry sausages and then a second cup of beer at a kiosk with refreshments, which is in service with the camp.

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