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Hořovická chalet in Cholín

Hořovická chata - is located in the resort of Cholín in the area of ​​Slap Dam, about 300 m above the bridge over the Vltava River on the southern slope. Road II. cl. No. 119 leads to Sedlčan and on the other side to Dobříš, Štěchovice and Prague. Throughout the year it is an ideal place for active relaxation, stays, recreation, training, hiking, schools in the nature, sports, celebrations, weddings, families with children ... In the summer we can offer you beautiful bathing in the Vltava river, steam boat trip, , mushrooming, ... Surroundings will surely surprise you with a wide range of historical monuments and natural beauties. We offer you a quiet environment for your event, accommodation in 18 rooms and all-day meals as agreed.


  • The entire building is non-smoking, the smoking area is in the part of the outdoor covered terrace.
  • The meeting rooms of the cottage serve guests only. At the cottage you can organize various events and have all the spaces for your team, eg yoga exercises, buddhist meditation, dance concentration, corporate training, ...
  • We are among the air quality sites for the healing stays.
  • We offer you stays for individuals, for small and large groups, order by email or by phone.
  • We also offer you the provision of excursion activities, booking of tickets, arranging transport, ensuring musical production, wedding ceremony coordinator ... we will provide a taxi.
  • During your stay we are available daily from 7 to 22 hours, contact us whenever you need something when you have a question when you find a defect on the device, ...
  • We will provide you with a copy of the print documents, a copy of the files on the CD.
  • Wifi for free.


Accommodation chalet Cholín

The building, after repair, the whole insulated, new facade, ecological fuel heating, water heating 16 x solar panels, own well with good drinking water, is situated on a southern slope in a quiet environment.


The rooms are total 18 (8x on the ground floor, 10x first floor)

Double beds2 Room
Triple7 rooms
Quadruple7 rooms
Five-bed room2 Room
Number of beds in total63


Equipment cottage

  • Rooms - located on the south, wash basin with running water, mirror, carpet floor, beds, table, chairs, armchair, spacious wardrobe, lamp, el. sockets, central heating.
  • WC - on the ground floor and on the 9x floor.
  • Showers - on the ground floor and on the 5x floor.
  • Social Hall - spacious, coffee tables and chairs, upholstered benches, fireplace, tv + video, speakers + amplifier, floor carpet, heated floor.
  • Bar - draft beer, non-spilled limo, coffee, bottled drinks, confectionery, nuts, wine, alcohol, hygienic items, souvenirs, postcards.
  • Dining room - spacious marble floor, tables and upholstered chairs.
  • Terrace - covered, spacious, comfortable armchairs + tables, plastic chairs + tables, connected to the dining room, hall, grill.
  • Outdoor area - in front of the cottage parking places for cars, fireplace and benches, two sports playgrounds for ball games in front of the cottage, benches along the playground, evening lighting, protective nets on the balls, cottage grassy area, carousel, swing, near forests, quiet and safe location.


Reconditioning stays

we have been organizing for children with impaired respiration for many years together with the Association of People with Civic Diseases in the Czech Republic. With this association we also work together in the project "We're going for a walk", this is an action aimed at Nordic Walking Nordic Walking.

Price list

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Mobile: +420 602 893 425

Address: Choline 57, 262 03 A new book

www: www.horovicka-chata.cz

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Cholín - settlement

Cholín - the village where our cottage is located, formerly called Cholyn, today it is part of the village of Borotice in the Příbram district. It is about 5 km southeast of Borotic, on the left bank of the Vltava River. It is located in the cadastral area of ​​Čelina. Today it is a popular resort with two recreational centers, a camp and a family cottage. Prior to the construction of the Slap Dam there was a ferry, operated by Mr. Weidenthaler, he lived with a woman in a cottage near the Vltava River and there he had a local pub. A few hundred meters downstream of the Vltava is the solitude called Cholín-Boubovny. It is a family cottage settlement along the left bank of the Vltava, which lies in the cadastral area of ​​Prostřední Lhota and it is part of Chotilsko village.

Cholín Bridge was built in 1956 across the Vltava River, the length of the bridge is 227 m, has 3 field, is 9 m wide, at 40 meter height above the bottom of the original river - and about 11 m above water level, the pillars are 36 m high, the normal depth of water 27 m.

The Slap Reservoir was built in 1949 - 1955 as part of the Vltava cascade, the altitude above sea level is 271 m, the maximum depth is 58 m, the length is 43 km and the area 11,6 km2.


Nearby towns nearby

  • 2 km
  • 3 km
  • Borotice 5 km
  • Wetland 5 km
  • Chotilsko 8 km
  • New Knín 9 km
  • Directions 9 km
  • Sedlcany 11 km
  • Dobříš 17 km
  • Příbram 30 km
  • Benešov 30 km
  • Prague 50km.

Excursions in the vicinity

Chateau Dobříš - A beautiful rococo castle with an adjacent French park is open to the public all year round, the current owner is Dipl. Ing. Jerome Collorado-Mansfeld

Chateau Vrchotovy Janovice - Today accessible to the public, rebuilt in the Oogotic style, serves as an exhibition of the National Museum, the last owner was Baroness Sidonia Gorgeous. Around the castle lies an English park with an artificial lake in the middle.

Radíč Chateau - The first mention of the Radíč baroque estate is from 1333, when Odolen was from Radice, after the fire of the knight's fortress was rebuilt into a one-storey Early Baroque chateau, now accessible to the public, the children's programming circuits "Budoár pro princeznu" and "dětská zbrojnice" adult tour "mysterious ciphers and symbols in Baroque paintings".

Castle Červený Hrádek - It stands on the outskirts of Sedlčan, accessible only occasionally, eg for weddings, ... originally Gothic water fortress, in 2. half of 19. century Romantic rebuilt into a Neo-Gothic style castle, the adjacent park is in English style, opposite the castle is a pond with an island where God's torture is. Modern history is tied to the family of Mladot from Solopysk.

Holy Mountain in Pribram - The architectural gem in Příbram, the largest pilgrimage site in the area, consists of a rectangular complex of ambitious chapels with four chapels, inside there is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, interesting places are Svatohorské stairs, 460 m long and have 323 stairs, national cultural monument, every day, freely accessible or you can book a guided tour.

Ruins of Vrškamýk Castle - The ruins of a royal castle founded by Václav I in the first half of 13.století, towering on a narrow crest, known as Vrskamýk, or according to a cruel knight called Hunec. The whole location is freely accessible. It is a beautiful place near Kamýk nad Vltavou and is suitable for a trip.

Sedlčany Observatory - Folk Observatory of Josef Sadil on Cihelný vrch, tel .: 318 822 229, open every Friday at dusk, if there is at least a gloomy sky, another day can be arranged for groups, manager František Lomoz is very nice and interesting to tell the children.

Steamer - For groups and individuals, during the summer season, beautiful boat trips on Slapská and Orlické přehrady are possible.

Rope park Slapy - Near the Živhošťský Bridge across the Vltava river.

Moninec - Skiareal, tubing, rope park, bikepark, cableway for skiers and cyclists.

Mining Museum in Příbram - It has several expositions, such as: Vojna Lešetice Monument, Vysoký Chlumec Open-Air Museum, Spyar Prostřední Lhota, Nový Knín Museum of Gold, and the most extensive complex is the Mining Museum of Březová Hora in Příbram (A-part Ševčínský důl, C-part of Vojtěch Mine).

Drbákov - Albertov rocks - The most beautiful hiking trip in our region, a national nature reserve, is a protected area on the right bank of the Vltava river in the cadastral area of ​​Nalžovická Podhaj. The reason for the protection is the communities of rocky slopes in the valley of the Vltava River. There are natural forest communities with a red and rocky steppe, where the occurrence of endangered and rare species of fauna and flora has been recorded. The territory is managed by the Blaník PLA. Already in 1933 there was declared a protected area, on the slope of the hill Drbákov 490, named after Drbákovské tisy. Since 1978, the area of ​​Albert's Rocks, also known as the White Rocks, has been assigned to this. Now - since the year of 2008, the Ministry of the Environment has declared this area as a national nature reserve. Access is only a short walk away. By car you can reach the village Nalžovické Podhaji about 1km to the tourist signpost "U Křížku". From here lead two tourist marked paths, blue leads to Křepenice and yellow leads to Častobor. The nature trail / has its green-white sign / is named after the founder of Karel Bartůněk. It is a long 7,3 km and has 11 info panels dedicated to the species composition of biotopes, history of the territory, geology, ... The trail starts and ends at the same place, it is in the parking place at the signpost "U Křížku", the area is 62 ha. It is the most beautiful walk around. It offers breathtaking views of the countryside into the Vltava valley. This path between the rocks is a remarkable work in itself. It was created by a single man: Karel Bartonicek, then as a sixty-year-old man with his own hands and a dildo. He originally lived in a secluded house in the village of Sejce, from where he had to move out of the dike. The elevation is from 270 m to 470 m, parts of the way are secured by metal chains. It is necessary to have good hiking boots. The way is not suitable for young children and for physically weakened people. The road is physically demanding !! Assume about 4 hour clock. GPS parking lot "U Křížku" signpost N 49 43.073 E 14 22.197.


Chateau in Dobris, Central BohemiaSki Resort Moninec - skiing, ski slopes, accommodationRope park Slapy


Tepfactor in Chotilsk

The team game inspired by the Boyard Fortress TV, 25 Tv shows to test the wits, patience and mobility of visitors, a sense of teamwork, appropriate to order in advance.


Swimming pools

  • Aquapark in Příbram
  • Swimming pool Benešov
  • Military Sanatorium Merin 



There are three bases at the Slap Dam: Trigger Divers in Měřín, Aquasport Praha with its headquarters in Živhošť and Kapř Divers in Nové Živhoště. There are several very interesting diving facilities in Cholín, for example the Konečný banker's villa, the tannery building and the Weidenthaler ferry ...


Lookout tower at Veselý u Mokrska - Walking tour about 4 km from Cholín on the yellow tourist mark, built in the year 1999, height of the tower 42 m, metal structure, altitude 489 m

Rozhledna Drahoušek u Sedlčan - Built year 2004, height 48 m, concrete structure with spiral staircase and viewing gallery, altitude 501 m

Lookout tower Drtinova on Besedná Hill - Built year 2015, height 496 m, renewal thanks OÚ Chotilsko with Mayor Jiří Šťástka in honor of prominent native prof. František Drtina from nearby Hněvšín, height 22 meters and shaped like a Hussite voice.

The educational trail prof. Cuttings - 7 km, marked 2002 marked by green-white mark, the route consists of several stops and starts from the crossing of the trail of the Vymyšlenská trail, where there is a blackboard dedicated to the Order of the Křížovníky with a red star, further to Hněvšín to the native house prof. F. Drtiny, where the commemorative plaque is restored, continues to the peak of Besedné, there is a board dedicated to the original XTUMX Towel Observation Tower. But she was demolished in the 1960s. Then continue to the recreation resort Živhošť to the Church of St. Fabian and Sebestian, then the road ends at Živhošťský bridge

A fancy footpath - The 1999 Nature Trail, is an area of ​​an oak tree with a thermophilous flora between Smilovice and Živhoští on the southern slopes of the Slap Dam, the area was already from 13. century property of the Knights' Order of the Křižovníků with a red star, the area has an area of ​​67 ha and since 1989 has been declared a nature reserve. It starts in Kobylnicek and ends in Mokrsko, length 4 km, 10 stops.

Windmill near Příč - One of the most beautiful, oldest and largest windmills of the Dutch type not only in Bohemia, but also in Europe. Today is the torso of the original unique building on the hill above the village where it was called Na Chumkách. Musik Pond is nearby. The ground is the force of masonry 1,2 m, the outer diameter is respectable 13,5m. The exact shape of the original mill and the builder are unknown. The windmill ruins are freely accessible.

Chapel in Čelina - It is in the castle park, the authorship is attributed to Jan Blažej Santini-Aichl, one of the most famous Baroque architects. The chapel is dedicated to St. Jan Nepomucky, was ordained by X.NUMX. Baroque Locks from Lowenmacht from the end of 1735. of the table. was rebuilt after the fire classicistically. Since 18 is owned by the family of Adámek, after restitution is used for housing and as the seat of a family farm, today is called Farm Adámek.

Oppidum Hrazany Ostroma - A fortified Celtic settlement from the Latino era, there are tiny remains of a Gothic castle on the headland above the confluence of Mastník and Vltava near Sedlčany, on the nearby prospect there is a stone cross Abbot Zavorala.

The Fortress of Jakub Krčín in Křepenice - It is a massive renaissance water fortress built by Jakub Krčín when 1580 bought the village. The access to the fortress is mediated by a long bridge, which was previously completed by a drawbridge. The bridge led across the Pond. Remains of renaissance wall paintings with mythological ideas were preserved. Currently, the reconstruction of the building is ongoing.

Mine shaft Josef u Smilovic - Today, it is an underground teaching center located in the former Josef exploration gallery, whose excavation was related to the geological exploration of gold-bearing deposits. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, the municipality of Chotilsko et al. Metrostav as with the Faculty of Civil Engineering of CTU managed to solve and meet all the conditions necessary for commissioning the Center. Open since 2007. The total length of the corridors is 7 853 m. The tour dates for groups must always be arranged in advance and in time. All circuits include information about the history and present of the gold-bearing area of ​​Dog Mountain. Heading Line is long 800 meters. The Mokrsko circuit is a long 4,5 km and part of the minibus. The Underground Cavern offers a staircase exit to the gallery, where you listen to a show of music in an acoustically unique space, and you can see the golden-colored quartz veins, the ventilation galley continues on the hillside of Koňský vrch and through the forest path back to the gallery. This third circuit is amazing and offers you a breathtaking experience, but not suitable for physically impaired people, such as strong cardiac or locally disabled.


Windmill PříčovRozhledna Drahoušek near OsečanyMine shaft Josef u Smilovic


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