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Pension Slunečno in Bohemian Paradise intersects the cycle path to 2km to the remote Kost Castle. Penzion Slunečno offers the noble ones Accommodation with half board, breakfast or cooking in the kitchens in the rooms, a children's playground and a summer holiday a cool wine cellar with a seating area. The style of the restaurant evokes 20.léta last century. Equipment rooms, a kitchen and the whole house is of course modern, reconstruction took place last year and the year2013 is the first year of opening. We offer two terraces always in the shade and in the sun. Children's Hall - when it rains in the summer. Spacious meadows and forests right at the guesthouse. Swimming pool, swimming pool and playground nearby.

I believe that the genius loci of the "inn Zavadilka" (already mentioned in 1692!), As formerly named Slunečno, will impress all our nice guests. And why Sunny name? Since the Czech Paradise is relatively poor in precipitation. We can simply explain: the sandstone accumulates warmth and warm warm air rising to heaven above the sandstone of the Bohemian Paradise, spreading the clouds and exposing the clouds. And it is really sunny in our guest house Slunečno, we want you to breathe the well-being and the beautiful Zákopčaníkovo "Sunshine in the Soul"

In our pension Sunny You can spend your time in the program, which will prepare tailor-made according to your requirement. You can choose your bike, perfect runabout Segway, Or you can go with children in a children's park in Radvánovice. You navšítvit wide variety of sights the Bohemian Paradise, which is actually countless - ruined castles, palaces, rock city, swimming pool and the like. Sunny Guest House accommodation is not only in the Czech Paradise, but especially active holiday with lots of experiences.

Completely renovated rooms at Sunny are fully equipped with:

  • bathroom with shower
  • kitchenette with fridge and el.dvouvařičem
  • Radio and TV
  • in all rooms there are high-quality, comfortable carpets with high sound insulation and pleasant walk-in



Directly in our pension Slunečno we operate a Segway rental, we will bring you along with them to the Czech Paradise but after agreement and anywhere else, bring them to your corporate team building or family celebration, arrange everything, more information on

We have segway carriages, take the Bohemian Paradise with them. It's easy to understand entertainment, but it's also a great experience. Everybody learns. I'd really like to ride a ride - you're not doing anything, and you're almost flying twenty centimeters above the ground, the wind in your hair, stretching out your arms (the more daring) and it's like Kate Winslet at the head of the Titanic. Our Segway Bohemian Paradise rental will take you to the cultural monuments of Bohemian Paradise. Segway and Rent Segway ... more on our rental site.

ps: please refer to our events, you may find there Segway.

Sauna and cellar

to go to the wine cellar in South Moravia, when the Sunflower Guest House will be a beautiful, "naturally" air-conditioned sandstone cellar for the ladies and ladies to enjoy wine from South Moravia as well. And how do you get thirsty? If you are not thirsty by sports in the Bohemian Paradise, the sauna (from X / 2014) will provide it safely ...

Street-ball & Football & Tennis & Badminton

  • Football & Tennis & Badminton in cutting-edge sports surface and playground is fenced so you Mičuda / basket ball because not miss much.
  • Street ball ... 2 km in a friendly campsite. The basket does not resist throwing almost everyone!

Flying dream for moms

when it comes to supporting synergies, so everything is recommended: We recommend for families with little children or moms in anticipation to plan your trip to nearby Turnov and visit our store Mimi & I or you can now check out our e-shop If you leave and walk around Turnov really have some moms bought from us.


we have something that speleologists envy us from Macocha and Bozkov caves. And that's a hundred-year-old, hollow pit, serving as the supply corridor of the besieged Kost Castle. Directly from our cellar to the basement of the Kost Castle.


  • ... under construction J
  • prepare - just for our loyal guests - from 2013
  • anti alias - geocaching

Price list

PRICE LIST valid for 2018 - accommodation prices are in CZK, including VAT



* Prices per person valid when occupying the room min.2 adults (apart from single beds)

** We offer mainly weekly stays for holidays. Shorter Thu or Mon-Thu and others on request. Thank you for your understanding.

*** In terms 30.3.-1.4., 27.4.-1.5., 4.-8.5., 27.-30.9. 29.12-1.1. accommodation minimum three nights

**** General business (accommodation and related services) conditions

PRICELIST Accommodation 2017 ****
SEASON (os./noc)* "APARTMENTS" ** from 29.June to 3.septemberADVANCED 15 +CHILDREN 2-15CHILDREN 0-2
1 day / night790 CZK390 CZK0 CZK
OUT OF SEASON *** (person / night)ADVANCED 15 +CHILDREN 2-15CHILDREN 0-2
2 more nights390 CZK260 CZK0 CZK
1 day / night490 CZK330 CZK0 CZK
Holidays: 29.3.-2.4., 27.4.-1.5., 4.-8.5., 27.9-30.9. and 29.12-1.1. 490 CZK 330 CZK 0 CZK
Breakfast99 CZK70 CZK0 CZK
Full board360 CZK250 CZK0 CZK
Extra bed / night290 CZK290 CZK250 CZK
Baby cot / night 80 CZK80 CZK
Single Room790 CZK
House fee ... person / night15 CZK
Pet / night100 CZK
Sauna / hour max.4os.490 CZK
Segwayaccording to the price list
Squirrel 125ccm / 1 day890,-CZK
Elektrokola 2hod. / day290, -/490,-CZK
Scooters 2h / day190, -/290,-CZK
Sport. and social gamesaccording to the price list


we have here for you a low-priced short SPORTS turnus. You can buy even more!

Package 1 Thursday-Sunday

apartment with kitchenette for 3 night for max. 4 person. for 3.490, -

Package 2 Sunday-Thursdays

apartment with kitchenette for 4 night for max. 4 person. for 4.690, -

Package 3 Thursday-Sunday

room with kitchen on 3 night for 2 os. for 1.990, -

Package 4 Sunday-Thursdays

room with kitchen on 4 night for 2 os. for 2.490, -


Package 5 Segway

When you buy a stay over 5 days - FREE trip to Segway - to Kost Castle, the Plakan valley and back (current price 990, - / person)


Mobile: +420 775 101 144

Address: Kamenice 1, 294 04 Dobšín


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Bike & Cyclists Welcome

Cyclists are really in the Sunni Pension welcome at the restaurant there is a table with basic tools, we have a pump, we have a few spare basic things, you can put a hose on the bike, or we can also wash it with a wap. For the guests there is of course the storage of the bicycle under the castle and the beer after a ride in the Bohemian Paradise.

Cycling route:

1 route: Mural (37 km, about 2-4hodiny)

Pension Sunny-Kost-valley framed that kind of castle-ruins-Lock Rough Rock - swimming pond turret - pension Sunny

(Which should go every heart of the Bohemian Paradise, oh mama, the panoramas and the prospects)

2 route: Bathing and pine (22 km, about 1-3hodiny)

Penzion Slunečno - Branžez - Castle Valečov - Drhleny - Penzion Slunečno

(a path full of pine scent, bathing possibilities and a nice photo with Valečov Castle)

3 route: Mountain (62 km, about 3,5-5hodin)

Sunny Guesthouse - Gross Rock - Happy Land area - Kozákov- Tatobity - Rovensko pod Troskami under the castle Trosky - Mladějov - pension Slunečno

the conquest of Kozákova 744m without oxygen devices (!), my wife recommends everything to be done on bicycles with my beloved snakes, a beautiful view from the Kozákov look-out tower, with binoculars can also be seen at the tops of St. Vitus cathedral in Prague, the roven bell tower - the only inverted bells in the middle. Europe and do not forget to drink!)

4 route Dětenice

5 route Ponds

6 route Towers

Věžák (Věžický) -Vidlak - Nebák - Murder - Písek (Písecký) - Jinolické rybníky

7 route Historic decathlon (101km - time?)

only for participants of peace, or the Tour de France, or even to the Hawaiian Ironman

8 route Sunny Beer Ironman (59km - it does not matter at all)

Pension Slunečno - Klášter - Svijany - Maly Rohozec - Penzion Slunečno

Czech Paradise is also famous for excellent beers from breweries: Malý Rohozec - Monastery - Svijany (In alphabet order) This classic, challenging Triathlon Bohemian Paradise is not recommended by car, but by bicycle. Especially beer garden at the brewery in Malý Rhozec with a view of the whole brewery fascinating and photogenic. Time does not matter, it is important to take a helmet, dressing and especially get to health!

9 route Horská II - Ještěd

10 route Fairytale - places of shooting of Czech fairy tales and films

Czech Paradise in Brief

Decathlon history

Debris-DietWallenstein-Humprecht-Gross-Rock-Valečov-Rotštejn-Frýdštejn-Gross Rohozec-Sychrov or 10 castles for hours 4 J

As is well-known that the Czech decathlon invented pioneer sports history theatresand, This is intended decathlon especially children and pubescentůmWhose parents want to show history of the Bohemian Paradiseso they are not bored. After breakfast, getting into the car and castles and locks you are photographed from the window, who can handle all the 10 landmarks with evidence - back to 12 hours, the beverage has lunch for free. The contribution to our first ten-year-old will be included in the short term ArmoireI hope. Of course, visiting castles can also be slower J

(here I could write short texts with the following link, if you have someone for a short production of texts to the individual attractions of Bohemian Paradise and not only castles and chateaux - see below below ... so I will take it with him)

Triathlon beer

Czech Paradise is also famous for excellent beers from breweries: Malý Rohozec - Monastery - Svijany (In alphabet order) This classic but challenging Triathlon Bohemian Paradise are not recommended by car, but by bicycle. Especially beer garden at the brewery in Malý Rhozec with a view of the whole brewery fascinating and photogenic.

Route: Penzion Slunečno - Klášter - Svijany - Malý Rohozec - Penzion slunečno (total 59km)


the largest painting in the Czech Republic - in the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise - the Saxon Paths beneath Hrubá Skala (we highly recommend sitting in front of it) Synagogue, Hrubý Rohozec Chateau, Dlaskův statek, "covered" Jewish cemetery


Jičín beautiful historical square and also the town of fairy tale and Václav Čtvrtek, indoor swimming pool with water slides, Prachovské rocks


Medieval tavern celebrated in all Bohemia, get ready for a harsh medieval but very humorous and fresh language, gentlemen watch the ladies!


in the surroundings we recommend a swimming pool in Sobotka, Branžež, Drhleny, Věžický pond, indoor pool with water slides in Jičín or famous Jinolice ponds near Prachovské skal

Reverse bells

world rarity, the only inverted bells in the royal bell tower in central Europe

Prachovské Rocks

Bohemian Paradise Ponds

Věžák (turret)-Vidlák - Nebák - Murder - Písečák (Písecký) - Jinolické ponds

They also add our pictures from hot Bohemian Paradise "Sunshine and Drought under the Pine" and Ruins in the morning haze of the Rovensko event and Fairy Forest 2012.

It was dry until the summer of the Czech Paradise dried up Burned Bohemian Paradise


stay with us and from the sunny house in the Bohemian Paradise you have only 25km at the golf course in Mladá Boleslav Michlovce with its 9 hole illuminated cource and 37km at 18 hole golf course Golf Ještěd

Rock climbing




climbing center

Boat Rental

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