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Rybářský penzion Žák - family pension Brdy

Our family and fishing guesthouse is located in a quiet area on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Osek - Vystrkov, which lies on the border of the Brdy and Křivoklát forests, directly below the dam of the Žák pond. It is located about 1500 m from the town Hořovice. There are 6 spacious rooms available to visitors, where each 4-bed room offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and has its own bathroom with toilet. The capacity of the whole pension is 24 beds + 3 extra beds. On the ground floor there is also an equipped games room (darts, children's corner, TV). As the name suggests, the cottage is built directly at the dam of the pond Žák. We offer weddings in the guesthouse.


Accommodation in house

  • There are 6 spacious rooms available to visitors, where each 4-bed room offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and has its own bathroom with toilet. The bathrooms are equipped with showers, sinks and toilets.
  • Bed linen and towels are included in the basic rental price.
  • The kitchen with dining area is equipped with two ceramic hobs and two electric ovens, microwave, refrigerator with freezer, kettle, press and toaster. You will find enough dishes for 24 people.
  • Rooms in the pension can be rented separately or after agreement it is possible to rent the whole pension.
  • The capacity of the whole pension is 24 beds + 3 extra beds.
  • On the ground floor there is also an equipped games room (darts, children's corner, TV).
  • For relaxation, it is possible to use a fenced garden with an area of ​​5,8 thousand. square meters with a playground, sandpit and covered summer seating with barbecue. Parking is provided directly at the building.
  • Fishermen can rent a log cabin directly on the dam of the pond, or and fishing equipment.
  • In the cabin there is a living room with a small kitchen, refrigerator and fireplace.
  • It is possible to spend the night in the attic.
  • It is also possible to rent a cottage under the dam of the pond. It has a separate bedroom for 4 people, a kitchenette and a bathroom.


As the name suggests, the cottage is built directly at the dam of the Žák pond. Its calm atmosphere will surely enchant you from the first moment. The mature trees lining the banks provide a pleasant coolness even on the hottest days. The pond is a paradise for fishing lovers. Catch form "Catch and release" here you can also standard but also trophy pieces of carp, tench, pike, zander, perch, trout or catfish.


Fishing regulations - sports ground "Pupil"

Sport fishing is permitted only for allowances that are issued by the operator of the "ŽÁK" sports district. Fishing takes place in the form of "Catch and release". It may only be carried out in a manner that complies with the principles of enforcement of fisheries law, the protection of fish and other aquatic animals, and the protection of nature. Hunters must always report the start and end of the fishery to the pond manager (by phone or SMS). There are parking spaces around the pond, which can be used in agreement with the pond administrator. Strict ban on parking on the dam of the pond. The hunter is obliged to maintain order on the pond. The toilet is chemical at the cabin.

  • There is free Wifi on the pond.
  • Bivouacs are allowed on the whole pond.
  • At the beginning of the fishery, the fisherman takes note and agrees to these rules.
  • The hunting season is year-round
  • Number of rods used in hunting: up to 15 years: 1 rod, over 15 years: 2 rods
  • Refreshments can be provided for larger groups.


Ways of hunting

  • When fishing hard or float, the person authorized to fish may fish for up to 2 rods. When fishing for float or hard, only 1 single hook with a barb may be used on one rod. Only escape installation is allowed, ie. that the pencil or feeder must always be self-detachable when the fish is torn off so that the fish does not pull it behind it.
  • Squeezing is strictly forbidden.
  • Prohibition of the use of braided drawstrings (shock). A strong casting line can be used. A braided line is allowed. Lead cords are prohibited.
  • When fishing for spinning or fly fishing, it is allowed to use only 1 rod and another rod must not be set.
  • When fishing for fish, hunters must keep a distance of at least 3 m from each other. When fishing for spinning, it is necessary to keep a distance of 20 m between hunters, unless the hunters agree otherwise.
  • When hunting predators for live or dead bait, it is permitted to use a single hook without a barb or with a crimped barb.
  • Hunters must be present at the rods with angling so that they can handle them immediately if necessary.
  • When catching fish, the fisherman is obliged to handle it with the utmost care. When handling caught fish on shore, a dampened pad (tray type) must be used to prevent damage to the fish. Take a photo of the catch in water or in a kneeling position above the mat due to the possible slipping of the fish and its injury by falling from a great height. The fish must then be gently returned to the water.
  • Fish cannot be stowed in the box. Fishermen can immediately cancel the permit without compensation.
  • Blackening is prohibited all year round.
  • Any damage to water structures and shore fortifications is prohibited. It is forbidden to manipulate the stone fortifications, relocate individual stones and create new mining sites. It is forbidden to prune trees, shrubs, reeds.
  • Authorized persons for hunting are obliged to provide control bodies - fishing guards, police, effective assistance and support in control activities in the area.
  • The farmer reserves the right to refuse to sell the permit without giving a reason.
  • Violation of any part of the fishing regulations in the "Žák" sports ground will be resolved by the landlord according to the seriousness of the offense by agreement or withdrawal of the fishing permit. In the event of a particularly serious breach of the rules, the POLICE of the Czech Republic will be called immediately.


Mandatory equipment

  • Hook rescuer, meter, sufficiently large landing net, fish mat (preferably tray type), disinfection.


Sport fishing in the pension, Central BohemiaFishing Central Bohemian Region, Žák pond


The wedding should be one of the unforgettable days of our lives, which you do not have to spend in a traditional way. If you are looking for an unconventional place to organize your unique festive day, you are right here. The wedding day is a great moment for most people. A day we will be happy to take care of.

We offer you our family pension with a large garden by the pond Žák. You can use the wedding gazebo and we will provide the bride and groom with a registrar.

The fenced garden is really large and allows the participation of an almost unlimited number of wedding guests.
There is also a covered seating area with barbecue, a playground for children with a sandpit and swings.
We cooperate with a company that will provide you with party tents, including all equipment, catering.
In the garden and around the pond there are many beautiful nooks for subsequent wedding photography.


Weddings in pensionFamily pension Žák Osek, weddings in the pension Central Bohemia


Price list


Person / night

350, - CZK

Rent the whole area / weekend

20 000, - CZK

Minimum rental price / 1 day
(Less than 15 people)

6 000, - CZK

Animal pets
(In agreement with the owners)

150, - CZK

Log cabin rental - person / night

250, - CZK

Cottage rental - 1 night

1 000, - CZK


Surcharge for accommodation for 1 night is 50, - CZK

Child 3 to 10 years 300, - CZK up to 3 years FREE

Possibility to rent the whole pond - price negotiable.
Possibility to provide refreshments.

Price list valid from 1 January 1


Cancellation fees

Within 2 weeks from the date of arrival


Within 6 weeks from the date of arrival



Possibility to rent

Possibility to rent

price / 1 day

Boat rental

100, - CZK

Landing net

50, - CZK

Fish mat

50, - CZK


50, - CZK

Rod with reel

100, - CZK


Allowance 24h

400, - CZK

Permit weekend

800, - CZK

Allowance week

1500, - CZK

Cottage rental / 1 night

1000, - CZK


Possibility to rent


price / 1 day

Boat rental

100, - CZK

Landing net

50, - CZK

Fish mat

50, - CZK


50, - CZK

Rod with reel

100, - CZK



Mobile: + 420 725 338 393, + 420 725 338 584

Address: Osek 8, 267 62 Osek



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Cycling and hiking in the area

Lovers of history will definitely enjoy themselves. At a distance of about 25 km you can visit the ruins of the castle Valdek, which is located in the accessible part military training area Brdy.
Nearby is the water reservoir "Záskalská", which, among other things, is used for recreational purposes. For lovers of purely natural beauty, the Brdy forests hide many marked trails for walkers and cyclists. After these you will reach the Padrť ponds or you can visit the Podbrdské Museum in Strašice.

Next, be sure not to be missed Žebrák and Točník castles, from which you will be enchanted by the view of the distant surroundings.

In the surroundings of Berouna of course we must not forget Gothic castle Karlstejn, which is our most visited historical monument, as well as Church of St. John the Baptist a limestone Svatojánská rock wall in Sv. John under the rock. They are known limestone Koněprusy Caves, which are formed by a system of three cave floors, created by water erosion. Nearby is a system of flooded limestone quarries America. It is also worth mentioning the mining exhibition Chrustenická šachta, where part of the tour is a ride on a mining train. Another attraction is the open-air museum of Solvay's quarries, which is accessible all year round along marked nature trails. Directly in the royal city of Beroun you can visit nand Městská hora lookout tower and bear enclosure or museum of Czech karst.

In Hořovice, the Hořovice chateau awaits you, which is also in operation in the winter, when, for example, Advent or Valentine's tours are organized. Horse riding enthusiasts will definitely not miss the opportunity to visit the indoor riding stables. In winter there is an indoor pool and in summer an aqua park with a water slide.

Příbram is famous for its place of pilgrimage - Holy Mountain. It is an early Baroque architecture. The famous Svatohorská stairs connect Svatá Hora with Příbram. In this old mining town there is a unique Mining Museum Příbram. It includes a memorial to the victims of communism War. For sports you can use the water park.

It is also worth mentioning one of the oldest and the most important castles of Czech kings and princes royal castle Křivoklát, rococo chateau Dobříš with a charming chateau park, late baroque chateau Hluboš, late classicist chateau with a large park with a pond Mníšek pod Brdy or chateau Zbiroh, where you can walk along the cable car in the treetops or serve you in period costumes in the restaurant.



For golf fans, there are several courses of varying difficulty within easy reach. Definitely worth your attention 18-hole course in Beroun, from which you will have a view of the royal city of Beroun or 27-hole in Karlštejn with an unforgettable view directly on the castle. Other golf resorts are in Dýšina or Darovanský Dvůr.



Shopping centers, indoor and outdoor pools with water slides, fitness, in winter and indoor ice rink, restaurants and cultural activities can be found in 1 m distant Hořovice. A small market and a stylish restaurant "U Oty" or hospitality "Slavoj" is right on site. Other shops, a shopping center, restaurants, fitness and massages can be found in the nearby town of Komárov, 500 km away.

If you travel by public transport, you will find the ČD stop in Hořovice on the route Prague - Pilsen. If necessary, it is possible to arrange import and departure from the station in advance.
ČSAD station is located about 300m from the house.

The strategic location provides visitors with an inexhaustible amount of activities.





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