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Chata Jonáš

Czech Republic



Chata Jonáš - mountain chalet in Giant Mountains

Chalet Jonas offers private accommodation in a family cottage with personal access to every guest where you will feel at home. Its location in Dolní Mala Upa is an ideal starting point for trips to Sněžka and alpine tours for the most beautiful places of Krkonoše. Jonas is a stylish mountain chalet with beautiful surrounding countryside and family-friendly access. The cottage belongs to our mountain goats, which we will be glad to meet your children. Chalet Jonas offers you a 4x room with a double bed and an extra bed. We offer all the winter activities from skiing, snowboarding on ski slopes of SKIMU ski area, cross-country skiing to cross-country skiing tracks, after winter grilling in the nature, or sledging right next to our cottage. We also offer a ski rental and a ski school.

Accommodation in a cottage

  • Jonas offers you a 4x room with a double bed and an extra bed. The rooms for Jonas as well as the whole cottage are trying to have stylish and original equipment.
  • We have male and female animals in the cottage, and we are not only trying to keep the order and cleanliness very strong.
  • Every room has its own bathroom with shower and toilet.
  • The room is equipped as standard - each room has a double bed, a table and chairs, a lamp, glasses, saucers, and furniture for a comfortable holiday. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property.
  • On the accommodation floor is available for all rooms TV / SAT, refrigerator, kettle, microwave and PS3. Upon agreement there is a fully equipped kitchen, terrace with barbecue, projection technology incl. sound system and notebook.
  • For children we have all the equipment from the bath tub, children's chairs, changing table over the baby's scarf, sledge to medication and baby food.
  • There is no shop in Malá Úpa, so we offer our guests the opportunity to make a purchase according to your wish to the house.
  • On request we can prepare your room according to your wishes (eg Romantic weekend, Christmas decoration, hypoallergenic bedding, etc.)

Our Services

Jonah is a small cottage and our facilities do not offer the opportunity to have everything under our roof. Directly in the cottage we have prepared for you:

  • - ski rental and school
  • - babysitting
  • - pet care
  • - children's playground and children's play area
  • - PS3, TV / SAT
  • - outdoor barbecue
  • - domestic animals

Within walking distance of 5 minutes, we provide the following services:

  • - indoor and outdoor hot tub
  • - outdoor pool
  • - sauna
  • - Massage
  • - Animation programs for children
  • - Bicycles and scooters

For all the above prices you have special prices as our guests. At the same time we are SKIMU partners, so you can also use all discounts on Skima.

For lovers of wellness, we recommend visiting the Tropicana Spa at the Golebiewski Hotel in Karpacz (30km).

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Cross-country skiing

Malá Úpa is especially ideal for cross-country skiers who can literally "cheer up" around.

Pomezní Boudy - Church
From the Pomezní Bud, along the red tourist sign, there is a modified cross-country skiing trail leading to the ski area, the length of this two-directional section is 2,5km. On the modified route, you can go to the church and go back down the yellow valley of Black Water to the Limestone Boudy.

Krkonošská magistrála
Malá Úpa is on the Giant Mountains route connecting the western and eastern Giant Mountains. The long route 80 km starts in Harrachov, continues on the route: Vosecká bouda, Vrbatova bouda, Horni Misecky, Spindleruv Mlyn, Klinove boudy, Rozcestí, Dvorská bouda, Lesní bouda, Kolínska bouda, Černá hora, Pardubická bouda, Krausovy boudy, Horní Maršov , Horní Albeřice, Lysečská bouda, Cestník, Malá Úpa.

Cross-country skiing at Sněžka
Due to the position of Malá Úpa, you can go on a cross-country skiing and on the Sněžka (best red mark) with a break for the Jelenia.

I'm lying in the valley
A nice running tour through untouched terrain leads through the picturesque valley along the Jelení potok - the Lion Mine (the yellow mark beginning in Spálený Mlýn). You can end a nice trip with Jelenia.

Route Haida Length
At Pomezni Bouda you can take a scenic route around the heather hill called Haida. The whole circuit has a length of just over 5 km and can be combined with another similarly short circuit that leads from Pomezní Bud to the church in Dolní Malá Úpa and back. The starting point is a parking lot close to Horské služby station (parking lot Zátiší).

To Pec pod Snezkou
In Pec you will get a nice trip to Spálený Mlýn, then uphill slightly up to Bouda Jan (cross country trails run around Pěnkavčí hill and on the other side around Červený vrch), and along the slope and Velka Upa hill over Portáška you get to Pec pod Sněžkou .

Rapier ridge
From the church you can continue to the grove, where you can walk to the forest along the Pathway, Lysečinska bouda, over Albeřice along the border road and continue to the Rychorský kříž and Rychory. This 2 weekly bidirectional route is approximately 15km in one direction and can be used both for classical and skating. In the demanding Krkonoše terrain, this circuit is pleasant, more or less controversial, as well as beginners, as well as advanced cross-country skiers.

Excursions with children

- The Fairytale Trail

From September we can welcome you on the walking trail Malá Úpou with 10 stops with a permanent exhibition of Krkonoše fairy tales by the famous writer Marie Kubátová. Wooden panels with a fairy tale are complemented by a children's climbing pad, where you can spend time playing and relaxing. Every stop is hidden by a plastic ornament, which you draw with a pencil in the booklet. Booklets with a map and a route description are available for a small fee at the Infocentrum at Pomezní Boudy. The goal of your journey is to get the ornaments of all the fairy tales for which you will receive a reward - grouse groshes, also at the Infocenter at Pomezní boudy.
- Krakonošovo

At the Krakonos Guesthouse, all small and large visitors admire the beautiful Devil's Mill and the statue of the Krakonos in life-size. In the summer months, you can also refresh yourself. It is located near Spálený Mlýn in Lower Mala Upa - yellow tourist sign.

- Grandmother's valley

Visit the places where the famous Grandmother took place: Chateau, Mill, Old Bleacher. In addition, there is a nature trail in the beautiful valley.

- Monkey park Pec pod Snezkou

You can also try the rope center - "Monkey Park", which is about 400 meters long with 27 obstacles. Although you are in some places even 6 meters above ground, climbing is absolutely safe, even children can handle.

- Karpacz

On the Polish side of Sněžka is Karpacz, the twin Pec pod Sněžkou.

- Relaxation park Mladé Buky

Come and unwind with the kids at bobovku, bungee trampoline or playground! During the day you can refresh yourself in our Rotunda Nebíčko!


- Cottage Rusalka (50 m)

Sauna for 4 persons, whirlpool for 4 person, solarium, pool, massage

- Hotel Javor (100 m)

Wellness - outdoor whirlpool with year-round operation for romantic evenings, infrasauna, summer heated swimming pool with a view

- Skim (5 km)

Tennis hall, ricochet, ping-pong, billiards, sauna, bowling, gym, swimming pool ..

- Jánské lázně (15 km)

- Karpacz (20 km)

The village Karpacz is a typical mountain village situated in the Giant Mountains in the valley of the river Lomnice and its tributaries at the foot of the Sněžka. This landscape includes the most attractive eastern part of the mountain range. The town of Karpacz is located in the not too wide and steep valley of Lomnice at altitudes from 480 m to 885 m. The axis of the agglomeration consists of 7 km long, serpentine streets ending in the Bierutowice saddle at 820 m height

In Karpacz ..

- Wang Church - The Wang church was built at the end of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in southern Norway, in the town of Vang, Lake Wang (norw. Vangsmjösa) and thus derives its name. Similar wooden temples were built around 1000. To this day, only 31 survived in Norway and one in Upper Carpathian. In the nineteenth century, Wang Church proved too small and demanded expensive repairs. It was decided to sell it because they were obliged to return the money they were paying loans to build a new temple. This valuable monument of Viking architecture was purchased for 427 by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV, thanks to the efforts of the headquarters in Dresden, the Norwegian painter prof. John Kristian Dahl. Upon completion of the study of the Royal Architect, the property was destroyed in crates and transported by ship in 1841 in Szczecin and then to the Royal Museum in Berlin. But the King surrendered to the church on the island of Páv near Berlin and began looking for him somewhere else. Thanks to the efforts of Countess von Reden Frederica of Bukowc Spring 1842 year in the church's mountains was relocated to serve the Lutherans living in Harrachov and its surroundings. It took a long journey through the river boat - the Odra and nine horse-drawn carriages. The site was built by Count Christian Leopold von Schaffgotsch from Teplice. This is the edge on the Black Mountain (885 m), which is about half way from Karpacz to Snow White.

- Anomalies - A place without gravity - Lovers of unusual monuments can be seen in Harrachov in the Strażek Spindlerov Street from the street in the direction of "Wild Waterfall" Piecuch behind the hotel and in front of the bridge in Lomnica. Although it seems at this point sloping towards Lomnica, on the straight section of the car with the engine off the same unit uphill. Tourists who perform simple physical experiments involving pouring water into the street will see that it is contrary to the laws of gravity to the summit. Likewise, bottles or cans of a ball that rolls directly to serve.

- Wild Waterfall - The wild waterfall at the bottom of the Kopa cable car is the result of the Lomnice River. It is a place very often visited by tourists and photographed on the background of a fall from a height of several meters of water. Lomnice is a wild mountain river that has often shown its destructive power. In 1816, a cloud of clouds in the mountains led to massive destruction in Miłków and all Jelenia Góra.

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