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Krušnohorský penzion Javor

Czech Republic



Horský penzion Javor

The guesthouse offers spacious double and quadruple rooms with hygienic facilities, anteroom and bedroom. The rooms have a TV and an internet connection. We are the only accommodation facility in Horni Blatna, where you will not find a kitchen where you should cook, or a restaurant where you can enjoy local specialties. We cook homemade food exclusively for our guests. Rich breakfast is served in the buffet. Dinner is cooked according to guests' wishes and served in the common room, which is accessible only to the guests of the pension. You expect spacious and bright rooms with extra-standard amenities, own sanitary facilities and plenty of storage space. The whole pension is non-smoking. Parking is provided in the private car park directly next to the guest house. You can safely save bicycles and skis in the ski / bicycle area from which each guest has their own key. The guesthouse is located in the mountainous area of ​​the Ore Mountains.

For our guests there is a backyard with a fireplace and a barbecue where you can sit, grill or cook your own or prepared meats. For larger parties, we have a large grill where it is possible to piggy piglets up to 30 kg.

Owners are the only people who will take care of you. We will provide you with 24 hours per day. We are ready to take care of you so you can enjoy your stay with care. Our goal is to get away from us (and come back) as our friends.

What you can not find here is the TV in the common room. We believe that television is a killer of communication and shared entertainment. Televisions are in rooms. A number of social games and books are available in the common room.

What awaits you at the Krušné hory guesthouse?

  • Double and quadruple spacious rooms with private hygiene facilities, anteroom and bedroom. The rooms have a TV and an internet connection.

  • Dining room with buffet breakfast and home cooking (half board, full board). In the boarding house we only cook for the main guests meals to order of their choice. The dining room is only for guests and serves as a lounge for relaxing, sitting by the fireplace, playing social games or other social or corporate events. A coffee maker is available in the dining room. Refreshments, including draft beer, are also served here.

  • Ski room / wheelchair - a room where you can lock your sports gear, put away sportswear ... - Every room has its own key from this room and can be reached from outside the guesthouse.
  • An outdoor fireplace / grill with a seating where you can sit with friends at the fire or prepare your own grilled specialty.
  • The parking area, which is on the premises of the guest house and is illuminated by public lighting. Unseen for now.
  • Reception - where the responsible person is present as needed, if available, by phone. At the reception you can buy small hygienic items (toothpaste, brush, shaving ...).
  • In the pension you can borrow social games, small sports equipment, a hair dryer and books, and if necessary, laundry can be washed.

What you do not have to take

  • bedding and bedding
  • towels
  • hair dryer
  • shower gel and shampoo
  • cotton wipes
  • walnuts (earwigs)
  • straps
  • sewing machine

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Address: X. XBOXX, 194 362 Horní Blatná

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Why to visit the Ore Mountains?

Ore Mountains are the longest mountain range in the Czech Republic (about 130km). Ore Mountains are the westernmost mountain range in the Czech Republic. At the time of the greatest glory, the Ore Mountains were the most populous mountains in Central Europe. The Ore Mountains do not have their name according to the weather, but according to the old Bohemian circle. This is the equivalent of the German name Rudohoří. Tourists will find here a dense network of marked tourist paths and an ideal skiing trail in winter. Moto-tourists will come to their own - all the Ore Mountains are interwoven with transit roads. The central European Natura 2000 (about 12 thousand ha) from Kraslice to Bozi Dar presents transitional peat bogs, vast hills and unique heaths.

Horní Blatná

It is a mountain town on the crest of the western part of the Ore Mountains at the altitude of 900 m. 850 inhabitants. The historic core of the city is one of the best preserved in the Ore Mountains and is an urban conservation area. Because Horní Blatná lies on the ridge of the Ore Mountains, it is an ideal starting point for hiking and cycling - no drastic elevations are expected, so the terrain is suitable for physically less well-off individuals. There are a number of nature reserves and protected areas, the surroundings are distinguished by a number of natural sights, lookout towers, technical monuments and tourist destinations. Another advantage of Horní Blatná is the fact that it lies within the reach of the West Bohemian spa and it is therefore possible to participate in the spa life and to pay much less for the stay.

Sports activities nearby

Ore Mountains offer opportunities for sports in winter and summer. Hiking, cycling, hiking, skiing, climbing and much more.

In winter

Skiing prevails. In the immediate vicinity are the ski resorts Pernink, Nové Hamry and one of the most modern in the Ore Mountains - Potůčky, then the 15 km Neklid (Boží Dar) and 18 km distant Klínovec.

For lovers of cross-country skiing, Krušnohorská highway leads very close to Horní Blatná ski trail with many branches and connections.

From spring to autumn

Horní Blatná is an ideal starting point for cycling. By being on the ridge of the Ore Mountains, it is also suitable for children and less able cyclists (height elevation is not so brutal).

Horní Blatnou passes the Krušnohorská magistrála, which is a cycle route with the total length of 242 km, which extends from Cheb and Sněžník near Děčín, continues on the Labská magistrála. It has beautiful nature and many paths and paths connect to it. It is suitable for cycling and for hiking, and in winter it is predominant part of the cross-country trail.


Directly at Horni Blatna is a suitable rock for climbing. Rocks are suitable for beginners and advanced climbers with difficulty III - VIII, according to UIAA

U Karlových Var - the Doubí village is Svatošské skály - a protected natural creation created in the Karlovarské granite massif by the Ohře river. Rocks are dissolved in a massive rock pillar and a pyramid. The area is surrounded by a nature trail and is also a popular place for rock climbing. The bizarre granite shapes are 1933-protected natural creations.

Camp: Classic climbing and wall climbing with a rich tradition. Surely the most important area of ​​Karlovy Vary. Today, all outputs are loosely laid out. Classification: UIAA Difficulty: 2 - 8- Height: 10 - 50 meter Fastening: circles, staples, rivets,

Swimming in nature

Around 20 km from Horní Blatná

Big Pond

  • natural swimming pool (pond)
  • 1 km from Velký Rybník village, 8 km from K.Varů
  • grass, sand, 50 ha, depth to 3 m,
  • snacks, volleyball, windsurfing
  • parking

Island of Ohri

  • grass, sand, concrete floor
  • 50 x 25 meter pool, 1-4 meter depth, 2 paddling pool, water slide
  • refreshments, swimmers

New Role - Novorolski Pond

  • natural swimming pool
  • grassy and sandy shore, 19 ha, depth 1-3 meters
  • Refreshment, volleyball, windsurfing

Děpoltovický rybník

  • natural swimming pool (pond)

Swimming pool Rolava

  • - in the northwest part of Karlovy Vary
  • 10 ha, part of the complex serves as a caravan
  • 3 tennis and one volleyball court

Hotel Thermal

  • The hotel pool (50 m) is open all year round not only to hotel guests. One third of the water in the pool comes from the Spring. The pool area includes a bar, a fitness center and a wellness studio


Boarding - refreshments in boarding house Javor

  • We are cooked exclusively for accommodated guests, we are not a classic restaurant, which allows for a more closed, quiet and undisturbed environment, which is especially appreciated by parents with small children.
  • Breakfast is served between 8 - 10 hour (except Saturdays and Sundays 8: 30 - 11 hour) buffet. We are also able to prepare special breakfast according to guests' requirements.
  • Lunch is specially cooked (mostly not interested), you need to agree upon your arrival.
  • The choice of dinner dishes should be done in the morning at breakfast. In most cases we are able to cook food according to guests' wishes. Always agree.
  • At any time during the day we serve refreshments with small snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, alcohol, draft beer, coffee, tea ...



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