Cottage Nýdek



Rent a cottage in a beautiful setting Beskyd

The cottage is located in the Beskids, in the village Nýdek, about 12 km from Třinec. The building is located in the cottage 1 Nýdek km from the center, the stand-alone private land with an area of ​​700 m2 on the edge of the forest. Capacity cottage is 11 places (beds + 9 2 place on a folding couch). The cottage is suitable for recreation and for different short-term "action" - celebrations, company parties, etc.

About the cottage

The building was completely renovated in 2012, landscaped landscaped. After reconstruction the cottage was equipped with new equipment. In 2015, a swimming pool was built on the cottage.

Accommodation in a cottage

Bedrooms and rooms: The building has two floors with a small cellar space and two bedrooms in the attic. Coming into the cottage consists of a terrace of size 35 m2. The ground floor consists of entrance hall cottage - passage, from which the entrance to the toilet in the bathroom and into the living room with dining area. Furthermore, the entrance to the kitchen and rooms with 2 beds. The attic entrance is a wooden staircase. There are two separate bedrooms with four and three beds + cot 1.

Sanitary facilities: equipped with a sink, shower with hot and cold water. In the bathroom there is a washing machine.

Heating: In case of cold weather it is possible to chat heat by electricity. heating equipment or direct-heating wood stove.

Meals: The kitchen is equipped with fridge, kettle, microwave and all other accessories.

Price list

Price of stay

Price for the stay 1 week 12.000, - CZK.
In the period from 22.12. to 3.1. the price stay 15.000, - CZK for a week.
The term shorter than 1 week is only possible after tel.domluvě, about 2 200 CZK / day / object.

El. energy is not included in the price, it is necessary to pay for consumption by the end of the stay.

Accommodation conditions

Accommodation conditions Bedding can be customized or available for 80 CZK / piece / stay. When booking your stay you need to fill out a reservation - available on the website and send it by e-mail to the address mentioned. When we receive your order for a temporary reservation on your chosen term, we will contact you by phone. After that, a deposit of at least 3.000 CZK, - (for a week stay) is required. If this does not happen, the reservation will be void. Then you will be sent instructions for your stay and the reservation will be permanent. At the commencement of the stay, it is necessary to deposit a deposit (deposit) 3.000 CZK.- which is intended for payment of damaged items, broken glass, insufficient cleaning, etc. At the end of the stay it is necessary to bring the cottage to the original state (we mean regular cleaning so that he can immediately take over another holidaymaker.) If the cleaning is insufficient, a flat fee will be charged 500, - CZK. Turnus is always from Saturday to Saturday. With arrival from 14 to 16 hour End of stay is 10 hour. If you want to start another day, you need to make a phone call. In the case of cancellation of a fixed reservation of a private accommodation, the date of cancellation of the booking is considered to be the date of receipt of a written cancellation confirmation, according to which the cancellation fees are as follows:

-For cancellation up to 30 days before their stay is paid 15% of the total reservation

Cancellation-of-a-29 22 days before their stay is paid 30% of the total reservation

Cancellation-of-a-21 15 days before their stay is paid 60% of the total reservation

Cancellation-of-a-14 8 days before their stay is paid 80% of the total reservation

Cancellation-of-a-7 0 days before their stay is paid 100% of the total reservation


Mobile: + 420 608 806 055 - Jaroslav Raszka
Address: 739 96, Nýdek č.ev. 34

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Trips and surroundings

Walking with the prospect Nýdek I.

Square, view the college, wooden church square - The square nýdeckého we follow the main road towards Bystřice. When you pass the fire station, turn right and the old stone path "CIMR" will come out to evangelical chapel. We continue in a gentle gradient towards the Sharp Cemetery. At the former resort "school" we can enjoy views of the surrounding hills, such as the Great Čantoryje, Cieslar, noon, Fireplace, Sharp, Prašivá, ..... and slowly come back down the road to the school, where we turn left onto the sidewalk. This leads us back on the path to the square. On the right side we examine historical monument Nýdek - wooden church of St. Nicholas from 1576.

Walking Nýdek overlooking II.

Nýdečanka, Vendryňské butts, Odmiarek, Nýdečanka - From the restaurant Nýdečanka we follow the green trail towards Prašivá mountain. After 0,5 km left turn aside to the forest, but we go on the way to the top of Vendryňských ass. From this place we have breathtaking views of both the skyline Nydeck and on Vendryně, Trinec, Maple Hill and more. Dirt road, sharp direction, we pass the triangulation point, and we descend to the village Odmiarek, and return to the parking lot at Nýdečanky.

Knight's trail - observation tower on the Great Čantoryje

Nýdek Square, a knight's trail to the Great Čantoryje and back - from the square in Nýdek we head towards the tourist trail of Great Čatoryji. Knight's trail leads the Czech and Polish side of the mountain shrouded United Čantoryje many legends. 10 km long nature trail will lead you in the footsteps of ancient legend, according to which in the interior of the Great Čantoryje hidden army "sleeping knights" who come to help zdejšímu region in an emergency. On the nature trail at 7 stops visitors become aware of interest from early life in the region around the Great Čantoryje or residents of the local forests. Can also get off the steel tower on top of the Great Čantoryje from which views of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. On a clear day you can see to Lysa hora, Lesser and Great Fatra the Slovak Republic and a large part Beskydy peaks on the Polish side.

Wooden cottage on Filipec

Nýdek, Hluchova valley, Filipka - from Nýdka (behind Nýdečankou to the right) through the valley of Hluchová we will arrive to Kolibiska, where we will find the green tourist sign. The trail leads up the hill to the hill and leads us to the summit of Filipka, where on the right is the cottage - a stylish pub (762 m). From the outdoor seating there is a view of Velký Stožek and the Čantoryje massif. Near settlements provide an image of local folk architecture. Filipka is a site of rare flowers and juniper.

Vendryně - Limestone furnace

Nýdek, Little Ostrý crossroad, Vendryňské Butts - Lime kilns were built at the beginning 19. Vendryně century in the village, together with limestone mining in nearby quarries. Preserved kilns are located at a height of about 400 m preserved are two circular shaft furnace. The final closure of the two furnaces was in 1965. These sites will lead you green tourist.


Hrčava - Trojmezí meet is the place where the borders of three states - the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. The exact focus point Trojmezná located on a steep slope above the creek. At this point there are three triangular pyramid-shaped monoliths. Trojmezná point is located in the center of the circle that connects the tops of these pyramids. On each of the pyramids is a mark in one of the states. Near monoliths found crossroads of hiking trails.


Vital sports complex Bystřice - indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and massage, squash, children's playroom, large and small hall (floorball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, football, etc.) Vigorous sports complex Vendryně - tennis, badminton, mini golf, bowling, beach volleyball, fitness center, playground, relaxation, swimming pool Pension Ovečka Nýdek - private wellness (sauna, whirlpool bath, relaxation area, minibar, massage room, private terrace), restaurant, children's park, rental bikes and electric bikes, rent segway

Kempaland Bukovec

Summer and winter attractions - aquazorbing, bungeetrampolines and trampolines, mountain carts, summertubing, bow shooting, kid's quad bike and more. In winter skiing

Clearwater Bridges Jablunkova

Summer and winter attractions - bobsleigh track, a climbing center, trampolines, children's amusement park, aerotrim and others. In winter, skiing, cross-country trails.

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