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Cottage Moravice - Tourist and comfortable accommodation in Jeseniky

We invite you to our mountain chalet in the Jeseníky region. We have rooms with private bathroom. I am an object suitable for individual and family recreation, school trips, ski courses, sports camps. The accommodation has a dining room, bar, outdoor pool, clubhouse with bar, classrooms, barbecue. Come to us and you will find that even tourist accommodation can be very pleasant. All our rooms are newly renovated and have their own bathroom.
In the partner hotel Kamzík terý is only 50 m away from us, you can use all facilities and services. At your disposal, an indoor swimming pool and the new hotel wellness at a good price, gym, fitness room, courts, bowling, rope center and playground. Cottage Moravice consists of two interconnected buildings with a total capacity of 170 beds. Cottage Moravice is an annex of Hotel Kamzík, which is located at a distance of 50 m. Guests staying in Moravice can use all the services offered at Hotel Kamzík.

Right in our cottage Moravice

you can see that the hotel-style hostel can provide a very good background. Our offer is:

  •     a dining room where you can enjoy great home cooking such as your grandmother,
  •     outdoor pool,
  •     garden with lawn and asphalt surfaces that children use for games,
  •     outdoors sitting,
  •     table tennis,
  •     Wi-Fi in public areas free of charge,
  •     classrooms and services for school groups,
  •     clubhouse with bar and bar,
  •     sitting at the inner fireplace,
  •     ski storage, bicycle storage,
  •     free parking.


In partner hotel Kamzík

which is only 50 m away from us, you can use all the facilities and services.

You are available to:

  •     indoor pool and new hotel wellness at a bargain price and massage
  •     gym, gym, courts
  •     bowling
  •     climbing center
  •     playground
  •     workout playground


Rope Center - At Hotel Kamzík and Cottages Moravice

In front of the hotel Kamzik, which is Chata Moravice dependence, we have built a rope center for you, which is designed for adults and older children. There are different routes. Thus, both experienced climbers and those who have not yet taken a similar activity can test their courage, dexterity and fitness. Smaller children will not come here too - they will visit the children's rope center and playground, which is part of the area.


Ski resorts

Ski on the adjacent Ski Arena Karlov always until the end of March or on Praděd is about 12 km away, there is snow regularly until the end of April. There are several ski and snowboard rentals, ski service and a ski school on site.


Check out our accommodation in Malá Morávka - Penzion Eden


Our mountain cottage Smrková - Karlov pod Pradědem


We also offer a comfortable Hotel Kamzík with wellness facilities


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In the vicinity of the hotel

In the winter season you will appreciate that there are slopes nearby Ski arena Karlov, where beginners and advanced beginners can find their track, there are tens of kilometers of cross-country skiing.

In the summer season you go to trip: walking, cycling, nature, monuments and spas, mushrooms or fish. Come and enjoy an active stay in the pure mountain air.


Skiing in Jeseníkách

The Jeseníky Mountains offer excellent skiing conditions, some of the best in the Czech Republic.

The main goal of the skiers is Ski arena Karlov.

There are 12 km of slopes available for one ski pass. An attractive ski arena was created by connecting three areas of Ski Karlov, Kazmarka, Myšák, Klobouk - Olomoučák.
In operation, 3 chairlifts, 4 lifts (2 x anchor, 2 x poma), total 17 slopes of all difficulty from mild to racing.
The new family ski slope offers cool skiing via 1400.
4 chairlift Karlovský Express with bubbles.

It is also nearby countless cross-country ski trails, ski and snowboard rental, ski service and ski school. Praděd - Ovčárna is 12 km and skiing here until April. Jeseníky are
a clear choice in Moravia for skiing.


Skiing, cheap accommodation and entertainment

Karlov pod Pradědem combines good conditions for skiing, comfortable and affordable accommodation as well as cultural activities. Self Mountain hotel Moravice has
dining room and bar available, the central hotel Kamzík is wide sports facilities including an indoor heated pool and equipment for wellness


Lyžařské kurzy

The mountain hotel Moravice in Karlovy Vary is a perfect place for ski courses. Cheap accommodation, all-day dining and most importantly vExcellent location for skiing. There is also Skibus and Skitaxi, which departs from the hotel to the Ski Arena Karlov. If you are interested, we will provide professional ski and snowboard instructors. The price offer for ski courses will be tailored to suit your requirements.


Downhill skiing

Thanks to the unique nature, winter holidays in the Jeseníky Mountains have great charm. Snow in Jeseníky attacks at the end of November and will usually last until Easter.
The Jeseníky Mountains are the place where lifts last year end as the last in the Czech Republic, especially due to quality snow.


Ski arena Karlov

You will appreciate the 12 km of slopes available for one ski pass. This attractive ski arena was created by connecting the following areas: Ski Karlov, Kazmarka, Myšák, Klobouk - Olomoučák.
There are 3 chair lifts, 4 lifts, a total of 17 slopes of all difficulties from moderate to racing.
The new family ski slope Čerťák offers cross-country skiing via 1400. 4 chairlift Karlovský Express with bubbles. The largest evening skiing in Moravia, up to 4300 m illuminated tracks.

The lifts have sufficient capacity for quick check-in of skiers and are continuously covered with snow. Due to the altitude of 800 m and artificial snow, the winter season is extended until the end of April.


Distance to the Ski Arena Karlov from our accommodation complex Kamzík to the first lift is 650 m. Cross-country skiers, skiers and snowboarders have large parking lots near ski slopes, ski rentals, ski service, ski schools
for children and adults. Refreshments are a matter of course.
Snowboarding is an increasingly popular winter sport.
Snowboard equipment and snowboard services are part of the resorts.
For the guests of our accommodation complex Kamzík we offer the possibility of use


Ski arena Karlov - JeseníkySki resort Karlov pod Pradědem, skiing in the Jeseníky Mountains


Ski Arena Kopřivná

Ski resort Kopřivná is the operator of the longest ski slopes in the Malá Morávka and Karlova valley the most modern heated 6 chairlift in the Czech Republic.
In addition to the original blue piste, it has a newly built red ski slope with a modern snow system. It is equipped with excellent lighting on both sides. Evening skiing can be enjoyed on two modified slopes.
Throughout the winter season offers quality skiing conditions. The track is modified several times a day.
V Children's winter park the children can supervise their parents and enjoy a slide, snow castle or safe bobbing on the closed part of the slopes. Not only children, but most adults, will certainly not resist riding on a special inflatable tire
in your favorite snowtubing track full of tilted turns in the snow bed and down, even with a special lift up. Distance from hotel Kamzík is 4 km.


Praděd - Ovčárna

The most famous ski resort of the entire Jeseníky Mountains is approximately 10 km from the hotel. There is the highest mountain of Moravia and Silesia - Praděd (1492 m) which dominates the 149 m high television tower with a lookout tower and a restaurant.
Praděd with its beauty and excellent skiing conditions attracts a number of domestic and foreign tourists annually to the Jeseníky Mountains. All winter sports enthusiasts, whether beginners, advanced skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers or passive tourism enthusiasts, who enjoy watching the snow-capped mountains, will love it. There is also here 7 downhill tracks with a total length of 4,5 km at the height of 1235 - 1445 m n. M. The highest towed station is on Petrovy stones. The ski tracks are constantly being maintained during the winter, providing night skiing. There are ski rentals, ski equipment and a ski service. Most cross-country skiing runs through Praděd. Because it is the highest ski center in the whole Czech Republic, it provides
in the winter (from December to April), the best snow conditions for lovers of winter sports.


Karlova Studánka and Vrbno pod Pradědem

Karlova Studánka Ski Resort is located in the lower part of the village on the left slope in direction Vrbno pod Pradědem.

The slopes are engineered daily and are artificially snow-covered. Refreshments are provided directly on the premises.

The ski equipment rental and ski service are about 1 km away from the ski resort. The lift is far from the lower parking area of ​​the Karlova Studánka 120 m. The length of the slope is 600 m, the 110 m elevation, the difficulty blue.
Ski Arena Vrbno is available bobsled track of length 840 m.
Karlova Studánka is far from 8 km, Vrbno pod Pradědem 17 km.


Červenohorské Sedlo

The Ski Resort Červenohorské sedlo is one of the most famous downhill skiing centers in North Moravia. It is a well-known crossroads of winter hiking trails. The altitude is 1013 m. Downhill runs start at 1164 at the altitude of 862 m. The ski lifts and eight ski lifts are served by the ski lifts.
From the cable car you can go to four slopes. Each of them is more than one kilometer longer. The visitor can choose between terrains, from the so-called light to the steep slalom slope designed by the most advanced skiers.
Distance from us 35 km.


Ramzová and Petříkov

Ski arena at Ramzové (from us 44 km) currently operates a four-seater cable car from Ramzová to Čerňava, a two-seater cable car from Čerňava 
to Šerák and three ski lifts. Elevation 782 m - 1351 m.

Petříkov (from us 48 km) can be found on the northern slopes at an altitude of 780 m above sea level. Ski resort KASTE is equipped with two two-anchor lifts with a length of 700 m and 580 m 
and a children's ski lift of length 40 m. All three ski lifts are located in close proximity to KASTE Mountain Lodge. Ski passes are also common for the neighboring two ski lifts of Ski Petříkov 
(700 and 450 m). Visitors can use the parking lot at the beginning of Petříkov
and take the Skibus directly to the ski lifts. The ski bus runs in the winter season every day
at regular ten minute intervals.

Cross-country trails

Running routes around Karlova

1. Karlov - Alfredka - Karlov (24 km)

Difficulty: less demanding route on groomed tracks leading mainly through forest sections of the road from Rýmařov to Malá Morávka.

The route begins in Karlovy Vary, continues on the way to Mravencovka, from where you can overlook the entire Great Basin, and further along the cottage Alfrédka on the Mravenčí sedlo. We are passing the Bear Rocks and the Crossroads at Škaredé fir, leading us to the recreation settlement Žďárský Potok. From there we will head to Nové Ves, where we will see the view of Dolní Moravice and Bruntálsko, cross the Jelení Potok and go back to Karlov.


Cross-country trails from Malá Morávka

Malá Morávka together with Karlova Studánka offers visitors a wide range of activities in winter sports. Both centers are the starting points for the entrance to the main ridge of Jeseníky - Jesenická magistrála. There are many cross-country trails and a number of slopes nearby: Malá Morávka - Karlov, Figura Praděd - Ovčárna.


1. Malá Morávka - Malá Morávka (31,0 km)

Small Morávka (660 m above sea level) -> 4,0 km Karlov (710 m above sea level) -> 7,0 km The Ant (899 m above sea level) -> 10,0 km Alfred (1080 m above sea level) -> 13,0 km Jelení studánka
(1320 m asl) -> 19,5 km Barborka (1325 m asl) -> 24,0 km Charles Fountain
(815 m asl) -> 25,0 km Star (865 m above sea level) -> 31,0 km Small Morávka (660 m nm).

Difficulty: elevation gain is about 800 m, difficult route in length and elevation, difficult ascent
at the Deer Spring, a challenging congress of Peter's stones.

The starting point is Malá Morávka, from where we go to Mravencovka, then to Alfrédka cottage. After a visit to the cottage we are waiting for a challenging climb on Jelení studánka, but the reward will be a beautiful view from the main ridge. From the Deer Wells we will continue around the beehive stands over the peaks of the Great May (1385 m), the Chimney (1420 m)
and high sticks (1464 m) to Peter's stones (1438 m). After the complicated downhill ride to Ovčárna, we reach the oldest mountain lodge in the Jeseníky Mountains - Barborka. Better individuals can go to the peak of Praděd.
After returning to Ovčárna, we continue to the Ovčárna crossroad and Eustašce cottage
and finally, with a long descent along the slopes of Temná and Kopřivná, we get to our hotel in Karlov, from where we reach back to Malá Morávka.

2. Malá Morávka - Praděd (13,0 km)

Difficulty: the elevation is 900 m.

Small Morávka (660 m above sea level) -> 6,0 km Star (865 m above sea level) -> 7,0 km Charles Fountain (815 m above sea level) -> 11,5 km Barborka (1325 m above sea level) -> 13,0 km Grandfather
(1492 m nm)


Cross-country skiing trails in Nova Ves near Rýmařov

Trails along the meadows with beautiful views and tasty refreshments at the height of 860 m. Possibility of connection to the backbone of the Jesenicka Ski Trail.
The operator of the tracks and mountain huts Myslivna is the Police Club Olomouc - a skiing section. Outside of the race days, the tracks are accessible to the general public, connected to the modified tourist routes - the routes towards Karlov, Alfrédka and Skřítek.

  • TRANSPORT 2A, 5,7 km: Nová Ves - Dolní Moravice
  • TRANSPORT 2B, 5,7 km: Nová Ves - Janovice - Stará Ves
  • 2C TRACE 3,9 km: Nová Ves - Horní Moravice - Dolní Moravice (Avalanche)
  • TRACE 2D, 5,0 km: New Ves - Circuits


Running routes from Ovčárna

The Ovčárna and Praděd area is a convenient starting point both for crossing the ridge of the Jeseníky Mountains and for a number of local cross-country tracks. There are one here
of the best snow conditions in the Czech Republic. Nearby is the famous Figura Praděd - Ovčárna ski resort.


1. Sheepdog - Malá Morávka (13,5 km)

Difficulty:  the elevation is 650 m.

Sheepdog (1300 m above sea level) -> 1,0 km Barborka (1325 m above sea level) -> 5,5 km Charles Fountain (815 m above sea level) -> 6,5 km Star (865 m above sea level) -> 12,5 km Small Morávka
(660 m nm)

2. Sheepdog - Vrbno pod Pradědem (18,0 km)

Difficulty: the elevation is 750 m.

Sheepdog (1300 m above sea level) -> 1,0 km Barborka (1325 m above sea level) -> 5,5 km Charles Fountain (815 m above sea level) -> 6,5 km Star (865 m above sea level) -> 8,0 km Ridge (955 m above sea level) -> 9,0 km Sheep hill (966 m above sea level) -> 11,0 km Little Hvězda (855 m above sea level) -> 13,5 km Anenská myslivna (826 m above sea level) -> 15,0 km Pod Šindelnou (754 m above sea level) -> 18,0 km Vrbno pod Pradědem (550 m nm)


Vrbno pod Pradědem - Karlova Studánka (21,5 km)

Difficulty: a rather demanding route leading predominantly through forest roads, roads from Bruntál and Jeseník, railway from Milotice nad Opavou

From Vrbno pod Pradedem we go "Dog Path" over the settlement Ludvíkov, where the slopes of the High Mountains (1031 m) are rising on the left and gradually reveals the view of the peak of Praděd and the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník. We arrive at Karlova Studánka, we continue all the wooded terrain on the slopes of Lyra (1092 m), around the Jelení bučina Nature Reserve to the Pytlák Chalet, situated on the slope of Žárny vrch (1094 m).
After descending to Vrbno pod Pradědem, we will take the final circle around the Chateau Mountain with the remains of the Fürstenwald Castle.


Rejvíz - Karlova Studánka (26 km)

Difficulty: medium difficulty route

From the highest village in Silesia, Rejvíz, we take a forest path through the valley of Černá Opava to the saddle of Orlík (1005 m). From the saddle you can reach the hillside of Medvědí hora
(1216 m) and Pytlák (1040 m) to Vrbno pod Pradědem. Our route, however, leads us through the saddle of Orlik through the Deer Meadows (1113 m) to the Videl Cross (926 m), from where we continue along the forest path leading to the slopes of Sokol and Middle Hill to the road, which we then reach
to the spa town of Karlova Studánka.


Skřítka - Červenohorské sedlo (24 km + 2 km to the peak of Praděd and back)

Difficulty: demanding route
Refreshment: Driving school, Ovčárna, Červenohorské sedlo

The route starts at the Skřítek motorway and is often referred to as the most beautiful and interesting ridge. After the start of the motorest we continue along the National Nature Reserve Rašelinště Skřítek, from where we climb to the Lost Stones. Upon reaching the ridge the road leads us to Jelení studánce, then we ascend to the second highest peak of the Jeseníky mountains - Vysoká holi (1464 m), from where there is a beautiful view of the surroundings. We continue to Peter's stones, we go to Ovčárna and after a few kilometers we get off
to the highest mountain of the Jeseníky Mountains - Praděd (1492 m). At the top of Praděd is a telecommunication tower with a view, which provides us with a beautiful view of the near and distant surroundings. We will reach the destination of our route to Červenohorské sedlo via Slata and our hotel.


Ramzová - Lipová lázně (17 km)

Severity: demanding route
Refreshments: Ramzová, chalet Jiří na Šerák, Bobrovník, Lipová Lázně

The starting point of this route is Ramzová, from where we head to Šerák and then we head towards the Čerňava (1065 m) along the forest path around the well water. Upon exiting the Horse Show we have a beautiful view of the valley of the Branné River.


Kralický Sněžník ridge (30 km)

Difficulty: very difficult route
Refreshments: minimal, only in the Old Town

From the highest village in Silesia, Rejvíz, we take a forest path through the valley of Černá Opava to the saddle of Orlík (1005 m). From the saddle it is possible to reach the slopes of Medvědí hora (1216 m) and Pytlák (1040 m) to Vrbno pod Pradědem. However, from the saddle of Orlík, our trail leads us through the Deer Meadows (1113 m) to the Videl Cross (926 m), from where we continue along the forest road leading to the slopes of Sokol and Middle Hill to the road, after which we reach the spa town of Karlova Studánka.

Tourist information office

Tourist buses are operated as regular bus lines and transport hikers and other passengers in the morning to tourist attractions and afternoons back to cities, towns and accommodation.


Parking under Praděd - on the Hvězda

Parking on the Star is a parking lot and a starting point when you go to Praděd Mountain. It is a guarded parking lot with limited capacity, all day parking. It is situated at the top of the climb between Malá Morávka and Karlova Studánka. Further, there is a need to continue the shuttle bus service direction Ovčárna (30 minimum intervals). When using the capacity, take advantage of parking lots in Malá Morávka (at the beginning of the village on the right side of the road from Rýmařov) or in Karlova Studánka
(at the beginning of the village on the left side of the road from Vrbno pod Pradědem) and continue to Star by bus.


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