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Pension Eden - Tourist and comfortable accommodation in the Jeseníky Mountains

Pension Eden is situated in the picturesque valley of the highest Moravian-Silesian mountain range, near the spring of Moravice. The guesthouse is located on the southern slope of the valley with a nice view. In front of the guesthouse there are landscaped terraces with children's pool, children's playground, climbing frames, sandpit, sitting by the fire-place with the possibility of toasting and Russian skittles. We accommodate you in 3 to 4-bedded rooms with private bathroom and suites with bathroom. The total capacity of the Eden Hotel is 120 beds, we can offer accommodation for larger schools in the countryside, ski courses and other larger groups. There are mainly groups of tourists, schools in nature, ski stays, sports camps etc., but also individuals who want cheap holidays in the mountains.

Services and facilities of the boarding house

At the Eden you will find everything you need. You are available to:

  • Dining room with TV, which also serves as a common room, and schools in the countryside use it as a classroom.
  • Lounge with TV, table football and billiards.
  • Terraced garden, where you can savor sausages, play Russian skittles and ping-pong, the smallest children enjoy themselves in the sandbox.
  • Catering in the form of full or half-board - we cook excellent home cooking.
  • free Wifi - The whole pension is very good signal coverage.
  • Skiwhere you can safely store the ski - each room has its own lockable cubicle.
  • Bicycle - we rent mountain bikes in the central hotel Kamzík for a fee, more people are going to rent in Malá Morávka.

Take advantage of our partner 2 services:

  • In the 300 m remote hotel Kamzík we offer you special prices
    wellness with swimming pool, you can also use the local sports facilities and the rope center.
  • You have free access outdoor pool near the cottage Moravice.

Accommodation for cyclists, hikers and skiers

Pension Eden will delight lovers of active holidays. There are many cycling trails and hiking trails nearby.

Skiers have access to the slopes Ski Arena Karlov, na winter resorts Ovčárna, Praděd and Ramzová several ski passes a day from Charles.

Accommodation in house

We accommodate you in 3 to 6-bedded rooms with private bathroom and suites with bathroom. The total capacity of Eden Hotel is 120 beds, we can offer accommodation
even for larger schools in nature, ski courses and other larger groups.

  • Catering we offer full or half-board, also look for our other services.
  • Accommodation with a dog it is possible for a fee (only dogs to learn the apartment).
  • Check in: The pension is located on a hill, the driveway is maintained all year round. Nevertheless, we recommend snow chains to drivers. Guests arriving by bus can be picked up at the station or by bus.

Schools in nature, tourist stays

Dear friends of mountains, hiking and active rest. We have prepared an interesting offer for schools in nature. We do not have a sea (yet :), but such blueberries and mushrooms as we do in Jeseníky, you will not find it anywhere else.

Our pension Eden is an ideal place for holding your school in nature.

All rooms have a private bathroom.


  • full board including a drinking regime provided in our dining room
  • we have meeting facilities for your activities and learning
  • grassy areas you can use it for outdoor games
  • available outdoor pool at the Horský hotel Moravice
  • the attractiveness of your stay will ensure rope center in front of hotel Kamzík


  • we have favorable prices, one of the lowest in the area, compared to high quality
  • we have school stays dlong-term experience
  • sports facilities at Hotel Kamzík will ensure program in case of bad weather
  • we are a site that suits the quality of the air for the healing stays


  • internal heated swimming pool with an outdoor terrace
  • professional gym
  • tennis and badminton court on the roof of the hotel
  • bowling track
  • tables on table tennis
  • Car mountain bikes including children's
  • climbing center and a children's playground in front of the Kamzík Hotel
  • primarily a large gym with sports facilities


  • new hotel wellness center
  • massage

Our mountain cottage Smrková - Karlov pod Pradědem

We also offer a comfortable Hotel Kamzík with wellness facilities

Our other accommodation in Jeseniky - Cottage Moravice

Price list

Mobile: +420 554 721 170

Address: Small Morávka 252 Karlov pod Pradědem 793 36


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Summer possibilities for relaxation

Mountain bikes

  • it is possible to book and rent at the reception, there are many suitable cycling trails (Malá Morávka, Rýmařov, Karlova Studánka, Dolní Moravice, Ovčárna, Praděd, Červenohorské Sedlo, etc.).


  • Malá Morávka and Karlov are starting points for many tourist routes such as Nová Ves, Žďárský Potok, Alfredec, Ovčárna (Petrovy stones), Praděd, Červenohorské sedlo, Karlova Studánka - climatic spa with the possibility to continue along the nature trail through the White Opava valley at Ovčárna - we recommend both adults and children.


  • swimming pool (children's round) - in front of the guest house
  • indoor heated swimming pool with outdoor terrace and whirlpool - at Hotel Kamzík
  • indoor pool Sřidlicová - 12 km
  • Wellness center Bruntál - 15 km


After 2. World War I was mostly displaced by the German population, housing in old timbered cottages was not a great interest among Czechs. At that time, many wooden houses were bought by people from larger towns, mainly from Olomouc, Ostrava, Opava and Brno, exclusively for recreational purposes, thus saving them for the future. Later, more than three dozen abandoned houses were demolished, and great cultural values ​​were destroyed. These old wooden cottages, often based in 18. but also many brick houses built in 19. century, are the riches that only a few regions can boast in Europe. The people who built them had an extraordinary sense of proportion and shape, as well as a great landscape sensation. That's why these cottages, referred to as folk buildings, the local mountain valleys are gently supplemented and visually enriched. Malá Morávka with its surroundings is today sought by all those who love nature and cultural values.

You can visit:

  • Chapel Hill - Malá Morávka - 1,5 km, history of mining in the Jeseníky Mountains
  • Chateau Bruntál with the Castle Park - 20 km
  • Sovinec - 26 km
  • the town of Jeseník - 30 km
  • nature reserve Rejvíz s A big moss pond - 40 km
  • Golden Mountains, area Sputtering mills in the Valley of Lost Galleries - 35 km
  • Dlouhé Stráně - pumping hydroelectric power station - 54 km
  • chateau Jánský Vrch - 60 km
  • chateau Úsov - 44 km
  • Praděd's Gallery at Halouzek in the village Jiříkov - 24 km
  • a lock and a handmade paper mill, the paper production museum in Velké Losiny - 44 km
  • climatic spa Karlova Studánka (6 km) - a mountain spa with the purest air in Central Europe, a pleasant place for walks, a summer cultural program.

Possibilities of winter recreation and sport

The area of ​​Malá Morávka and Karlova is one of the most popular ski areas in the whole area of ​​the Jeseníky mountains. Directly in Karlovo, at an altitude of 150 meters to 1,5 km from EDEN, there is an attractive ski arena.

Ski arena Karlov

  • There are 12 km of slopes available on one ski pass.
  • An attractive ski arena was created by joining the three ski resorts Karlov Karlov, Kazmarka, Myšák, Klobouk - Olomoučák. In operation, 3 chairlifts, 4 lifts (2 x anchor, 2 x poma), 17 slopes of all difficulty, from mild to racing.

The new family ski slope offers cool skiing via 1400.
4 chairlift Karlovský Express with bubbles.

Ski arena Karlov - Jeseníky

In case of bad weather and snow melting, it is also possible to use the entire winter season skibus, which stops near the guesthouse and takes you to 7 km away from the peak of Praděd (1491 mm), where it is skiing every year until the beginning of May.

On Praděd (1492 m nm) there are 7 downhill tracks with a total length of 4,5 km at 1235 - 1445 m above sea level The highest towed station is at Petrovy stones.
Cross-country skiers use the daily cross-country trail from Ovčárna to Červenohorské Sedlo or to the peak of Praděd with a television tower and a lookout tower over the entire Jeseníky mountains.

Running routes nearby
In Karlov and Praděd there is a mountain service all year round.

Ski resort Kopřivná

is the operator of the longest ski slopes in the Malá Morávka and Karlova valley the most modern heated 6 chairlift in the Czech Republic.
In addition to the original blue piste, it has a newly built red slopes
with a modern snow system. It is equipped with excellent lighting on both sides. Evening skiing can be enjoyed on two modified slopes.
Throughout the winter season offers quality skiing conditions. The track is modified several times a day.
V Children's winter park the children can supervise their parents and enjoy a slide, snow castle or safe bobbing on the closed part of the slopes. Not only children,
but most adults will certainly not resist riding on a special inflatable tire
in your favorite snowtubing track full of tilted turns in the snowy bed and down
even with a special lift up.

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