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Cottage Eduard

Czech Republic



Cottage Eduard - family recreation in the Jeseníky Mountains

Operation of the cottage with an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness in the protected landscape area of ​​Hrubý Jeseník. Offer year-round accommodation in 2 to 6 bedded rooms with bathroom, balcony and TV. There is a café, a restaurant and a day bar. Possibility of renting the hall for private events. The hut camp is spread over 12 thousands of square meters, surrounded by mountain scenery. Thanks to its location in the heart of the Jeseníky Mountains, the cottage is suitable for winter and summer holidays. If you are looking for a place where you feel harmony with nature, you are in the right place. The whole area of ​​the cottage is non-smoking. Pets are welcome to us. We also offer corporate events, weddings and celebrations. The capacity of the cottage is 90 beds.

Cottage Eduard is surrounded by virgin nature and offers many activities to visitors. In winter the cottage is sought after especially by lovers of skiing and cross-country skiing. In summer, nature lovers, hiking, mushroom picking, Nord-Walking and cycling will come to their senses.

In the camp itself you can rent scooters, relax in the jacuzzi or ride a horse. You will not be bored with us!

What you can look forward to

  • catering according to the daily offer
  • playground
  • outdoor covered terrace
  • whirlpool
  • outdoor pool (in the summer months)
  • playground
  • horses, ponies
  • Wi-Fi in public areas
  • free parking on site

Our rooms

  • Rooms Economy - Simply furnished 2 - 6 bedded rooms with shared bathroom facilities.
  • Classic Rooms - Attic 2 - 5 bed rooms in rustic style with shared bathroom facilities and views of nature.
  • Standard Rooms - Modern 2 - 3 single rooms with private bathroom and views of nature.
  • Family Rooms Standart - Modern 6 - 7 bedded rooms with 2 separate, separate rooms with corridor and bathroom.

Events for schools in the Jeseníky Mountains

Organize for your school or sports club an unforgettable trip, a ski course, a school in the nature or a concentration camp. Chalet Eduard offers accommodation, meals and entertainment for both small and large.

For schools and sports clubs we offer discounted rates for accommodation.

Why school events in our country?

  • capacity of 90 beds
  • covered terrace (70 places)
  • home cooking
  • swimming pool, multipurpose sports ground, classroom
  • grassy areas for outdoor activities
  • after an arrangement of rides on horses or ponies
  • fireplace (roasting of sausages)
  • after an appointment, a popular lecture on nature by Mr. Hain
  • disco and karaoke in the common room

Activities at the Chalet Eduard

Rent a scooter or two-wheeler

Only for accommodated guests.

2 Hours - 150 CZK

1 den - 300 CZK
2 days - 450 CZK
3 days - 600 CZK

Outdoor swimming pool

The outdoor swimming pool is only available in the summer months for guests staying in free.

For public:

3 -12let - 30 CZK

older 12-years - 50 CZK

Horse riding

In the area of ​​our mountain cottage there are Cameroon sheep, ponies and horses. Horseriding or ponies can be ordered upon prior arrangement. Reservations required 24 hours in advance.

Guided horse riding 450 CZK / hour, 350 CZK / 30 min.

Pony ride 100 CZK / 15 min. (for children only).

Multipurpose pitch

30 min - 50 CZK
60 min - 100 CZK

Rental of sporting goods:

Tennis racket - 30 CZK
Tennis ball - 5 CZK
Volleyball ball - 40 CZK
Football - 30 CZK


Reservations required 24 hours in advance.

30 min - 395 CZK
60 min - 595 CZK

Corporate events and accommodation in the Jeseníky Mountains

Are you looking for an ideal place for your corporate event or teambuilding? Chalet Eduard offers accommodation, great gastronomy and countless activities.

For companies we offer discounted rates for accommodation.

Why a corporate event with us?

  • advantageous accommodation price
  • summer covered terrace (70 persons)
  • catering
  • possibility to close the whole area
  • whirlpool, swimming pool, playground
  • barbecue (possibility of toasting)
  • date projector and canvas for rent
  • horseback riding
  • large lawns for teambuilding activities
  • the possibility of mediating a visit to the Absinth factory

Wedding your dreams at the Eduard Chateau in the Jeseníky Mountains

Do you want to spend an unforgettable wedding day? Let us worry and we'll make sure you marry your dreams.

For weddings over 50 people rent space and room for newlyweds for FREE.


  • the whole wedding under one roof (ceremony, banquet and accommodation)
  • summer covered terrace
  • complete gastronomic service
  • decoration and flowers
  • welcome to newlyweds (breaking the plates)
  • romantic room for newlyweds
  • accommodation for wedding guests
  • possibility to close the whole area
  • providing a photographer and a hairdresser (horse shooting)

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Tips for excursions in the Jeseníky Mountains


Praděd is a high 1492 mounch and is the highest peak of the Jeseníky Mountains and Moravia. At the beginning of 20. a tower in Neo-Gothic style was built there. The existing lookout tower was built in 1983. Praděd is an important crossroads of hiking trails. In the vicinity there is the highest ski resort in the Czech Republic. The peak and its surrounding area are declared by the National Nature Reserve Praděd.

Fauna park

The Fauna Park in Horní Lipová is a smaller private zoo. There are domestic and exotic animals, such as sheep, goats, lamas, kangaroos, monkeys, ostriches, raccoons, turtles, surikats, parrots, Usurian tigers, American puma and others. The garden also offers accommodation and the possibility of organizing lectures and seminars. There is an outdoor seating area, a children's playground and snacks in the ZOO area.

Rejvíz nature trail

The Rejvíz nature trail is located in the national nature reserve of the same name, spread over 396,63 ha in the northeastern part of Hrubý Jeseník in the Orlík massif. The territory is a divide of Černá Opava and the Vrchovištní brook, which is laid at the altitude of 750 to 790 m in the wide, shallow pan slightly inclined to the east. The uniqueness of the nature of this reservation is conditioned by geological past and climate.

Forest bar

In the mountainous area of ​​the Jeseníky Mountains, specifically in the Rychlebské Mountains, there is a forest bar, which is located above the village of Horní Lipová. Tourists have a wide range of beverages at the forest bar, which cool cold spring water, can brew coffee or tea. The Forest Bar operates 24 hours a day. There is a cash desk that serves tourists to pay for their consumption. Because there is no staff, it depends on the honesty of the visitors.

Trail in the clouds

The trail in the clouds is located near the upper station of the Sněžník cable car, at the altitude of 1116 m. It is high 55 meters and you can easily reach the top by a wooden way with prams. Those more adventurous can use the unique 101 m long stainless steel water slide with the windows to downhill. From the very top there are breathtaking views of the whole massif of Králický Sněžník with the picturesque valley of the Morava River.

Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric power plant

An excursion to the pumping power plant is possible all year round on weekdays incl. Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 to 15.00 hour always after prior on-line ordering. During the tour, you will visit the technological facilities in the huge underground areas, the lower reservoir and the impressive top tank at the altitude of 1 350 m at Mravenečník mountain. Excursion is also a tour of the Visitors Center on the Long Streets.

High waterfall

The high waterfall lies in Hrubý Jeseník on Studeném potok. It is part of the High Waterfall Nature Reserve, which stretches over 141 ha at altitude 850 m. It is a protected system of cascades of mountain spruce forests and mountainous spruce beech forests. Originally, the waterfall was tall 45 meters. During the 1880 floods, however, the rock wall was disturbed and the waterfall was divided into several cascades.

Nature trail Bílá Opava

Bala Opava nature trail goes through many bridges, staircases and footpaths along the banks of White Opava - the most beautiful mountain stream of the Jeseníky Mountains. In addition to several waterfalls, numerous cascades and rapids, rock formations and romantic hillsides of spruce forests, the nature trail of Bílá Opavana offers seven information boards with basic information about the nature of this unique reservation.

Priessnitz spa

Priessnitz spa resort lies in a picturesque location on the slopes of Studni vrch, about 2 km from Jeseník, at an average altitude of 620 m, the northernmost outpost of Silesia and Moravia. The area forming the dominant of a wide area is located on the site of the original Gräfenberk settlement, where 1799 was born Vincenc Priessnitz, the world-famous founder of these hydrotherapy baths. The spa has exceptionally favorable climatic conditions because it is protected from the three sides by the high ridges of the mountains.

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