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Cottage Nová Seninka



Horská chata Nová Seninka - recreation Králický Sněžník

The cottage is an ideal place for sporting events, outdoor schools, skiing, adaptation and language courses. The capacity of the accommodation is 50 persons. There is a restaurant, a common room, a children's playground, a car park. The cottage is situated in beautiful countryside under Králický Sněžník. Ski resorts to 5 km. Chatu Nová Seninka can be found in the mountain village Nová Seninka. At the end of the world, not far from the Old Town. In close proximity to Senica there is the Kladské sedlo, the border of the Rychlebské mountains, the Orlické Mountains and the Hrubý Jeseník. The northern border of Nová Seninka is also a state border between Poland and the Czech Republic. There is a children's playground, sandpit, Russian skittles, outdoor grill and campfire fireplace. Of course there is also free parking. Come and enjoy the virgin nature of the Czech mountains. We look forward to your visit!

Accommodation in a cottage

Cottage Nová Seninka offers accommodation in a beautiful and peaceful environment under Králický Sněžník.

  • Total capacity of 47 beds
  • 1x 4lůžkový room
  • 2x 2lůžkový room
  • 4x 4 bed room
  • 1x 5 bed room
  • 3x 6 bed room
  • Breakfast available. Half board (above 10osob)
  • Free WI-FI internet access in the restaurant and the dining room

Stays for schools

Cottage Nová Seninka is located in a quiet and picturesque setting. It is an ideal place for skiing, schools and kindergartens in nature, adaptation, cycling, language and other courses. In the cottage we have a children's playground that links to the 1ha area, which offers space for various games.

  • room for learning
  • saloon
  • great trampoline
  • skittles
  • there is plenty of space for sports around the cottage, we are in the middle of nature
  • Wi-fi

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Winter activities nearby

Stříbrnice Ski Resort

The fairytale area of ​​Kralický Sněžník Stříbrnice and Hynčice pod Sušinou - the center of winter sports includes a ski resort in Hynčice pod Sušinou and Stříbrnice. In scenic valleys, 12 Downhill runs total over 7 km, suitable for both beginner and advanced skiers. The complex is equipped with a modern snowmaking system with modified tracks, which will take you to the fast lifts.

Here we go for sure!

Ski resort Skitech Kuncice

The area is located at the foot of the Králický Sněžník Massif, about 3 km from the Old Town under Sněžník. Altitude 600 - 800 m., Operating time of 8.30 -16.00 hour lifts You can use 4 - 5 km of ski tracks, long 600 - 1000 m.
The routes suit both beginners and good skiers. The area is modernized, the prices of cableways are the same as in previous years, you will not stand in line with us. For children there is a children's ski lift, a playground, a rope course
a pyramid, swings, slides and a trampoline. Free parking right by the lifts. For cross-country skiers, routes from the top of the Triangl cable car to Králický Sněžník, Paprsek or the Old Town are prepared. Clients will find space, comfort and a pleasant environment.

Ski Resort Paprsek

Perfectly adjusted ski trails to Ostružná, along the ridge to Smrk and Pomezí or in the opposite direction to Medvědí, Kladské Sedlo and Králický Sněžník. The skiers will be happy on the well-kept slope of the Paprsek cabin where the chairlift is waiting for them. There is also a material rental service and a ski school. Maintained road from St. Cities lead to the cottage.

Ski Resort StříbrniceSkitech KunciceSki Resort Paprsek

Tips for trips in the summer

Branná - rope park

Route with twelve high rope obstacles and three low training rope obstacles. The hurdles are arranged to form a path at the end of which is the giant cable gondola long 33 m.

Ramzová - mountain minikáry

The track is located directly next to the Haltmar Pension in Ramzová.

Petříkov - Summer bobsleigh track

It is located in one of the most beautiful valleys between the Jeseníky Mountains and the Rychlebské hory - the Petříkovské Valley.

Rope park Branná, Olomouc RegionMountain miners RamzováSummer bobsleigh track Ostružná, Petříkov


Handmade paper mill
The paper manufactory was to build a Jan Jerons from Žerotín in the places of the former grain mill. According to the evidence of the sources, the papermaking company started production as one of the companies of the developing hill-house economy sometime in the years 1591-1596.

Chateau Velké Losiny
In the places of today's castle was formerly a water fortress, which is indirectly documented in 15. century. The fundamental change came at the end of 15. a century when the Losins got into the possession of the Zerotines. The small fort could not meet the high demands of one of the richest Moravian families. In 2. half of 16. century, a magnificent castle was built on the site of a fortress.

Thermal Baths
In the places of today's castle was formerly a water fortress, which is indirectly documented in 15. century.

Lower Morava


One of the longest and most interesting bobsleigh track in the Czech Republic. In the summer and winter you can enjoy the most up-to-date type of safe bobsled track. Enjoy more than a mile ride.

Adrenalin park

Do you want to enjoy adrenaline? Visit one of the largest rope parks in the Czech Republic.

Trail in the clouds

The trail in the clouds is located near the cottage Slaměnka, near the upper station of the lift Sněžník, at the altitude of 1116 m. It is high 55 meters and you can reach the top by a wooden way with prams. On the way down, you can try the 101 m long stainless steel water slide. From the very top you will see beautiful views of the whole massif of Králický Sněžník with the picturesque valley of the Morava River, in the distance the main ridge of the Jeseníky Mountains, Praděd, Suchý vrch and Krkonoše.

Spa Jeseník

The Priessnitz Healing Spa in Jeseník is situated in the middle of the untouched nature of the Rychleby Mountains and Hrubý Jeseník in the northernmost tip of the Olomouc Region. The spa has exceptionally favorable climatic conditions. This location provides a very suitable microclimate for all-year treatment of the airways, problems of the blood circulation and nervous system.

Ladek Zdroj

A few kilometers beyond the border of the Czech Republic, there are the Rychlebské Mountains with a mountain called "Borůvková hora". There is a lookout tower leading from the Polish side. From the lookout tower you will see magnificent panoramas and the seven-thousand-year-old town of Ladek Zdroj. Ladek Zdroj One of the oldest spa in Europe offers relaxation, rehabilitation and relaxation. A marble circular pool containing water from a natural mineral spring at 28-32ºC is located in the spa.

Bear Cave

Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia w Kletnie is located in the Králický Sněžník Massif in the northwest slope of Strom mountain, on the right side of the Kleśnica brook. Not far from the cave, down the northeast, Kletno is situated. From the Kladské sedlo border crossing, the journey takes about 15 min and is about 9 km long.

Cerna Gora

The top of Czarna Gora (1205 m above sea level) is situated in the main northwestern ridge of the Králický Sněžník Massif.
Czarna Gora is perfectly recognizable from all over Kladno - it looks like a tall, steep peak, contrasting with the wide, dome-shaped peak of the Králický sněžník mountain. At the very top of Mount Czarna Góra there is a wooden construction of the observation tower.

Kolštejn Castle and Chateau

The remains of the castle of Kolštejn have been well preserved. At first glance, it captivates every one of its excellent strategic locations, which allowed it to guard the original path, leading the valley from Moravia to Silesia.

Dlouhé Stráně

The Dlouhé Stráně Water Power Plant is one of the 7 wonders in the Czech Republic. There is a lift from Koutovy nad Desnou to the Pumping Power Station or various routes of different difficulty.



In our pub you can taste dishes prepared in the form of home cooking. We emphasize the freshness and high quality of raw materials from which we prepare everything.

  • Pleasant pub with home-made atmosphere and tiled stove
  • HB
  • Corporate events, training
  • Rauts, wedding receptions, family and corporate celebrations
  • Action on your wishes
  • Summer garden



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