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Králický Chata - summer and winter holidays Králický Sněžník

Králický cottage belongs to the village of Nový Rumburk and is located several tens of meters in front of the village Stříbrnice (area of ​​the Old Town under Králický Sněžník, district Šumperk). The site is spread over the 6000 m2. We offer accommodation plus a variety of opportunities for sports, relaxation and entertainment, both for children and adults. The total capacity of the cottage is 36 beds (plus extra beds) - cottage has 16 rooms, two to four bedded, 18 beds - 6 two to four bed cottages equipped with electricity. For schools there is a special price offer for school trips, schools in nature and ski training courses.


  • Rooms have their own bathroom
  • wooden solid beds, couch or bunk bed
  • cabinet or chest of drawers
  • table, chairs or chairs
  • nightstand with lamp
  • Wireless

Sport activities:

Multipurpose pitch

Size: 20x45m

Surface - grass, year-round maintained, tennis pillars, soccer goal. The playground can be used for football or as two volleyball courts next to each other

Baseball field

Size: 9x18m

Surface - grass, year-round maintained, pillars for volleyball, football, bedbington

Table tennis

The table tennis is outdoors during the summer, in the winter in the common room

Table tennis equipment can be rented.


  • climbing
  • sandpit
  • trampoline

... and something for everyone - a stone fireplace and outdoor sitting in the countryside accompanied by a bubbling stream offers a pleasant ending of the day

Offer for schools

For schools there is a special price offer for school trips, schools in nature and ski training courses.

School trips and schools in nature:
primary school pupils: 340 CZK
pupils of secondary schools: 360 CZK

Ski training courses:
primary school pupils 1st grade: 320 CZK
primary school pupils II. grade: 340 CZK
pupils of secondary schools: 360 CZK

The price includes full board and drinking mode. Half board is possible after agreement.

Trip program tips:

one-day trip: for tourists - exit to Kralický Sněžník
route length - 8 km there and 8 back, total 16 km, output takes about 6 hours. On our way to Stříbrnice, you can visit the Beer Museum in Hanušovice or the Fortification Museum in the Old Town for smaller or less well-traveled tourists - a walk on Návrší, then back through Hynčice pod Sušinou. It is possible to arrange slopes downhill (mild) on quads

two-day trip: 1. day - hike to Sněžník or Návrší, afternoon football tournament
2.den - circuit after the fortification from II.SV with a bunker inspection (must be arranged in advance)

For those interested can arrange and arrange rides on horseback

More inspiration can be found on our site in the link Tourism or Sights on Kralický Sněžník and its surroundings

Další cottages and cottages in the Olomouc region you can find here.

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  • Beer Museum in Hanušovice
  • Velké Losiny - chateau
  • Velké Losiny - production of handmade paper
  • Velké Losiny - thermal spa
  • Museum of the Old Town
  • Fortification Museum in Old Town
  • educational trail in the Old Town - bunkers - including a bunker tour
  • the castle and chateau Kolštějn in Branná
  • the town of Králíky - the pilgrimage site The Mountain of the Mother of God - the monastery Dolní Hedeč, the bunker Hůrka, the fortification museum, the Suchý vrch
  • Poland - Bear cave in Kletno, water reservoir near Stronie Slaskie
  • Vysoké Žibřidovice - the birthplace of the ancestors of Franz Schubert

There are a few types of things to go when you're bored and climbing the hills

  • bowling in the Old Town - 4 km - restaurant Pod javorem
  • Hotel Sněženka in Hynčice pod Sušinou - 3 km - bowling, indoor whirlpool, sauna, massages
  • horseback riding
  • tennis courts Old Town - tel. 723182795
  • minigolf - sports complex Old Town
  • summer activities on the chair lift in Hynčice pod Sušinou - downhill slopes on scooters and pedal quads

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