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Camping Keramika - holiday on the water

The Ceramics Camp 30.000 m2 is situated in a beautiful setting on the banks of Hracholusky dam, about 15km west of Pilsen. Suitable for lovers of water sports, fishermen, mushroom pickers, holidaymakers or tourists and for those who are looking for new experiences.

Accommodation is provided in 26 cabins 4 or 5 beds, further in 2 bungalows and 1 above standard apartments. The cottages have their own WC, sink and kitchen. The extraordinary cottages of the BUNGALOV type are additionally equipped with a massage shower and television. Free wireless WIFI internet access is available throughout the camp. Please note that there is no bedding in the bungalows - it is possible to bring the custom bedding you are used to, or you can borrow it for 60, -Kč per suite on site. Bed linen is necessary. Showers, kiosk, restaurant, lounge and public kitchen are located in the main building.


Accommodation in the Ceramics Camp site

  • equipped cottages
  • hobbit houses
  • apartments
  • tents sites
  • area for caravans


Lodge No. 1 - No. 15 (see location plan)

Wooden cabin - smaller - about the total size approx 29m2, the area of ​​the residential part is about 18m2. Each cottage has its own terrace, WC (accessible from the terrace), kitchen + the most basic equipment, refrigerator, stove, own bench for outdoor seating. The cottage is designed for max. 4 people.

Lodge No. 16 - No. 21 (see location plan)

Wooden cottage - bigger - with a total size about 40m2, the area of ​​the residential part is about 29m2. Each cottage also has its own terrace, its own WC, a kitchenette + the most basic equipment, a refrigerator, a stove, a private bench for outdoor seating. Sleeping in chat is divided into 2 separate separate sections. The cottage is designed for max. 5 people.

Hobit houses

Hobbit houses are a very popular concept for short-term accommodation in a camp. They are the only ones offered during the high season for short stays without prior reservation. This is accommodation resembling living in recreational wooden barrels. Our Hobbit houses are equipped with one double bed with full mattresses for 2 people, an electric socket, light and a terrace with a position under a large parasol. Ideal speech for those who want to be in a camp and do not want to build a tent :-)

Tents and caravans

Another option is tents, camper camps, caravans, caravans and motorhomes (caravans). There are several tents ... both in the upper part of the camp and in the middle and lower. In the marginal part of the camp there is a space for a comprehensive tent camp (about 15 large tents for 4 persons with operating space between tents) eg as a summer camp for children etc. The current capacity of the electric connections for caravans is 10. In the near future, this number will increase due to demand.

Group events - weddings, celebrations, school reunions

Outside July and August it is possible to organize corporate teambuildings, weddings, school reunions and group events at the Ceramics Camp. We are fully equipped in terms of gastronomy as well as presentation and audiovisual equipment. With the capacity of 130 beds we can handle even larger events, including outdoor catering for up to 500 people.

Why visit the Keramika camp?

  • holiday in a camp directly by the water (Hracholusky dam)
  • the camp provides facilities for families with children (playground, slides, climbing frames)
  • The restaurant with a pub is located in the grounds of the camp
  • The summer camp with free entry is organized in the camp.
  • Sports facilities, cycling, mushroom picking and fishing
  • Pilsen - The European City of Culture for 2015 is located only 25 km from the camp
  • the camp is suitable for organizing group and corporate events
  • However, the campsite is also frequented by families with children, and therefore nightlife is maintained. Concerts and events take place from 19: 00 hour to 23: 00 hour !!




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Price list

Mobile: + 420 608 749 745, + 420 776 121 654

Address: Hracholusky - Camp Keramika (Hracholuská přehrada)




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Sports and fun in the campsite and nearby


Boats, steamboat, minigolf, multipurpose playground, billiards, darts, ...

Try to imagine such an extraordinary day spent by water by swimming, sunbathing and relaxing on the beach with a well-cooled drink. What if you relax and start thinking about some experience? Would you like a romantic boat ride, or even a small sailboat? Or a steamship trip to the dam ... Did you enjoy the water enough? What would you like to do next ... like playing volleyball, football or volleyball on a nicely modified playground? Do not like ball games? And what about the miniature golf? It's nothing more fun than to hit the hole :-). Are we sunny and what would you like to enjoy for a delicious dinner on the terrace? Billiards? Darts? Board game? No, how else could you end such a beautiful day than good drinking and interesting game. Does it seem like a dream to you? Come to meet him at Camp Keramika.Hudba, sings, entertainment, concerts, discos

Are you tired of going to the city tonight? We have a solution ... come to Camp Keramika every Thursday and every Saturday there are concerts or discos in the camp, the main advantage is that we will not send you a night bus in the middle of the night, but you can stay with us for as long as you like. However, the campsite is also frequented by families with children, and therefore nightlife is maintained. Concerts and events running from 19: 00 to 23: 00 !!

Regular sports events

You like to sport, but rather just for recreation ... even in recreational sport you can compete in an amateur triathlon race - Ceramic man. Swimming, cycling, or running. Come to spend a weekend full of sport at Camp Keramika, come to participate, or even win, and very interesting prizes. Where to race ... but where else than in the beautiful countryside of Camping Keramika. Start swimming right from the beach in the camp, running through the surrounding forests and meadows and the bike ... by the most beautiful trails just around the Hracholuska dam.
Thanks to the perfect location of the Ceramics Camp on the shore of the Hracholuska dam, there are many long-distance races taking place, with the participation of the best remote-lovers in the whole of the country, if you are interested in this sport or you would like to try out what it is like to swim for several kilometers on the open water surface , you are cordially invited to this magnificent event.

Fun days, demonstrations

Missing you in the life of the competition and interesting fun ... in Camp Keramika we organize fun days not only for children but also for adults, examples of IZS rescue (Integrated Rescue System) or untraditional races, teaching and first aid lectures, swimming, rescue climbing and diving.

Hiking, trips

Even the tourists will come to their ... on a walking walk from Pilsen directly to Camp Keramika, come with us to discover the most interesting trails leading from the city straight to the camp on Hracholuska dam.
Are you welcome? The local region offers many excursions, see "Where to go".


Fishing / Fishing / Allowances


Current events / meetings

Automotive and other club meetings

In Keramika, there is space for meetings and shows of car and motorbike clubs and their metal pets. Come and admire the incredibly improved models.

School trips

Schools and kindergartens in nature, try a few days or a week of outdoor lessons in Camp Ceramics. We offer a social room, all background, but especially beautiful nature all around you and especially your students.

Annual celebration of Májka

Finally, here is the spring and how to celebrate this event, other than Májka and the burning of witches in the Camp Keramika.

Postpartum celebrations, separation

Do you want to say goodbye to your class how it belongs? Celebrate your graduation at Ceramics Camp at Hracholuska dam. We offer interesting bonuses for stays ;-)

Training, company meetings, teambuilding

Does your staff deserve a rest or a reward for a well-done job? Send them to Camp Keramika, together with them organize a corporate celebration, training, or teambuilding or simply relax.

Where to take a trip around Ceramics camp

Ruins of Buben Castle

Buben is the ruin of a castle that stood on the headland above the confluence of the Plešnice stream and the river Mže near the village Plešnice in the northern Pilsen region. The first historical mention comes from 1349 and according to preserved architectural details, the castle was probably built after the first third of 14. century, presumably as the residence of the lords of Necchin. 1471 bought Buben Petr Chlumčanský from Přestavlk, whose family owned the castle with the estate until 1563. Since 1567 has been declared desolate.



Historically the first written record of the village itself comes from 1183. This year, Prince Bedrich (as well as the villages of Polinka, Kejšovice and Trhomné, which are now part of Krs), donated Manhattan Johannites. For their administrations, in the first quarter of 14.století, there was built the church of St.Vavrinec, which today forms the dominant of the village (nowadays it is in a different form - later the tower was added and the whole building underwent Baroque and Classicist modifications over the years). 1483 Krsy from the Johanites bought the Švamberk family and joined them to their property. The village remained with 1712 until XNUMX became part of the Löwenstein property.

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