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Apartments with grandmother


Czech Republic



Apartments for Grandmother - recreation South Moravia

The apartments are located in the family winery. In the garden there is a gazebo with a grill and a sitting area for 40 persons, a smokehouse and a bar. For absolute privacy, we recommend booking both bedrooms of the apartment, the whole apartment. Reservation of one bedroom is possible, but we offer the second bedroom of the apartment to accommodate other guests. It can happen that at the same time you will share the common areas of the apartment (WC, shower, dining room, terrace) with other guests. The grandmother's apartments are decorated in rustic style with beautiful views of the surrounding vineyards, the winery, the garden and the grounds adjacent to the guest house.


Distribution and equipment of apartments

There are 21 beds available:

  • apartment no. 1 - 2 bedroom (3 + 3) bed - no terrace
  • apartment No. 2-4 - 2 bedroom (2 + 3) bed - with terrace


Each apartment has two separate bedrooms, an entrance hall, a separate toilet and a shower, a common room with a simple kitchen unit, a refrigerator, a dining area (table, chairs).

This room leads to the bedroom of the apartment. Apartment 1 has two bedrooms and each with three beds. Apartments 2,3 and 4 have two bedrooms, one bedroom with three single beds and a second bedroom with a double bed.

Corporate parties, celebrations and family meetings

For weddings, family celebrations, friendly or business meetings, we offer a stylish bar rental in the pension Pod Búdama or a guest house on Brno Street. Both places are ready for a pleasant private event. During summer, there is a sitting area on the summer terrace with a fireplace. Inside the guesthouses we settle up to 40 persons.


We wish to take care of:


  • preparation of Garden party - grilling of beef and other meat specialties
  • providing live music - we can not only cimbálovka
  • arranging horseriding with an entertainment program - toast or barbecue
  • rent a projector with a canvas, flipchart

How much is the rental cost?

The price of the boarding house is individual according to specific wishes and requirements. Contact us, we will be happy to count the price.

Own barbecue & summer party

Do you enjoy barbecues? But do not you have the chance? Come to Mutěnice. Everything you need for barbecue will be borrowed. Or order us with barbecue and we will take care of it personally.


Other specialties are also available

We will lend you a professional grill for baking salsa and other goodies. You can bring your own barbecue food or we can arrange it for you.


We rent

  • grill baking dish
  • grill for classic grilling of meat specialties
  • electric grill
  • and grilling tools

Upon request we can also make live music. Prices will be negotiated by agreement.

Bicycle rentals and bicycle rental

It is beautifully in Mutěnice every season. During summer, however, you can stretch your bodies to a newly built outdoor sports area or cycling to Kyjov and back.


Bicycle path

Local people do not tell her otherwise than Mutěnka. The two-way cycle path leads through the former railway to the beautiful landscape from Kyjov through Svatobořice-Mistřín, Dubňany to Mutěnice. The muff is a long 13 km and you get just 17 meters while driving. Ideal for an evening drive that every cyclist can enjoy.


Do not have your own bike? Rent it!

The price of the trekking bike is 300 CZK for each day commenced.



The Mutěnice Sports Center is just 10 meters from the guesthouses. There is a tennis court, volleyball court, handball, basketball and artificial grass pitch for soccer matches or concentration.

What about the evening?

Stay in one of our guesthouses and enjoy the seclusion with a wine tasting or a guided tasting.

Wine tasting in the Zimolky cellar

At the Zimolkov family winery, you will taste the best of our vineyards. You will enjoy the true Moravian human approach, the hospitality and the friendliness of the local people.


For whom?

In the evening with a degustation, we prepare for groups from 6 to 28. If you know that you will be less than six or you will not have the entire capacity of the cellar, we will try to arrange the next term for the other interested parties and to connect the tasting with others. Everything depends on mutual agreement.


How are the evenings going on?

Guests in the wine cellar welcome to 19: 00 homemade fruit spirit and a small treat. Then we will go to the tasting of young wines by pulling a wine barrel and barrel wine in bottles that we no longer have in the barrel. We will not forget to offer you a sample from the archive. These are the wines that are proud of our cellar. Usually we have a choice of 10 to 15 samples. If you come to us in September or October, you will have the opportunity to swing the cocktail. To keep your memories of wine in mind better, we'll talk to you about each wine.

After a tasting, there is a stylish seating area in the upper part of the cellar with traditional refreshment and barrel wine. Serving Moravian specialties (smoked, bacon, sausages, cheeses, vegetables, pastries, home-made spreads, greaves, cake and other goodies) something from the grill.

Your cell and the cellar owner will care for your comfort and satisfaction all night long. We will be happy to explain how to make wine and how to produce it yourself. We will answer your questions. And if you do not have anything else at your fingertips, we'll let you enjoy wine drinking, singing and free entertainment.


How much is the tasting or "Mutěnický all inclusive"

  • wine tasting and selected archive wines
  • seating with refreshments - Moravian specialties, salty pastries and soft drinks (water, coffee, tea)
  • unlimited consumption of barrel wine
  • 6 hours in the cellar; but after an appointment it is possible to extend the visit until the morning
  • a bottle of selected wine as a present


Dinner price with tasting - 690.- per person


We also offer our wishes

  • a warm dinner (eg roasted duck with white and red cabbage, strawberries and dumplings) in Penzion Pod Búdama - Negotiated price
  • live music
    • dulcimer music from 5 000 CZK to 3 hours
    • harmonica from 1 250 CZK to 3 hours
  • renting your own archive box- in our archive cellar we will store your purchased or donated wines from Mutěnice and elsewhere



Price list

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Possibilities in the vicinity of the pension

Mutěnice are the ideal starting point for trips and knowledge of South Moravia. Stay in one of our guesthouses and take a trip. You will be able to see what can be seen in the surroundings.


Bukovanský Mlýn - 25 km by car from Mutěnice

The stylish Bukovanský are located at the top of the hill between Bukovany and Ostrovánky near Kyjov. The windmill-style retreat with the contemporary hotel grounds offers a wide range of attractive services. This whole area is carried in the traditional Moravian style and spirit of Moravia.


Open-air museum Strážnice - 26 km by car from Mutěnice

The Museum of the Southeast Moravian Village represents the folk architecture of the individual regions of the Slovak Republic during history. The open-air museum is therefore divided into areas representing different regions.

Every year, the National Institute of Folk Culture at the Museum organizes typical events, such as the construction of the May, harvests, the casting of the mountain and others. Accompanying activities include, for example, tasting and tasting, demonstrations of handicrafts and events for children.


Pohansko Chateau in the Lednice-Valtice Area - 31 km by car from Mutěnice

The hunting lodge with an archaeological exposition is located in the Lednice-Valtice area and documents the results of the Slavonic fortification research. For originality and scale, 1996 was included among UNESCO sites. In the vicinity of the Pohansko mansion, archeoskins are located on the site of an important lowland fortified settlement and, for example, a replica of a cult place made up of wooden idols of pagan deities.


Muzeum Čs. border fortifications Pohansko U Závory - 31 km by car from Mutěnice

Muzeum Čs. border fortifications Pohansko U Závory is located in the vicinity of the hunting lodge Pohansko on the shore of the pond. The interior is made up of period equipment and equipment, including, among other things, a manual fan and several weapons. In the neighborhood there is a concrete bunker, which was part of the First Republic republic fortification of Czechoslovakia. The bunker has a camouflage coating and there are anti-personnel barriers in the area.


Technical monument Dumpster on the Bata Canal - 19 km by car from Mutěnice

Technical Monument The Dumpster on the Bata Canal is located near Rohatec and was built in 1939. Today it is one of the exciting attractions on the Baťa Canal. It lies on the pedestrian, cycling and boat trips. The monument serves as a lookout tower, but perhaps a tour of interiors with expert insight. Close by is a picturesque dock with boat and refreshments.


Chapel at Hradišťka in Velké Bílovice - 16 km by car from Mutěnice

The tower Hradištek lies on the southern edge of a hill at the height of 262 m. Near Velké Bílovice, also known as Zímarky. Here stands a chapel in the shape of a Romanesque rotund from where there is a beautiful view of the intersection of Dolnomoravsky and Dyjskosvratecký úval.


Lednice - 26 km by car from Mutěnice

Chateau Lednice in the style of English Gothic is located in the picturesque Lednice-Valtice area. The tour offers four routes, representative halls on the ground floor of the chateau, princely suites and the apartment of prince educators on the first floor of the chateau, children's rooms of princes and princess and the Puppet Museum of Milan Knížák on the second floor of the castle and artificial Baroque stalactite cave with a ghost exhibition. the French Garden, the Masonic Garden and the palm grove.


Lednice-Valtice - 25 km by car from Mutěnice

The Lednice-Valtice Area is a pearl of the Czech Republic's historical and cultural wealth. Its two centers are Valtice and Lednice, known mainly because of magnificent castles and adjacent parks. Romantic buildings such as Minaret, Janův hrad, Border Chateau, Temple of Apollo, Belveder and others are placed in the whole area. A perfect panorama is complemented by the chateau ponds.


Aqualand Moravia - 53 km by car from Mutěnice

In the Pasohlávky, only 20 minutes from Brno, there is the most modern aquapark in the Czech Republic, which offers 7 pools, 12 water slides, 9 saunas and 4 whirlpools in the main part, and in the so-called "chill" zone you will find the crypt, Roman baths and the entire complex for 480 guests. The outdoor part offers a panorama of the Pálava Hills.


Gallery of Fine Arts - 11 km by car from Mutěnice

The Gallery of Fine Arts in Hodonín is located near the train station opposite the Masaryk Memorial. The program regularly offers changing exhibitions and cultural events, as well as a permanent exhibition. The building is decorated with folkloric themes and behind it is a small park.


Salt Cave / Clock Tower - 11 km by car from Mutěnice

Fairytale Salt Cave is located in Národní třída in Hodonín in a building in the Museum of Oil Mining and Geology. offers relaxation and health. This is an original method in the use of Dead Sea salt with strong preventive, curative, regenerative and relaxing effects. The cave is also suitable for a stay with children.


Paintball park Hodonin - 12 km by car from Mutěnice

This vast area is about 3 km behind the town of Hodonin on the Lord. It provides both the lending of professional equipment for a full-fledged game in seven rugged playgrounds, so it offers actionable actions. By connecting all playgrounds, there is an area for 400 people. Everything for regular players, but also for amateurs.


Day Spa in Hodonín (Blis Day Spa) - 12 km by car from Mutěnice

Hodonínské lázně is located in South Moravia in the beautiful surroundings of Slovácko. It offers targeted healing and rehealth care at a high professional level, based on natural healing iodine-bromine mineral water called brine, which has beneficial effects and is one of the highest quality waters in Europe. The stay is made pleasant by many cultural programs and folklore events.


Ice stadium Hodonín - 11 km by car from Mutěnice

Hodonín Winter Stadium is located in a park between the bus station and the main street. It is home to SHK Crushers, and there are championship games in the Regional II Championship. class.


Slavic fortress of Mikulčice - 17 km by car from Mutěnice

Slavic fortress is located behind Mikulčice and is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Czech Republic. There were objects of daily necessities, but also masterpieces of early medieval craftsmanship, made of iron, bronze, silver or gold. Unique are especially wooden finds that do not usually hold. The outdoor visitor circuit offers the foundations of the twelve discovered stone churches and one princely palace of 9. century.


Masaryk's man in Hodonin - 11 km by car from Mutěnice

The Masaryk Museum in Hodonín is situated behind the town hall in the direction of Slovakia. The museum has a historical, ethnographic and archeological focus. In addition to professional and exhibition activities, all workplaces offer events and special programs for schools and the public.


Herb Paradise Sonnentor Čejkovice - 7 km by car from Mutěnice

The herbal paradise Sonnentor in Čejkovice offers excursions, where you can see with your own eyes how and where the herbs are grown, how the tea tea bag is produced and the production itself. The area offers beautiful views of the landscape from the Vyhlídka na výsluní, sitting in the tea lounge with the tea time and enjoying excellent tea, coffee and other local treats. The company's store offers a wide range of teas, spices and other herb specialties and during the growing season it is possible to visit St. Hildegard's outdoor Herb garden.


Oil mining museum - 10 km by car from Mutěnice

The only museum of its kind in the Czech Republic is located in Hodonín, near the train station in the former barracks building. The Museum of Oil Mining and Geology offers indoor expositions and outdoor technology park around the museum.


U Jezu - Hodonín (excursions by boat) - 13 km by car from Mutěnice

The area of ​​the dock, which is located in beautiful nature, which is the possibility to see when cruising along the river Morava on cruise ships. Refreshments are held all year round in a stylish barbecue restaurant and are usually roasted in the summer season or in the adjacent stall. There is also a camp where there is the possibility of accommodation in Indian tailors, cottages or own tent.


Swimming pool Kyjov - 22 km by car from Mutěnice

The swimming pool area in Kyjov features a standard swimming pool with diving bridges, a swimming pool for non-swimmers with a smaller depth and a children's paddling pool. The resort also offers a pleasant backdrop for visitors such as refreshments and a beach volleyball court.


Windmill Old Poddvorov - 10 km by car

The Windmill in Old Poddvorov is built entirely of wood and comes from 1870, when it was built by Mutěniček occasionally Laštůvka. The mill is of the beran type and is situated on a river about 3 km in the direction of Čejkovice and surrounded by picturesque fruit orchards. The view from the mill goes to Buchlovice Hills, Podluží and the foothills of the White Carpathians. Thanks to the ingenious construction of the set, the mill was all rotating so that the shovels were always on the wind side. In recent years, the mill has only been used to produce hail.


Mutěnka Cycle Route - Cycling from Mutěnice to Kyjov

This is a two-way bicycle trail of width 2,5 m. The route leads along the former railway Kyjov - Mutěnice (Kyjov, Svatobořice-Mistřín, Dubňany, Mutěnice). The cycle path was put into operation in 2012, managed by DSO Mutěnka.

Route parameters

  • Length: 13 km
  • Started: 17 m
  • Difficulty: Very light
  • Suitable for: bicycle, trekking, cross


Water reservoirs Nové Mlýny - 35 km by car from Mutěnice

The reason for the construction of the reservoir, located on the northern border of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area, was originally an attempt to prevent floods. Today, however, this area of ​​reservations, one of the most important locations for fishermen, is a place for recreation and the operation of extreme sports. An ideal feature is also the ideal conditions for growing vine and fruit trees. It is possible to see the sea eagle and other colorful birds throughout the year. Church of St. Linharta is one of the oldest and most precious cultural monuments of South Moravia, with its historical and building value with its Romanesque core and Gothic imagination.


Templar Cellars and Chateau Čejkovice - 5 km by car from Mutěnice

The tradition of the Temple Cellars in Čejkovice began with the arrival of the mysterious order of Templar Knights who came to Čejkovice in 30. years 13. century. Together with the construction of the Templar stronghold, the construction of large wine cellars began, with which a new epoch was built in the wider vineyard. Several important families and orders have been passed through the Čejkovice estate for centuries - the lords of Lipá, the family of the Vítkovci, the Jesuits and the Habsburgs. They settled in a Renaissance chateau, which originated from the originally Gothic fortress of the Templars. Gradually, an extensive chateau park, wine cellar and hotel were completed.


Swimming pool Dubňany

A pleasant swimming pool with a swimming pool and a children's pool and two water slides is about 7km from Hodonín in the direction of Kyjov. It is characterized by less attendance and rather peace than the hiking of the aquapark. Refreshment offers a restaurant right in the grounds and several stalls. You can hike at beach volleyball or ping pong.


Swimming pool Hodonín - 12 km by car from Mutěnice

A swimming pool with a total area of ​​24 350 m² and a 2250 m² water surface is one of the largest and most modern facilities in the whole Czech Republic. Visitors can enjoy a multi-purpose pool with a recreational pool with various attractions and a children's pool. There are two beach volleyball courts, mini golf and ping pong.


Mikulov - Pálava Hills - 36 km by car from Mutěnice

The Pálava Hills are located between the Lower and Upper Věstonice, Pavlov and Mikulov, about 50 km south of Brno. A set of several hills surrounding the Pálava area, an amazing biosphere reserve of UNESCO, including a vast complex of limestone formations, terrain for climbing enthusiasts or ordinary tourists and home to many protected plants and animals.


Zoo Hodonín - 10 km by car from Mutěnice

The establishment of Hodonin Zoo is dated to 1977 and belongs to the youngest and the smallest in the Union of Czech and Slovak Zoos. Still, 730 currently breeds pieces of our and exotic animals in 170 species, while also protecting seventy endangered species of world fauna, fulfilling the basic mission of zoos. The customer comfort provides additional activities in the form of modern social facilities, playgrounds with attractions and ecoco. Souvenirs and refreshments are a matter of course, such as cultural and educational events.


Bata's Canal - 15 km by car from Mutěnice

Baťa's canal is a 53 km waterway that runs from Otrokovice to Holice in Slovakia. A large part of this trip is sought after due to the picturesque meanders and the surrounding countryside. There is a total of 13 islands on the canal, where it is possible to use sightseeing cruises with refreshments.


Jarošek cellars - 1 km on foot

The Jarošek cellars are located in the Pod Búdama area in the picturesque village of Mutěnice. You can enjoy your experiences in Moravian style here. In the vicinity of the cellars is also a wine museum, so you can let yourself be enchanted by the true wine-growing atmosphere with everything. There are not only delicious wines, but also excellent home cooking.


Chateau Milotice - 13 km by car from Mutěnice

The Milotice State Chateau is a Baroque chateau located in the village of Milotice in the district of Hodonín.

On the site of today's castle was originally a water fortress reminded in 14. century. Today, only a water ditch around the castle remained. Sometimes between 1586-1596 years, the fortress of the owner of Bernard Ludwig Tovar of Enczesfeld was rebuilt into a one-storey Renaissance chateau. In 70. years 17. The building was lifted up another floor and four corner towers were built. Today's Baroque chateau was acquired during the two rebuilds of the owner of Karel Antonín Serényi in the years 1719-1725 and 1738-1743. In the Baroque period, the brick builder František Benedik Klíčník built the sala terrena in the castle complex. At the castle there is a large French park and a pheasantry.



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