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Apartments Na rozcestí - Vranovská přehrada


Czech Republic



Accommodation at Petrified dam

The apartments are located in a quiet cottage area in Jazovická bay Vranov Dam. Parking is right next to the apartments with an electric car, scooter or bicycle. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette with a dining table, a living area with an LCD TV, a bedroom and its own bathroom, a hairdryer, free WIFI connection to the samozmarém. The apartments have a children's corner with swings, a large trampoline and a hammock. Each apartment has its own outdoor seating area with parasol and barbecue. Pets are not allowed.


Apartments Na Rozcestí - Holidays Vranovsko

  • Accommodation in modern furnished apartments
  • Equipped kitchenette
  • Refrigerator, coffee maker
  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite TV
  • Parking in the complex
  • Outdoor seating with barbecue
  • Swings, trampoline
  • Washing machine, iron


Types of accommodation

  • Apartments
  • Rooms
  • Guesthouses
  • Family accommodation

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Cycling in Vranovsko

Bicycle holidays to Vranovsko include. More and more visitors find the monumental nature of Vranov and Podyjí National Park from the wheel seat. The scattered landscape offers a terrain for discerning cyclists, but it is sure to be a bit more passionate cyclists who can ride on a straight line along the Dyje River and bring with them children as well.

Cycling routes in the region:

  • Greenway Prague - Wien (Vratěnín - Valtice)
  • The Krumlovsko-Jevišicko backbone cycle path
  • 5011 (Vysočany - Popelná)
  • 5122 (Vranov nad Dyjí - Pod Větrníkem)
  • 5233 (Zblovice - Zblovice, U Křížku (Moravian Krumlov))
  • Cycle circuit Vranovskem - circuit
  • Znojmo - Podyjí National Park
  • Znojmo - The route of six cities
  • Znojmo - Six City Tour - Hardegg Branch


Sights nearby

In Vranovsko you will feel like a fairy tale. You will rarely see so many castles, castles, and mysterious ruins as here. Apart from the most famous, Vranov and Bítov, there are also a number of lesser known monuments.
Enjoy your holiday in the romantic atmosphere of a landscape full of history.


Chateau Vranov nad Dyjí

Baroque chateau in Vranov nad Dyjí will certainly not be overlooked. It hovers on 76 meters of high rock and forms a clear dominance of the surrounding area. Vranov Chateau is one of the most important baroque buildings of a secular character in Central Europe, so it is no wonder that it was also declared a national cultural monument. The history of Vranov chateau is long - it was created by the reconstruction of the original castle, which is mentioned in 1100 in spring, and we can find rumors about it in the Kosma Chronicle itself.
Distance 9 km


Castle Bítov

The castle, as it should be, can be found in Bítov! In the fertile region around the confluence of Dyje and Zeletavka, it was exposed in the middle of 11. century by the prince Bretislav I, and had a defensive function from its beginnings. After the emigration of the rulers of the Přemyslid family, the majestic Bítov castle was taken over by the Lichtenburks, who also took care of his remarkable reconstruction and the construction of the castle church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in 1334.
Distance 13 km


Ruins of Cornštejn Castle

The ruins of Cornštejn Castle all year round impress with life. If you like jugglers, medieval music or swordsmen, come here. You will not have history as close as Cornštejn. Distance 10 km


Uherčice Chateau

The castle of Uherčice is definitely a place with a strong atmosphere. You can walk through the vast, breathtaking area of ​​the largest tourist industry. The lock is still waiting for its complete renovation, yet it is worth your visit. The process of restoration works is not left to you, its exhibits are seen as part of the tour.
Distance 15 km


Ruins of Frejštejn Castle

Frejštejn Castle was built in 13. century on a hill over today's Podhradí nad Dyjí. Like the nearby Cornštejn Castle, it was originally designed to defend the southern borders of the country with Austria. However, he served his "only" 200 years.
Distance 8 km.


The castle ruins of Nový Hrádek

The castle ruins of Nový Hrádek, this is an easy place with an undeniable genius loci. The castle can be found in the middle of forests near Lukov, one of the most valuable natural sites in our country. Although the Nový Hrádek is a ruin, guided guided tours are held here.
Distance 25 km


Vranov nad Dyjí and surroundingsVranov Dam, South MoraviaChateau Vranov nad Dyjí




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