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Camping Straznice is for groups of people 20 open year. There are two brick buildings with a total capacity of 108 beds in two- and four-bed rooms with central heating. The restaurant is open during the winter months on business days from 11: 00 to 13: 00, on Saturdays and Sundays for groups and accommodated guests according to the agreement. New to 2013 is a new storage room with 12 mountain bike rental. Completion of modernization of restaurant interior and reconstruction of sanitary facilities. Modernization of interior chat.

About us ..

Autocamping is mainly for weekly holiday stays in the main holiday season of summer holiday months, especially for families with children. Apart from the holiday holiday season, the autocamping is used to accommodate trips connected mostly with a visit to Strážnice and its cultural monuments and possibly by visiting wine cellars in neighboring Petrov or Bzenec. For bicycles there is a lockable bike storage room.

How to get there ..

Strážnice campsite is situated on the northern outskirts of the city for the park. In the city, through which the road on route No. 55 Břeclav - Přerov, you turn towards Bzenec. Access route is Highway značena.Od Camping is located about 1,5 km.


Bungalow without sanitary facilities

Accommodation in four cabins, ideal for example for a family of four with children.

Cabins with private facilities

Six different types of cabins and cottages (double, quadruple, with kitchen, etc ...) from which to choose each.

Accommodation in rooms

Choice of double and quadruple rooms with shared facilities.

The caravans and caravans

Equipped service area including sinks standing on the toilet, carrying drinking water and electrical connections.

Accommodation in tents

The area equipped with sanitary facilities, electrical connections, laundry, etc.

Accommodation in apartment

The apartment has two bedrooms, hall with wardrobe skťínľmi, soc. load, living room - TV, kitchen, air conditioning ...

The operation of the camp is from 1.5. to 31.10 - except this time for groups of people 20 in agreement!

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Price list

Mobile: +420 518 332 037

Address: Bzenecká 1533, 696 62 Strážnice


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Tips for trips

MIKULČICE - 24 km (by car)
Mile from the village is a National Historic Landmark - remains Moravian settlement there were foundations of masonry churches prince's castle, fortified settlements entourage and many other unique finds. 2 km from the village, the reservation of black storks and gray herons.

MILOTICE - 20 km (by car)
Renaissance lock from the second half of 16. century, rebuilt in Baroque style. Paintings in the 1725 Hall by FI Eckstein, sculpture decoration by JK Schletter from the first half of 18. Century. The rich collections and beautiful interiors of the chateau are accessible to visitors after extensive repairs. The lock now serves as an exposition of Moravian Baroque sculpture with a partial example of a Baroque portrait.

PETROV - 3,5 miles (by car, bus, train)
Since 1580 as sulfur baths. Traditional folk costumes. Wine cellars called Plže that belong to the monuments of folk architecture.

Kněždub - 8 km (car, bus)
In Slovácko's Slavín (graveyard) there are graves of the painters of Slovácko Joží Úprka, Antoš Frolka and sculptor Franta Úprka; a church with modern décor. In Slovácko's Slavín (graveyard) there are graves of the painters of Slovácko Joží Úprka, Antoš Frolka and sculptor Franta Úprka; a church with modern décor. In Slovácko's Slavín (graveyard) there are graves of the painters of Slovácko Joží Úprka, Antoš Frolka and sculptor Franta Úprka; a church with modern décor.

Cone - 16 km (car, bus)
Historical landmark - Dutch style windmill built in 1842, also adapted as a museum. Available in Sunday.

Radějov - LUČINA - 8 km (car, bus)
Recreation Area, Valley dam, swimming, shopping for food, snack in the restaurant. Trips into the woods.

LUHAČOVICE - 48 miles (by car, bus, train)
Spa century traditions, ten medicinal springs, Social House, a museum and exhibitions. North of dam, campsite, swimming.

FRIDGE - 45 km (car, bus)
Beautiful castle with an English-style park with alien trees. French garden with rosary, cut buxus and thous. Greenhouse with topical vegetation. Lednice fishponds as a reservation of waterfowl and flowers.Myzling Museum. Under the temple of Aollo, the bathing capacity. Moorish minaret with 60 m tower and viewing gallery with an extraordinary beautiful view.

BUCHLOVICE - 35 km (by car)
Lock in the style of Italian baroque villas. Baroque around the castle park with rare trees. Museum in the castle. Basis to Chřiby Castle Buchlov, Velehrad and valley Smraďavka with spa.

Čejkovice - 25 km (by car)
Originally a Gothic fortress, later expanded into a Renaissance chateau, is currently reconstructed.

Prušánky - 32 km (car, bus)
The ancient wine village with a very famous wine Buda "Nechory".


Boarding in the camp

Restaurant with summer terrace, located in the camp site offers the possibility of all-day dining in the season and off-season the possibility of racing meals (lunch) ...

Kitchen with dining area after the reconstruction in 2012 is fully equipped with electrical appliances (microwave oven, electric oven, ceramic hob, electric kettle), sufficient kitchen utensils (pots, pans, dishes, pans ...) and all possible cooking and dining needs plates, cutlery, mugs, spoon, knives ........).

There is also a great quality stainless steel washing table and lockable 48l refrigerator with freezer. The dining room has the capacity of 36 persons and can serve together with the kitchen and for a smaller family celebration or to sit with friends.

Pizzeria and bar in Camping Strážnice

Pizzeria grill - bar Favorit
Pizzeria with a summer terrace is located in the center of the campground and serves for evening sitting during the summer holiday months.

Pizzeria grill - bar Favorit in 2013 has undergone a complete reconstruction including quality cookery facilities.

It also offers:

- the possibility of organizing corporate events
family celebrations
- School meetings
- toasting piglets
- Barbecue
- and others (based on agreement)

The total capacity of the grill pizza bar Favorit is 30 seats inside and other 30 seats on the adjoining summer terrace.

Bakery - sale of pastries

Bakery - a bakery booth after a complete reconstruction in 2015 offers the sale of baked pastry and pastry from the local bakery. In the offer, for example, baguettes, pumpkin bulb, kaiserka fit line dark, croissant butter, croissant with chocolate filling and croissant stuffed with ham and cheese, fancy strawberry strawberry and vanilla cream, pecan slices and maple syrup, buttermilk with vanilla cream filling raisins, a bag of berries, a leaf with a raspberry filling and ice sugar, a woodcutter's bread, farm bread, a multi-brewed bread, ... rolls .....

Hours of Operation:

15.7 - 16.8 Monday - Sunday 6: 30 - 11: 00



Jirkl's picture
Jirkl (unregistered) 7. July 2020 - 13: 32
Your number of stars: 4. Number of votes: 145
I was there with the caravan now over an extended weekend and I can say that the impression of the camp is embarrassing. Lots of tents mixed with lots of caravans, thoughtlessly piled on top of each other. Also, the reconstruction of electrical connections is really well thought out - so if you don't have a cable at least 50m long with you, you're in trouble. The connections are only around the main central road. It seems that the camp did not fully cope with the onslaught of Covid19. Hopefully it will be better next year. Otherwise I can't complain about the environment ..
Average: 3 (1 Vote)
Irena Pluhařová's picture
Irena Pluhařová (unregistered) 4. August 2019 - 11: 40
Your number of stars: 4. Number of votes: 310
Beautiful camp, quiet and relaxed surroundings, excellent cuisine and mainly clean societies.One thing we missed was a fridge but otherwise I recommend the fact we enjoyed it with my husband: every day was where to go and people are nice and helpful :-)
Average: 4 (1 Vote)
Faxexitty's picture
faxexitty (unregistered) 14. September 2020 - 10: 54
Number of votes: 63
The Strážnice car camp is a matter of the heart for us. We've been going here regularly for a year now. Yes, time has stopped here, but this is a need in today's hustle and bustle, cleanliness and order come first. Nice and helpful staff. Great environment for relaxation and rest. Our children did not die from a weak Wi-Fi signal :-)). The swimming pool, clear water and water slide provided entertainment. Fatigue and fresh air ensured evening peace throughout the premises. We will always be happy to return here.
Average: 4 (1 Vote)

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