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Pension and restaurant U Hroznu - Velké Bílovice

Czech Republic



Pension U Hroznu & Bauman Winery

Pension U hroznu is located in the center of Velké Bílovice, the largest wine-growing village in the Czech Republic. It is located in one of the most attractive areas of South Moravia where you can discover the beauty of our region, whether it is traditional folklore, the natural biosphere reserve Pálava or the monument of the unique LVA, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Pension provides suitable accommodation for family holidays, business trips, just 3km from the Brno-Bratislava highway, as well as for wine tours. The surrounding terrain is especially suitable for cyclists.


Accommodation in house

The majority of the rooms are located on the first floor and half overlooking the square, which is especially appreciated by folkloric celebrities taking place directly on the square, and the other half are rooms with a sunroof situated in a quiet part of the yard.


Capacity and room amenities

  • own soc. equipment (shower + toilet)
  • TV
  • air conditioning
  • most rooms have wifi connection
  • 8x 2-bedded rooms
  • 1x 3-bed room
  • 3x 4-bedded rooms
  • possibility of extra bed


You can choose a room that will suit you, single, double, triple or quadruple with double bed or twin beds, in all rooms you can add a quality extra sofa bed if needed.

Come and meet us with the hospitality of our region :-)


Services in the house

We offer the following services to our guests:

  • locked parking lot in the yard
  • air conditioning in all rooms
  • free wifi connection
  • Wheelchair access
  • summer terrace with barbecue
  • bicycle
  • possibility of sitting in the wine cellar
  • tasting wines and mead
  • providing tennis courts in the nearby sports complex
  • restaurant
  • Lounge
  • corporate events
  • family celebrations
  • wellness facilities
  • swimming pool in the garden
  • playground


Wellness services in the guesthouse

We have newly opened a wellness center for our guests and for guests from near and far. In our wellness you can come to relax from everyday stress and relax in the outdoor hot tub or Finnish or infrared sauna. The whirlpool is equipped with 50 nozzles and three pumps for intensive flow and thus a unique massage of the whole body at a water temperature of 37 ° C.


sauna in the pensionvirivka penzionuVirivka Pension U hroznu



Sauning has beneficial effects on human health, especially excellent preventive effect. Regular sauna boosts the defensive capabilities of the human organism and reduces the incidence of various diseases. Furthermore, the sauna is used as a means of gradually strengthening and as a means of improving the condition.


The cuddly effects of warm water and air massages on the human body are known and used for at least two thousand years. One of the very pleasant ways of relaxation is a whirlpool bath. The effect of whirlpools on the body is very favorable and helps to achieve the overall harmony of the personality in terms of physical, mental and emotional. Hydrotherapy is one of the methods used to supplement the usual healing methods and becomes a natural health care. It can be said that hydrotherapy has a beneficial effect on improving mental well-being, stress, muscle pain, arthritis, insomnia, improving blood circulation and heart activity.

Bauman Winery


Part of the family business is also a winery, which has been linked to a long-standing tradition of ancestors. Winery deals with the production of predominantly white, lighter fresh wines. Wines are produced exclusively from grapes grown in our vineyards with integrated production. We will gladly welcome you to show you vineyards and work in them, and of course we invite you to sit and taste wine in the cellar or in the guesthouse.


For those who like to discover something new, we can also offer a tasting of meadows made according to the recipe inherited in our family for the third generation. Honey is produced in a cold way and thus does not lose any healing and useful substances. You can taste it in six different flavors.

We will be glad to visit you and taste our products from our cellars during your stay. There is no better thing under the sun than eating, drinking and being happy.



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Old Poddvorov (6.3 km)


  • The windmill stands on a hill called Na Zahájkách at the altitude of 255 m., In the middle of today's fenced orchard. This is the most widely used type of German-type wooden mill whose entire body rotates as required against the wind. Its construction ...

Janohrad, Janův hrad, Lednicko - valtický areál (6.6 km)

  • A romantic imitation of castle ruins from 1807, one of the summer houses built first in the Lednice - Valtice area for JI Liechtenstein.

Minaret, Lednice-Valtice Area (6.8 km)

  • The dominance of the Lednice park was founded by 1797-1802 according to the project of Hardtmuth as one of the first purely sightseeing buildings in the Czech lands. Supposedly the highest minaret in a non-Islamic country, a proof of the origins of oriental inspiration in Central Europe.

Refrigerator (8.1 km)

  • The Castle Complex on the UNESCO list. The Gothic fortress was rebuilt after Lieutensteins after the 1632 at the extensive baroque castle complex. Other Baroque Remodeling before 1698 and before 1730, empire after 1812. After 1846, it was rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style.

Apollo's Temple, Břeclav - Charvátská Nová Ves (Lednice-Valtice Area) (8.8 km)

  • A hunting lodge with a viewpoint built in 1817-9 years in the form of an ancient temple. The J. Kornhäusel project, the Franz Engel building. Statues of Josef Klieber, originally from the Musée pavilion in the chateau park. To the rear, the manager's dwelling was additionally added.

Břeclav (10 km)

  • The older castle let 1570 turn Jan mladší from Žerotín into a Renaissance chateau with an arcade courtyard. Since 1636, it belongs to Liechtenstein. Beginning with 19. of the table. was modified neo-gothic and a rusted tower reminiscent of a ruin was added to it.

Pohansko, Breclav (13.6 km)


  • Empire Hunting Lodge was built by Liechtenstein in 1810-1812 years. Nowadays, the castle is the property of the Regional Center of State Monument Care and it houses a museum of monuments from the Great Moravian period, acquired during the exploration of the fortified settlement in Pohansko.

Boleradice (13.7 km)

  • For the first time, the no longer existing castle was mentioned in 1373, but its origin is older and unclear. In case of threats, he defended himself passively by his mass. The founder was the Lion of the Hat. After 1471, 10 was in the hands of Uhru. After 1536, it was probably destroyed by the Turks.

Church of St. Jana Křtitele, Kurdějov (14.9 km)


  • Gothic church from 1. 14 century. Before the 1465, a defensive floor with a gallery was created. A bell tower and a church surrounded by walls were built around 1500. Further edits followed around 1718. A unique escape underground corridor leads from the chancel.

Valtice (15.6 km)

  • The extensive residence of Liechtenstein in Baroque style on the site of a Renaissance chateau and a Gothic castle. 1726 was demolished. The establishment of the yard, the completion of the chapel, the theater and the terraces has created a residence in its present form - part of the UNESCO Monument and Biosphere Reserve


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