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Cottage Sklep Starovice


Czech Republic



Vinny Sklep Starovice - accommodation cottage South Moravia

Stylish cottage - the Starovice cellar is an 3 bedroom with a maximum of 12 for rent. It is located in the wine cellars of Starovice. On the ground floor of this cottage there is a wine cellar with a fireplace and an archive (two cellars), a kitchen, a toilet and a sitting area in the hall. In the house of our cottage there is a very beautiful wine cellar with a seating area and a fireplace. There is a kitchenette for snacks. According to the client's wishes we can prepare a dinner party for dinner, wine tasting, interpretation and tasting with a local winemaker or a professional degustator.

2 km from Starovice are Hustopece (here we have a guesthouse - Hustopeče). In Hustopeče a large supermarket, hospital, medical emergency, swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, cinema, restaurant. In Starovice, 2 is a nice style pub (100 m 500 m. From the cottage) with a summer garden and refreshments.


Furnishing of a cottage / cellar

  • On the first floor there is a fully equipped kitchen dining room, sofa, plasma TV. Next to the bedroom (5 beds) with a fireplace, and a plasma TV.
  • The entrance to the terrace is from the dining room and the kitchen where there is a sitting area as well as a fireplace, but also a smokehouse.
  • In the attic there are two bedrooms (1x triple and 1x four-bedded with TV).
  • Toilet and bathroom with corner bath and shower with massage wall is on the floor.
  • Everything is cozy and comfortably equipped in a home with everything that suits you to a comfortable accommodation.
  • The garage will surely appreciate our guests for the storage of bicycles.


Accommodation Sklep Starovice

  •     3 bedroom
  •     2 cellars, archive, fireplace, kitchen
  •     Max 12 people to rent
  •     WC, bathrooms, fireplaces, smokehouse, garage

Wine Cellar, Sklep Starovice

The house of our cottage is very beautiful wine cellar with seating and fireplace. There is a kitchen for preparation refreshment. At client's request, we can prepare it here rautové way for guests dinner, wine tasting, interpretation and tasting with local winemaker, or prof. tasting. Here you can also dance the disco, or sing cimbalom (on order). We highly recommend a visit to the vineyard and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

The most tempting for you will surely be staying with us in the summertime. Starovice lies on South Moravia and the rule here is very nice weather until the end of October. At this time, grape wine is being harvested. If you would like to try personally with your friends of genuine Moravian vintage work-related, refreshment and tasting wines, or grape must, and this evening we wanted to drink this experience in a cellar with a dinner, we will be happy to provide you with this unforgettable experience.


Stay in the cellar

  • The cellar is located in the recreation area of ​​200 wine cellars in Starovice in the upper part above the village in a recreation zone.
  • The cellar has its own wine cellar and a cellar where we welcome you at dinner, always home cooking and tasting in our wine shop and in the second cellar with barrels.
  • After dinner and tasting, you can sit alone without the owner as long as you want.


In case of client request:

  • vegetarian food or a children's menu
  • Wine to be purchased on site


Stay in the cellar without the owner and services:

  • 500, - / rental fee for cellar / day
  • (Fee required for wood, energy, cleaning, etc.)


If you use the services with a full dinner, you do not pay the rent of the cellar on the day of the event.

You have the opportunity to borrow a feminine (60 years old) very well preserved costume. 200 shooting and video only, - / person (to order)

Tasting will be presented by the owner, Patrik Mereda, winemaker, hotel school, tasting exams.
His daughter, Karin Meredová, accompanied by his daughter, tasting and quality tests, High School of Wine.


Program even outside the evening stay

  •     Grilling in front of the cellar
  •     Bike rental- (we have our own bike rental for our guests 50% discount)
  •     Vineyard visit with an explanation
  •     Work in a winery with a refreshment without the right to pay
  •     Collection of unprocessed snack apricots
  •     Home slaughterhouse
  •     A visit to the Profivinator in the wine factory with an explanation
  •     2 km Welnes and Wine Baths
  •     2 km lookout tower in almond trees
  •     Modern swimming pool and indoor pool (2km)
  •     Tennis court in place
  •     Horseback Riding (2km)
  •     Valtice-Lednice area (15 km)
  •     Pálava (15 km)
  •     Mušovská jezera (18km)
  •     Natural swimming. 12 km


Wine cellar Starovice, Jihomoravský krajSklep Starovice with accommodationRefreshment, wine cellar


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Nearby attractions

The area along the river Dyje and the Austrian border offers such gems as the Lednice-Valtice area (castle, garden, composed landscape - inscribed on the UNESCO list), archeological site Dolní Věstonice (site of the famous Věstonice Venus), Mikulov (castle, Gothic monuments , Jewish ghetto), Pavlov (wine village with a reservation of folk architecture), Valtice (Baroque castle and unique landscape elements). Of the purely natural attractions, let's name at least Pálava (PLA and biosphere reserve inscribed on the UNESCO list), Lednice ponds (NPR).

To discover nature, but also to water sports and active rest, the Novomlýnské reservoirs on the Dyje River and many pedestrian and cycling routes attract.



The natural dominance of the village is the church dedicated to St. Jiří a sv. Nicholas, whose present look comes from 16. Century. It was fundamentally repaired in the 1885 year when it was extended to a temple boat that had to be built for a lack of space over a vaulted stream. This architectural interest is unparalleled in Central Europe. Below the church, we find a farce and opposite the municipal office. Both buildings have been repaired in recent years.

Attention is the chapel of Jan Nepomuk close to the fire brigade, the statue of the Immaculates next to the municipal office of 1741, at the church cross with Christ of 1792 and opposite the semi-st. Antonina. The fact that Starovice has always been one of the most important wine-growing villages is evidenced by the preserved 1646 seal with the theme of a winery knife and a wine grape with two grapes and a set of wine cellars behind the village. The main cellar grouping is in three irregular rows, placed cascaded above each other. Most cellars and mills were built in 1809-1815 years. Cellars are mostly original and still serve their purpose.



The Lednice-Valtice area belongs to unique tourist areas with abnormal concentration of natural, cultural, historical and technical monuments. The overall impression is enhanced by the importance of the place as an important Moravian wine region.



In the territory of the Czech Republic we will not find any other territory that would resemble Pálava. An area where prehistory would walk with such intensity, where dry steppes together with wetlands and floodplain forests and other difficult-to-repeat landscape elements have been preserved. The Pálava Protected Landscape Area was declared in 1976 on an area of ​​about 7500 hectares. Its center is the ridge of Pavlovské vrchy with a length of 12 kilometers and the highest peak Děvín (554 m). The PLA administration is located at Náměstí 32 in Mikulov.


Bicycle path

City Hustopeče u Brna and its surroundings go through a network of Moravian Wine Trails, where you can enjoy the beauty of South Moravia. The trails have been built recently and are a beautiful combination of everything that our region can offer you.


Through our city he leads trail Velkopavlovice Wine Trails, which starts in Popice and leads through Starovice - Hustopeče u Brna - Starovičky - Velké Pavlovice - Bořetice - Vrbice - Kobylí - Brumovice - Morkůvky - Klobouky near Brno and ends in Krumvír. A cycling trail usually runs along an asphalt field road or on public roads. Driving from Popice to Starovice, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the South Moravian countryside, where you are in front of you, like the palm of the peak of Pálava, which are the dominant of this part of the region.




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