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Pension U Fojtíků and Fojtík Winery - accommodation in Čejkovice

You can spend pleasant moments and accommodation in a stylish family-run guest house at Penzion U Fotíků. The guesthouse is located on the outskirts of the village of Čejkovice in Pod Novosady, between wine cellars and is surrounded by vineyards, which for many, after many hours, is an unforgettable view of the sun-covered vineyard. The village of Čejkovice is known for its ancient tradition of vine growing and the possibility of tasting good and delicious wines. The local wine cellar of Templar Knights with exquisite cuisine and fine wines is also worth a visit.


Description of the pension

The total capacity of the accommodation is 33 beds. The guesthouse has a total of 11 rooms, including 1x apartment, 3x double room, 4x triple room, 1x four-bed room, 1x five-bed room, 1x seven-bed room. These are above-standard rooms in a new guest house with beautiful views of the vineyards.

Every room has its own soc. facilities - WC, shower - with night lighting, TV, WIFI.

It is possible to organize corporate training, seminars and outings. All this can be associated with a wine tasting in our wine cellar, which is located a few steps from the guesthouse.


Wine tasting in the guest house

Optionally, a wine tasting can be ordered. It is also possible to arrange a cold treat or a warm dinner in the form of a rich buffet / possible. salmon, goose liver, steak, tartar - depends on agreement /.

For folk lovers we also provide dulcimer music. Part of the guided tasting is the tour of the cellars and production areas and 12 wine tasting with expert interpretation at 19.30hod. -23 throws with the winemaker, then can be enjoyed with wine in the form of free entertainment without a winegrower, the consumption of wine is unlimited.

Winery Fojtík

The development of our winery was proceeding slowly, as it is called on the knee. It was based on family tradition, but in 2000 it was a good day for the owner today. Our wines are typical of the sparkling color and their fruity fruit
and floral scents.

At present, we manage 1,5 ha vineyards and because our grape production does not cover the demand for wine, we process grapes from selected growers, the harvest emphasizes the high sugar content and grape quality. We process all grape production on our own thanks to new technologies, using a gentle breakdown, a pneumatic press, stainless steel wine tanks with cooling control and warming of wine to obtain aromatic and harmonious wines.

By using this modern technology of controlled fermentation and the biological degradation of apple acid, the quality of the beverage increases.

Our wine cellar produces a total of 18 varieties of wine, about 40t of white and red grapes are processed annually, from which 30.000 bottles of varieties are produced. The Fojtík winery mainly focuses on the production of premium wines, but as a complement we produce straw, ice and baroque wines. Our wines are typical of sparkling color and their pleasant fruity and floral scents, fresh acid and harmonious balance. They are popular with wine lovers, but have also been awarded by expert tasters and commissioners.

From recent achievements it is worth mentioning that the winner of Vinum JUVENALE 2005 category became our Veltlinské zelenépozdní collection and the gold medal Vinum JUVENALE 2005 won our Cabernet Moravia - late harvest, Čejkovice wine markets 2005 - winner of white wines was our Tramín - a selection of grapes.


You can use FKSP invoicing at the Fojtík Winery


Price list

Mobile: + 420 776 333 483, + 420 776 333 283

Address: Under Novosady 955, Čejkovice


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