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Cottages welfare, recreation center Skrdlovice at Great Gifts

Location and Description

Holiday Cottages Resort Wellbeing Located in a garden building on the outskirts of the village Skrdlovice about 1km from rekr.rybníku Great Gifts 10km north of Zdar n.Sázavou. It is designed especially for lovers of peace, families with children, tourists, cyclists, mushroom pickers in winter (apartments) for lovers of white feet. This recreation facility is also interesting for its accessibility by bus and especially the ratio of equipment / price. There is a cottage with two šestilůžkovými units (apartments), three four-bed studios, one-seven studio and four přistýlková cottage.

The building is completely fenced, Indoor parking and there is also a garden and pool sandpit and swings.
Each apartment and studio includes bedding with sheets, zahr.nábytek, umbrella and small portable grill. If it is within our capabilities, we borrow other small needs such as tarpaulins for covering bikes, petanque, map, cot, screens for drying mushrooms, space heater, etc.


Apartments in Highland Wellbeing

Pohoda Cottages, Apartments


Objective consists of two equal parts of which the capacity can be at full occupancy joined into one whole. Each section 6 beds (always two bedroom + 4 2), equipped kitchen vč.MV oven, kettle, stove, resp.vařiče, refrigerator, dishes, etc., own sanitary facilities with toilet, sink, shower ( Apartment č.1) resp.vanou (č.2 suite), lounge furniture and TV (10zákl.programů). Apartments are open all year round (Central denial of natural gas).


Chatový object Pohoda

Cottages Pohoda, chat object

Part of this building are three four-bed studios, one and seven-studio for these common washroom with shower, sink and double sink for washing dishes. Studies have identically equipped kitchen (cooker, fridge, microwave oven, var.konvice, dishes and other small needs for food preparation), chairs, wardrobe, bed, bedding, TV, private toilet. Studies differ only in the number of beds and access to a toilet.

  • Studio č.3 - seven-(except kitchen two rooms 3 + 4lůžka), own entrance from the outside WC (approx. 20kroků).
  • Studies č.4 and 5 - four (except one room kitchen, 4lůžka) Entrance to own toilet directly from the studio.
  • Studio č.6 - four (except one room kitchen, 4lůžka), entrance to the actual toilet outside (about 20kroků)


Standard equipment and accessories

  • Each cottage includes a Partman garden furniture, parasol and parking.
  • It is also possible to rent a grill and TV receiver.
  • There is also a swimming pool and children's play area with sandpit.
  • In the village there are several restaurants with catering and food sales.



Staročeská cottage in Srní at Hlinska

Staročeská cottage in Srní at Hlinska



Holiday cottage in the village Srní 2km from Hlinska in Čechách.Byla built before about 110. years ago as hájovna.V recent years, and especially in 2006 underwent extensive renovations in which care was taken to preserve the character of the old Czech cottages including elements associated with the current way of life.

Capacity and equipment

Equipment and the number of rooms is intended for recreational stay one to four families (12 2 beds + extra + 1x cot). This corresponds well as sanitary facilities, cooking facilities, lounge, sitting on the terrace, parking, etc.. (See photo). The entire building is equipped with central electric heating, hot water and can drown in a wood stove. The whole object is immediately surrounded by greenery, which will certainly appreciate privacy lovers. Outdoor space is also equipped for pleasant recreation: for example, terrace with barbecue, swimming pool, playground, skittles, etc.


Cottages Pohoda is looking forward to your visit



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Mobile: +420 732 735 636

Address: Skrdlovice 241, 5910, Zdar nad Sazavou


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Characteristics of the area

There are a lot of forests and landscape (interface of the Iron Mountains and hills Zdarske) is ideal for hiking, biking, cross country skiing and for car trips around the area. On the outskirts of the village is a beautiful flooded quarry for lovers of natural bathing.
The possibility of trips we can mention for example the museum Vesely hill, Bethlehem Hlinsko, lock and stud Slatiňany, monuments Zdar, pond Great gifts Pilská tank. Lovers slightly challenging downhill skiing slope will appreciate the Hlinsku in no just a 4km, which will be in season-2006 2007 significantly extended.

Skrdlovice Village and near

There are 4 restaurants located within 150-500, bus stop (100), post office (250), automated (350), really nice shop open daily and of course the beautiful natural surroundings. Approximately 1-1,5km is known recreational pond Great gift, which can be used not only swimming but also surfing, some refreshments, entertainment for children, paddle boat rentals, nudist beach, etc.






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Václav Neufus (unregistered) 4. May 2019 - 17: 08
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We were on holiday last August and it was very nice. Close to wonderful bathing at Dářku.Mohu recommend.
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